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Big Brother 12: Kristen Bitting Interview

| August 6, 2010 at 11:55 AM EST

Hi everyone! I just spoke to evicted houseguest Kristen about Andrew, Rachel, Hayden and where this cast of Big Brother 12 ranks among the previous ones.

AR:  Andrew screwed up your game didn’t he?

K:  Yeah he was more concerned with screwing up my game then staying in the game himself.

AR:  Do you regret starting your showmance with Hayden? Do you think it was your downfall?

K:  I don’t think it was my downfall. I think I should have had a better sense of awareness because I would hope to think and I would love to think that we both had the same feelings for each other. I was more of an honest upfront person than he was and I have to realize that this is a game. I should have had my eyes wider open and realized there was a lot of time spent in the house not together. I should have asked myself more often what is he talking about when I’m not around.

I think my biggest downfall was probably aligning myself with Andrew and not aligning myself with other people without Hayden knowing. We could have still been in an alliance together and still have been looking out for one another but I should have made the same move that he did early on and created something secret as well.

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Big Brother 12: Week 5 Thursday Live Feed Highlights

| August 6, 2010 at 11:00 AM EST

After another rather lackluster endurance comp, we have a new HoH in the Big Brother 12 house.  With nominations scheduled for Friday night, we should see some major game talking going on but the noms shouldn’t be a surprise.

If you’re curious, find out who won the HoH endurance competition last night.

Try the live feeds for free and use the Flashback feature to see what you missed!

Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights - August 5, 2010:

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Big Brother 12: Week 5 HoH Endurance Competition Results

| August 5, 2010 at 8:55 PM EST

Here we go with the second Big Brother 12 Endurance HoH Competition!

The endurance competition is called “True Colors” and it has all the HGs on a giant, spinning can of paint with a slamming brush. The first HG to fall becomes this week’s one and only Have-Not while the last standing becomes the next HoH!

So here’s the deal: if you want to watch this competition live as it happens then you have to have your Big Brother Feeds up and running. If you don’t have the feeds then this is exactly when you need to sign-up with the free trial and see how they work. You’ll be able to watch everything live and unedited as it happens!

Big Brother 12 Week 5 HoH Endurance Comp Results:

  • 9:27 PM BBTLive Feeds are back! Kathy and Enzo are down already! One of these two Kathy will be this week’s only Have-Not.
  • 9:28 PM BBT – Brendon is down!
  • 9:30 PM BBT – Britney, Matt, Ragan, Hayden, and Lane remain.
  • 9:35 PM BBT – Brendon is whining in the corner that he’s going home this week. Rachel says it’ll be her.
  • 9:38 PM BBT – Britney, Lane, and Hayden are down.
  • 9:40 PM BBT – Ragan and Matt remain.
  • 9:45 PM BBT – Still just Matt and Ragan.
  • 9:53 PM BBT – Ragan getting ready to drop.
  • 9:54 PM BBT – Ragan drops. Matt is the only HG left. Worst HGs EVER.
  • Grab your Live Feeds Free Trial right now to watch what happens next.

Congrats go out to Matt as the new HoH! Watch out Brenchel, well mostly Brendon! Do you think Matt will make the same mistake twice in this game? I doubt it. My prediction: tomorrow’s noms will be Brendon and Rachel! Stay close and I’ll keep you posted as soon as it happens on Friday.

Kathy was the first to drop so she’ll be this week’s only Have-Not. Aww, Brenchel are fighting already. Well get it out of your system, you two, because you’ve only got seven days left to do it! What do you think of tonight’s results?

To stay up on tonight’s live comp discussion use our Chat Room, this thread in our Forum, or even our new Big Brother Live to continue your conversations!


Big Brother 12: Week 4 Live Eviction and HoH Results

| August 5, 2010 at 7:45 PM EST

Tonight on Big Brother 12 the results of the season’s fourth live eviction will be revealed along with the results of the fifth HoH competition. While we wait for the results be sure to Fan us on Facebook and join in the fun we’re having there!

I’ll be updating this post here with the live eviction and HoH results. Meanwhile, join us in the Big Brother chat room as we tear apart tonight’s live episode! So who thinks this will be the last we’ll see of Kristen’s over-exposure in the house?

Hmm, Julie is advertising tonight’s HoH competition as yielding the “most power HoH ever!” This is gonna be good. I’ll let you know as soon as they reveal more.

Big Brother 12 Week 4 Live Eviction voting:

  • Enzo: evict Kristen
  • Kathy: evict Hayden
  • Matt: evict Kristen
  • Lane: evict Kristen
  • Ragan: evict Kristen
  • That’s it. Kristen is out.
  • Brendon: evict Kristen
  • Britney: evict Kristen

By a vote of 6-1, Kristen has been evicted from Big Brother 12!

Here we go with the “most important HoH competition of the season!” Oh my, it’s Pandora’s Box back in the Big Brother house! And guess who was selected as the new Saboteur? America picked Ragan just barely over Enzo!

Big Brother 12 Week 5 HoH Competition – ‘True Colors’:

The last HG on the edge of the giant paint can becomes the next HoH. It’s an endurance comp! The first HG to fall off becomes the one and only Have-Not this week. Now I like that! I’ll be here on this post with the results from the live feeds!

Once the live show is over the live feeds turn back on and we’ll have a brand new HoH in the Big Brother house unless it turns out to be another Endurance Comp. If it is then you won’t want to miss that and the only way to watch it uncut and unedited is with the Big Brother 24/7 uncensored feeds. If you don’t have your feeds yet then no worries, sign up now to get the free trial and watch it with us.

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Big Brother 12: Week 4 Live Eviction Episode Tonight

| August 5, 2010 at 12:00 PM EST

Tonight on Big Brother 12 we’ll have our fourth live eviction in the BB12 season as either Kristen or Hayden will be evicted and just miss the Jury House.

The live eviction will be followed by a new HoH competition and after last week’s awesome comp, complete with a screaming match, the bar has been set high. I’ll be here posting all the results live during the East coast broadcast show so keep checking back for the latest Big Brother 12 updates all night.

HGs have been on lock down inside the house since Wednesday which usually means something crazy is being built in the backyard. The same thing happened two weeks ago before we had the surfing endurance HoH competition. Keep in mind that the only way to watch the endurance HoH comps live and be the first to see who won is with the live feeds (free trial link) so have yours ready to go!

Share your thoughts and tell us why you want to see either Kristen or Hayden go home. Be sure to vote in our Eviction poll too. Don’t forget to join us tonight in the Big Brother Chat Room during the live eviction show at 8PM EST!

Be sure to sign-up for the free Big Brother email updates, visit the Big Brother Forum, follow us on Twitter, join us on Facebook, and get our Mobile Apps.


Big Brother 12: Week 4 Eviction Predictions

| August 5, 2010 at 11:00 AM EST

The fourth eviction of the Big Brother 12 season is upon us so let’s get to our eviction prediction! This season I’m going to offer up not only my prediction but also the thoughts from a few of my other favorite Big Brother websites. So check out our Big Brother predictions and then share your own in the poll below.

Ashli Rae will be once again interviewing who ever is evicted tonight so let us know what questions you’d like either Kristen or Hayden to answer. Post your questions below in the comments section and we might use it in the interview!

Big Brother 12 Week 4 Eviction Predictions:

See ya, Kristen! Now what do you think? Share your guess in the poll below!


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