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Big Brother 12 Post-Premiere Reaction: What Did You Think?

| July 8, 2010 at 8:05 PM EDT

The Big Brother 12 has just premiered here on the East coast. So what did you think? Is this going to be the best season ever or what?

Once the clock hits 9PM PT (12AM ET) the Big Brother Live Feeds will do their thing and start to broadcast the uncensored cam views straight to all of us, well at least to those of us who signed up already! Don’t worry if you’re just now getting ready to join in the live feeds fun with us, you can still register to get the free trial and give it a try, but I’m warning you now it’s a lot of fun and you’re going to want to watch it all the time!

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Join us in the Big Brother Chat Room and share your thoughts on what just happened while we wait for the live feeds to turn on. Curious about who won HoH this week? Check our BB12 Spoilers board where we’ll update spoilers all season.

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Big Brother 12 Premieres Tonight – Get Ready!

| July 8, 2010 at 7:00 AM EDT

Here. We. Go! Big Brother 12 premieres tonight on CBS at 8PM (ET/PT). It’s only a few more hours until the show airs and live feeds start up in the house!

Tonight we’ll officially meet the BB12 HGs as they gather in front of the house, make their mad dash to claim their beds, and then they’ll even compete to be the first Big Brother 12 Head of Household. Who do you think will take the lead and be the first player to be calling the shots?

We won’t find out who is the Saboteur tonight, that’ll be next Thursday with the first live show (yep, that means tonight is pre-recorded), but there should be lots of opportunities to start scanning the crowd and looking for hints! Any guesses?

Be sure you’ve got your live & uncensored 24/7 feeds signed-up and ready too because they’ll be active at 9PM PT, immediately after the west coast premiere. You can still sign-up now and get the 13% discount off the monthly-price if you get the full season 3-month pass! You’ll also get the $30 of free mp3s with that (US only).

Update: Check out this clip from ET last night with a few seconds of Big Brother 12 competitions. There’s also a shot of Julie revealing to the HGs that Saboteur is in the house, BUT that overlay of Julie on the living room TV looks very fake to me.

Update 2: Oh that clip was very real! Here’s the full scene from CBS.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Discount Issue – Coupon Code Instructions

| July 7, 2010 at 9:48 PM EDT

Update: This preseason discount has now expired, but you can still get a 3-month pass to the live feeds for $39.99.

Since last night RealNetwork’s Twitter account for SuperPass had been announcing the Big Brother 12 Live Feed Preseason Discount would expire at noon today instead of midnight as previously announced. When questioned about which deadline was correct RealNetworks announced that the $29.99 3-month season pass price would be honored until July 7th 11:59PM PT.

However, at 5PM PT today Real managed to change out the advertisement page you’d reach after clicking any of the banners you see here for the Feeds. The new advertisement says the 3-month pass price is $39.99 which is not correct. The real price, when using the Coupon Code is still $29.99 for the rest of Wednesday.

Here’s how to get the $29.99 price until 11:59 PM PT tonight:

  1. Highlight and copy the following Coupon Code: BB12QTEARLY
  2. Click the following link: Big Brother 12 Live Feed 3-Month Pass
  3. Fill in your email and password
  4. In the 4th box, labeled “Enter Coupon Code”, paste in the code from Step 1 – your Coupon Code box should look like this
  5. Click the yellow “Continue” button”
  6. You should now have a page that states you will be billed $29.99. Success!

This method will continue to work until the clock strikes midnight in the Pacific time zone so you best hurry along. After 12PM PT (3AM ET) the price will go up to $39.99 which isn’t bad either, just not as cheap as $29.99!

Let me know if you have any troubles and I’ll be happy to help.


Big Brother Live Feed Discount Expires Today – Hurry!

| July 7, 2010 at 7:00 AM EDT

Update 3: This preseason discount has now expired, but you can still get a 3-month pass to the live feeds for $39.99.

Update 2: After 5PM PT the BB live feeds coupon code will no longer be auto-applied when you go to sign-up. The code, “BB12QTEARLY”, will work until 11:59PM PT but you’ll have to cut & paste it in when you register (see example).

Update: Are you ready to do the live video chat with Janelle, Jordan, & Chelsia? Log on to your Big Brother Live Feeds at 6PM ET to join in the fun!

This is it. Your very last chance to save some cash. The Big Brother Live Feed discount expires tonight at 11:59PM. Sign-up now to get 3-months of Big Brother uncensored for $10/month or wait until tomorrow to pay $15/month. It’s your choice to pick whichever price you’d prefer. Today = less $. Tomorrow = more $.

Another reason to sign-up now, in case more cash in your pocket wasn’t convincing enough, is that today at 6PM ET you’ll be able to sign-on to your new live feeds to watch and call-in to an exclusive live video chat with Janelle (BB6 & BB7), Jordan (BB11 winner), Chelsia (BB9), and Missy (BB fanatic). You’ll only be able to watch this using your Big Brother Feed account so sign-up now.

So are you ready for Big Brother 12? We are and I can’t wait to share another season of the best reality show evah with you all summer long right here on Big Brother Network. Thanks to all of you readers out there for making this the best Big Brother online community. Now let’s get this party started!


Big Brother 12 Timeline To Season Premiere

| July 6, 2010 at 10:00 AM EDT

With just two days until the premiere of Big Brother 12 I thought it’d be fun to take a quick look back at the path that brought us here and what’s just ahead. Here’s a rundown of what’s happened so far to help you catch up on anything you missed along the way and what’s coming up and when over the next few days.

Big Brother 12 Road to the Premiere:

The Big Brother schedule will be Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays all at 8PM ET/PT this season with the Thursday shows being live (starting July 15th) and featuring the big eviction events. Once the live feeds start rolling we’ll be able to start snagging lots of Big Brother Spoilers for you beginning with the first HoH winner and his/her nominations hopefully by the end of the week.

BB12 is so close you could almost reach out and grab it! I think I’m most excited for some awesome competition events this season, especially the all-nighter endurance HoH events. What are you most excited to see return?

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Big Brother Live Feed Discount Expires – Only 2 Days Left

| July 5, 2010 at 10:30 AM EDT

We’re just 3 2 days away from the Big Brother 12 premiere and with that big event comes the end of another event: the Big Brother Live Feed Early-Bird rate.

The folks who offer up the BB Feeds, RealNetworks, currently have a discount rate running where you get a month free when you sign-up for the Season Pass. That deal expires on July 7th at midnight and then the price goes from $10/month to $15/month to watch the whole season from start to finish.

If you’re new to Big Brother or you’ve just never gone for the live feeds in the past then now is your time to give it a try at no risk with the free trial. Signing up now will land you a 3-month pass to the 24/7 uncensored live feeds which will take you all the way through the full season of Big Brother 12. You wont’ miss a thing and you’ll get it at the best price you’re going to see all season.

Along with being able to see the true game going on in the Big Brother house, and not what CBS decides to recut and broadcast (in often completely misleading ways), you’ll be able to grab $30 of free mp3s over the course of your season pass to the Big Brother feeds. (Monthly mp3 downloads are only available to US residents.) So $30 to watch the full season of Big Brother online at anytime, plus $30 of free music that you were already going to buy through iTunes anyway makes it a wash and you the smartest Big Brother fan amongst your friends!

If you were thinking about holding out for a coupon later in the season then keep in mind that RealNetworks released zero discounts last season once the show premiered. Wait until after July 7th and you’ll be paying $15/month instead of $10/month. It’s your money, your choice. And yeah, I already signed up.


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