The Best And Worst Moments of Big Brother 17 Week 11

It was a lackluster week in the Big Brother 17 house as the houseguests continued to do the opposite of what they should do and evicted Julia over Liz. So before I actually turn these Ewws and Ahhs over to list form let me just say I would give this whole week one big EWW.


Luckily for me, this past week of moronic moves makes this edition of Ewws and Ahhs much easier and fun to write. So let’s get to it!

The Best and Worst Moments of BB17 Week 11

Ahh. Steve wins HOH. First of all, I’m not usually rooting for Steve to win anything, but he wants to make a big move, so this will turn out great. Right? RIGHT?

Eww. Vanessa still calls all the shots. Why do these people let her run the game? I could understand if she was actually good at the game, but she’s not that good. They’re just letting her run the game because they don’t want her flipping her lid on them like she always does. This is some strategy Vanessa has introduced to the Big Brother game. Basically no one wants to cross her because they don’t want to deal with her bulls**t.

Ahh. Vanessa convinces Julia to go up against Austin in the veto. Every now and then Vanessa convinces these people to do something really stupid and hilarious. This might be my absolute favorite. Why in the world would Julia ever go up against Austin and risk getting knocked out. Moronic.


Eww. Austin wins the power of veto. It was obvious that the showmance should be broken up this week and Austin seemed like the obvious choice. But now that he’s won veto, the even better choice to evict is Liz. Because think about it: Liz going out not only breaks up a showmance, but it also breaks up the unbreakable bond of twins. That’s a no-brainer, right? Well, you’d think.

Eww. Everyone decides to evict Julia. See above. MORONS.

Ahh. The twins are finally broken up. Even though they sent the wrong out out, at least they finally realized it was stupid to let twin sisters get to the end of the game.

Julia & Liz Nolan on the Block for Big Brother 17

Eww. Julia lies to Julie. I’ve had suspicions that these twins weren’t aware of how much we see on the Live Feeds and this was confirmed when Julia pretended to like Austin during her exit interview with Julie. She even went as far to say it’s possible they WILL GET MARRIED. Oh, Julia, we all know you hate Austin¬†even more than Liz secretly hates him.

Eww. That HOH comp. First of all, the chicken wire comp might be a classic, but it’s LAME. Second of all, there is no second of all.

What would you say were the best and worst moments from last week?


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  1. Not ahh or eww but “Lol” moment: Steve’s tumble as a bowlerina made me laugh harder than anything else all season. I had to rewind 14 times before I composed myself just enough to get beyond that point.
    Much needed (laugh) relief!

    • That whole comp was hilarious to me. Steve’s fall, Austin’s crawling, Julia’s stupidity becoming even more clear, Liz and Julia going crazy for Jesse, Liz saying to Austin “you have some work to do”, Austin going crazy saying “Judas is here Austin is gone”, Austin saying “Heel turn” and Jesse just laughing at how stupid that sounds. The season has been disappointing, but the comp was pure gold.

      • AGREE 100% for every thing you just wrote!! That was the best show of the season! Jessie was like “Is he for real?” ha ha ha ha

    • Haha, ya Steve falling was hilarious and JMac’s reaction to Vanessa getting Julia to challenge Austin, and JMac’s goodbye message to Julia were my fav.

  2. Nail on the head Branden, Van really isn’t that good at this game. Especially lately. I could have appreciated her game up until the past couple weeks, but she’s gone off the deep end, demanding promises from people and deliberately keeping the tightest duo in the house. She’s getting rid of people who can’t win comps and can’t beat her at the end while keeping the stronger players.

    • I am hearing some people saying she is the greatest to play and am not sure if they are joking or if Vanessa’s constant rambling has made them go crazy.

  3. Though the “game” part of me wanted Liz to be evicted, Julia ABSOLUTELY deserved to be evicted for no other reason than selecting to go against Austin. That’s easily one of the top 5 dumbest moves in the history of Big Brother.

    • I don’t know why she would blindly follow Vanessa’s advice when the game plan with Austin and Liz was the exact opposite. No wonder Austin thought something was going on. More unbelievable craziness.

