Neeley Jackson – Big Brother Over The Top Eviction Interview

Neeley Jackson became the fourth Houseguest to be evicted from Big Brother Over The Top after viewer’s tilted the America’s Eviction Vote against her with their tiebreaker. Now on the outside of the Big Brother house Neeley spoke with us about her experience and time in the game.

Neeley Jackson on BBOTT

As part of the LNJ, Neeley kicked off the season with strong viewer support for her side of the house but things turned against them and especially against her in the past week as she took on being a Have-Not, America’s Nominee, and even America’s VTE leading to her departure. Ouch. But Neeley isn’t taking it personal as she explained, instead saying viewers like an exciting, dramatic game which just happened to come at the cost of her own this week.

We also spoke with Neeley about Kryssie’s noms this past week, America picking the winner of BBOTT, who would have been her target if she stayed and won HoH, and more. Read on for the rest of our interview with Neeley Jackson.

Big Brother Network: Do you think Kryssie put you in a bad spot by nominating Scott this past week instead of leaving him as an option for the viewers?

Neeley Jackson: I definitely feel like Kryssie’s nominations were not good ones this week. She didn’t want to take the chance that Scott wasn’t put up. She really wanted to take a stab at Scott. We wanted Alex out but with her off the table she really wanted to take her shot at Scott.

I do feel that is part of what happened, but America is showing that they wanted to keep things even between the divide in the house. So maybe even without him being up they would have nominated one of us just to keep the odds fair.

BBN: Speaking of viewers and their voting, how did Julie Chen’s announcement that viewers would pick the winner of BBOTT impact your strategy?

Neeley: Honestly it really didn’t change my strategy at all. There’s no way you can try to play this game with plotting and scheming in the house while trying to be a darling to America. We don’t know what you guys are seeing and thinking. So if you’re trying to manipulate your character for viewers, you just can’t do that. I was just going to keep being the real diva that I was while playing my game, so I wasn’t going to allow that to change me.

BBN: If there were an ACP that would take you to finale night and you could pick the other 2 HGs to join you in F3, who would you pick so you could win?

Neeley: I’m real and I’m loyal. I would have taken Kryssie and Jason. I don’t care about them being likable or being loved or about Jason having a big following, those are my ride or die’s so let’s all get to the end and someone gets the money.

BBN: What do you think the LNJ needs to do to get back on the good side of America and their votes?

Neeley: That’s tough, but if you’re on that side of the house you just need to make some alliances. People on both sides of the house need to start making side alliances because eventually that wall, that divide is going to fall and you’re going to need people from the other side.

So I think if you’re with the LNJ, like Danielle specifically needs to work on some relationships with those girls. Those girls do not like her and she hasn’t tried to smooth things over with her so she definitely needs to try and make things right with those girls.

If I was in their position I would try to build some relationships and try to make them flourish.

BBN: If you had stayed and won Head of Household, then who would be your two upfront nominees?

Neeley: Alex and Scott. Easy.

BBN: Thank you, Neeley.

Neeley definitely did not hold on to any resentment toward the HGs or the viewers for voting her out and was in really good spirits for her eviction interview. She said she had a great time doing it and enjoyed the experience.

So while her shot at winning BBOTT might be over Neeley did explain that she thinks Whitney has the best chance of winning right now with her evenly played game on both sides of the house making plenty of friends and no enemies. But if she had it her way, Neeley hopes to see Jason win it all.


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    • He might if he makes the right moves. I thought he was planning to aligned with Scott, but he is slow. I really want Jason to play this game a little and since Alex doesn’t want to align with him, getting rid of her will get the girls on his side.

      • Maybe you’ve seen this by now but Jason and Alex told each other tthe had their backs. This could get good!

      • Jason wants to work with Alex… they had a convo an hour or two ago telling each other they are still looking out for one another and stuff. Look at the jokers updates for the time stamp on that if you want to watch that convo.

  1. At the beginning of the show I really liked Neeley, until she started spewing the hate she holds in her heart. I hope she takes this time to reflect on her actions and learns that negativity brings negative response. I also hope she does not continue to act so negative about the game via social media. Double standards are not they way to look at life. Best of luck in your future Neeley.

  2. “Danielle specifically needs to work on some relationships with those girls. Those girls do not like her and she hasn’t tried to smooth things over with her so she definitely needs to try and make things right with those girls.”

    That I can agree with her. And its good that she’s not bitter towards America. And while PBS may not like Danielle, Danielle should atleast TRY to bond with people.

    • Danielle HAS to work on her social game with the other girls if she wants to have any shot at being in the F3.

  3. Neely was dislikable towards the end, but she answered those questions like an adult. No bitterness, it was just a game and she lost. the end.

    • Had she acted like she did prior to being put OTB, she’d still be in the house. It’s like she turned into a totally different person once she was put OTB as a pawn that first time. I had hoped once she got off the block that she’d go back to acting like did she before but she didn’t. She did answer these questions like an adult and she’s right about Whitney being in a good spot to win it.

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