      • Ya, Austins mindset to win at that point was completely justifiable, he saw everyone whispering(they were just so confused with what happened) and thought they were planning to get him out. Then Vanessa convinced Liz and Julia that Austin was against them, priceless. They are just all so dumb, they know what Vanessa is doing, yet they just smile and ask what to do next.

      • Ya, Austins mindset to win at that point was completely justifiable, he saw everyone whispering(they were just so confused with what happened) and thought they were planning to get him out. Then Vanessa convinced Liz and Julia that Austin was against them, priceless. They are just all so dumb, they know what Vanessa is doing, yet they just smile and ask what to do next.

  4. Yaaas! I thought him doing that (like Black Swan or something) would have him less dizzy afterward but NO! Ha ha ha ha

  5. Best moment was JMac’s reactions to Vanessa convincing Julia to challenge Austin, and then JMac’s goodbye message to Julia, something like ‘Julia if you are seeing this I’m just sorry both of you couldn’t have gone this week’ I was laughing so hard.

  6. You’re absolutely right about this week’s veto comp moment between Vanessa, Austin, and Julia. Priceless.

    But you forgot the biggest Eww of all – JESSE! I seriously could have done without him once more showing off as Airhead Muscle Man. Although, I will admit, even he didn’t seem to know what to do with Austin’s Judas behavior at the Veto comp.

    • Jesse is gross in a steroid-y kind of way. Never understood why guys would think that’s a good look – low self-esteem maybe? It’s the male equivalent of women with gigantic boobs and huge butt implants, although I guess nothing about Jesse is fake. Austin’s behavior was hysterical. Talk about feeling threatened – he was freaking out because Liz was looking at Jessie. What’s he going to be like in the real world, presuming they last that long?

  7. Competition with a high ceiling that you have to use to cross the egg. Vanessa isn’t nearly as tall as John and Austin. Stop your bitching

  8. I could be wrong, but Brendan sounds as disgruntled, dismayed, and disenchanted with this season of BB as I am, and that is very much.

    • Everyone is even CBS is disappointed in this season. When you have had 4 house guests basically quit you know it is a bad season.

      • When the CEO of CBS, who is married to the face of BB(Julie Chen), says this is the worst cast he has seen on the show, you it was a bad season lol.

      • I wonder why these particular people were chosen. Producers said not enough “good” candidates apply, so they went to recruiting 11 of the 17 houseguests. Lesson learned, I hope, since we’re guaranteed a Season 18. I can’t believe with all the BB superfans out there, BB producers could only come up with eight “good” ones? That’s just nuts. Next season, CBS, don’t waste your money and our time on 10 summer campers and one manipulating bully. Give us applicants to watch, not recruits (one of which actually thought he was being recruited for a Big Brother/Big Sister summer camp outing).

      • They got Becky off of Tinder, like WTF kind of recruiting is that? This chick wants to hookup with some guys, she’d be great for BB! lol If more than 17(really 16 cuz the twins started as 1) applied then there is no reason to recruit. I get not everyone is a good ‘fit’, but common, recruiting over 60% of the show, and it turned out like sh*t, thats just sad.

      • I understand if they want a “hot” male & female each but they don’t have to fill the house with wannabe models/actors. Donnie was a favorite and he has no such aspirations. Derrick was so good – no aspirations. Some have had those aspirations and that’s ok but I’d rather see CBS try this experiment next year where they cast only true fans/players. It’s ok if you are a model/actor but you must be a fan/know how to play the game. Whether you execute well or not – that’s to be seen. But how about we try a season of nothing but BB fans (a recruit free year)?

      • Vanessa would say no and CBS would fall in line or she would get it evicted from the CBS schedule.

        But to your point, I agree they need more fans. JMac and James to a lesser extent are fan favs this year and neither of them(to my knowledge) is looking for fame. Forget the good looking people as a prerequisite(make it and 2nd or 3rd tier qualification), and whatnot, look for normal people that the viewers can relate to, who are fans of the show and let them play. Recruiting people like Becky who had never watched the show put her at a disadvantage and lowers the integrity(does it have any at this point? Probably not, I think Vanessa has all of it) of the show.

    • You hit it on the nose, Lady K. You really couldn’t write a script with such amazingly stupid decisions. A bunch of weaklings this year. So who cares if Vanessa got upset about being a nominee? Let her carry on all she wants, prove how mentally devious she is, and ignore her. Of course, none of them had the balls for that. Nor did they seem to see the risk in letting Austin and Liz stay together so long. Disgruntled, dismayed and disenchanted – let’s add dumbfounded to that. Hopefully, they’ll do away with the whole recruit thing and get some intelligent players next season who know the game.

      • That’s a great addition, EnglishRose, and might I add that on a grading scale, I’d be very generous giving this season a D…minus!

    • Doesn’t matter at this point i firmly believe that Vanessa can convince whoever wins other than her to go to the bank with the half million,pay the taxes and give her whats left!

  9. This morning about 3am, Austin tells vanessa that he is worried Johnny Mac will hurt somebody but in the jury house. Austin doesn’t have anything on Johnny Mac and that’s all he comes up with? What kinda gameplay talk is that bc he knows Johnny wouldn’t hurt a fly.I hope they oust Austin today!

    • Hurt someone? Didn’t Vanessa say the say thing a few weeks ago? Or was it Austin? Someone said they thought JMac would hurt someone I thought. So funny cuz he’s so nice and besides Steve is the least likely to hurt someone lol. He has no dirt so has to make up something non game-play related.

      • Ah ok, but I do still think I recall Vanessa saying he would hurt someone physically in the house a few weeks ago, basically trying to scare ppl there life could be in danger, which is going way to far to manipulate ppl.

      • Austin said last night on the feeds talking to Vanessa that he might hurt someone. They were both making fun of him and thinking he was crazy. This coming from a bi-polar, psycho and a overgrown gorilla.

  10. This was an excellent post, loved it. Houseguests remind me of the world’s dumbest criminals, in this case its the world’s dumbest houseguests.

  11. Agree with everything in your post. My own personal Ewww is Austin continuing to say he has been protecting the twins. Liz has done much more to protect herself and Julia than Austin has, and I believe she even said as much in a DR. For a Judas he sure has a Jesus complex.

  12. Bang on with your dissection of this week!! I was literally yelling at Julia “You stupid lying bitch!” as she was proclaiming her love for Austin! (Stupid for veto comp, among other things, bitch for the way she trashes everyone on feeds she evidently doesn’t know we can see).

    My other Ahh!! Moment would be Jmac’s goodbye message to Julia!! That was golden!!!

  13. JMac needs his own show not Vanessa. IDK what it’d be about but I’d watch that over Vanessa’s sh*t any day lol.

    • I went back and listened to that DR leak from 4:38 am this morning. Very interesting..Vanessa goes in..DR says “you’re an angel, I really appreciate this..Vanessa: yeah, because I have to go to bed..DR: you’ve been up, you’ve been up. Van: Yeah, but I have to get up early for my perfor……… mics cut. Hmmm! Performance?

  14. I agree, the entire week gets an ewwww. Actually pretty much the entire season gets an ewwwww from me. Dear BB casting, please cast some decent, entertaining humans next season. Austin and the Twins=boring, Vanessa with her dramatic outbursts and paranoia= exasperating, not entertaing.

  15. The worst moment was obviously Julia going to jury and not Liz.
    A funny moment was when Steve fell off his feet ! I was laughing so hard! Lmao

  16. Agreed. The entire week is just one giant EWWW!! You hit the nail on the head with the theory HGs don’t want to deal with Vanessa’s BS. But here’s a thought that probably never occurred to them: let her blow her top, it’s only for a couple of days, refuse to back down and vote her out. It’s really not that hard, I wouldn’t think.

    I’ve never seen so many weak minded WIMPS! An entire cast of them! Good grief, I’ve never said this before, but I’m ready for this season to be over with already. Give Vanessa the check and send them all on their way. I love Big Brother and could never NOT watch it, but I’m really over this season.

    • Ahh, I finally found a “Dandy” poster who agrees with me. Let Vanessa blow her top. After having 3 children, 8 grandchildren, an ex-husband, and a current husband who annoy the hell out of me, I learned to “tune out” a long time ago. All the hgs need to do is put some cotton in their ears and TUNE OUT Vanessa! OMG, it felt so good to say that. As a matter of fact, tuning out Vanessa is really easy for me…it’s called a mute button.

  17. Ewww moment wasting my time reading this recap. For someone not to be good at this game. Vanessa comp wise is closing in on record setting season. She has dominated everyone menatlly. Even when they figure out what she is doing she still spins it back into her favor yes Liz was better choice to go can agree on that but same time turned out didn’t matter as she was so bad at the comp. She could win veto sure. And put herself in rare company comp win wise. Then again she may not win. She is also just as easy to manipulate and maybe more so than the rest so until it plays out next few days for Vanessa game it may play out OK. May not.

    As for twins liking Austin or not Julia may not like him 75% as much as Liz but Liz herself has started showing more feelings each day. Yes at one time she was playing him. But a few comments I have heard her make defending him to Julia of all people say she does have some feelings. For example he is good looking f he just trimmed the pony tail beard. – paraphrased couldn’t remember exact wording. Bit she didn’t even say that time he had cut it completely. She gets mad sure. You know this late in game people get paranoid feelings get hurt briefly but if you care for someone in BB house or real life you show it by talking things out. Liz surprised me couple days ago by being one to go to him and talk out things. Not game but feelings. Are the headed to Ky for marriage license? No probably not. Have the feelings changed one her end since early on. Yes.

    I liked the way the chicken wire comp was played last night. and for once a comp surprised them. They were expecting shovel race. They got something else.

    Last point. Julia had go at some point in most people’s eyes. Again Liz was better choice. But just like Meg goinglast week. People have go. Especially pawns. Also I could see Julia doing better than Liz in that comp. Hower that one those opinions after fact that means absolutely nothing for the vote. From here Vanessa sets up her final 4. She could send Liz or Steve out right here. Either one makes sense this week honestly she stands better chance with all guys andmher in final foour than with Liz ther. If comp in final four is mental though having Liz around may be better.

    I respect you having your opinions to what you feel about the game so far and moving forward. I am not one those who call everyone who has different views from me names and pick fights. I do however like present my views hopefully in a respectful manor. And please if any typos or such forgive me had surgery today and my dominant hand is a little screwed up. Also the first line is meant in fun and not to be harsh.

    • Tell me what’s the difference between Jeff’s and Audrey’s social game and Vanessa’s? Nothing. Vanessa has been overplaying every week and if not for the fact that there are people as stupid as Julia playing the game Vanessa would have been gone long ago.

      Shelli should have thrown Vanessa under the bus when she and Clay were on the block and decided it was better to protect Vanessa than Clay. That never should have happened. She saved Vanessa who eventually threw her under the bus.

      Then Meg and James who evicted Shelli instead of Vanessa. That resulted in the run on the gremlins which included evictions of Jackie, Becky, Meg, and James. Shelli was not as good as they thought because she was on the block two weeks in a row, wasn’t she? Meg and James ruined the entire game with their stupid game play.

      Then there was Austin and the twins who were told by both JMac and Becky about Vanessa, but they were too scared of her to evict her! Again, this is a product of bad players not good game play.

      I admit Vanessa is playing a better game than anyone left in the house but that is not saying much.

  18. My fave moment was during the Veto comp when they showed JMac in the Diary Room describing Austin crawling during the comp as looking like a big ape. Then they showed the clip of Austin crawling and — Perfect description! Hilarious!

  19. The worst moment of the week had to be Vanessa telling Julia to pick Austin in the veto comp and Julia doing what Vanessa told her to do. That was a stark reminder of what a bad BB season this has been. Julia is just one of several really dumb game players this season and I think these people ruined what may have been a decent game. Julia, Meg, James, Clay and Jeff were all pretty bad at this game and they played major roles in it at one time or another.

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