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BREAKING: Megan Lowder Self-Evicts From ‘Big Brother 19’ – Update

Shortly after the Big Brother Live Feeds began tonight we discovered spoilers that yet another Houseguest was no longer in the game. According to the HGs, Megan Lowder quit Big Brother 19!

Update: Additional discussions reveal possible cause of what led Megan to self-evict. Megan has also released a statement. Details below.

Last we saw of Megan was in the second episode of the season as Cody had just put her on the Block and let her know he really didn’t like her too much. Well I don’t think that put her over the edge, but it does sound like there was a major fight that lead to her leaving the house.

Quick conversations around the house hinted that Megan was gone, but it wasn’t until we saw her photo on the Memory Wall grayed out that this really started to seem real. Sure enough, it happened.

Christmas and Raven met in the bathroom and started to vent their anger over Megan quitting Big Brother. Flashback on your Feeds to 10:35 PM BBT 6/29 to listen in on the conversation.

The ladies described a big fight after saying Megan began playing way too hard, too fast and got caught in her web of lies. She seems to have retreated to the Diary Room on Thursday morning and was gone in less than 3 hours. THREE HOURS. Wow. Remember Audrey camping out in there but not quitting? Megan must have been flat out determined not to reenter the house at that point.

Gallery: Christmas & Raven On Live Feeds

So we’re down another Houseguest and a nominee at that though the latter has been corrected. Jillian is now on the Block with Alex. I don’t know if they reran any competitions or not as it looks like Cody is still the HoH. Maybe he just had to pick another nom, which would be the easiest to do.

What do you think of Megan self-evicting? How bad is that after Cameron just lost his chance at the game. Maybe we’ll get to see him back in the house. That wouldn’t be so bad, right?

Jump on the Live Feeds now (get the Free Trial) and watch what happens next cause this is crazy so far.

Update: From the conversation between Raven & Christmas we heard that Megan had possibly said something claiming either Jessica or Alex had said about the other without expecting them to confront the other. Later overnight this topic came up again.

We do not know if this is true, but allegedly Alex was told that Jessica called Alex a “panda” even though Jessica did not say that. Alex may have gone to DR about the situation and eventually it became clear that Jessica did not say what was claimed.

Additionally, HGs suggested Megan was the clear target for eviction this week if she remained on the Block. No surprise, if the rest of the story is accurate. She may have considered herself dead in the water here and instead of staying the last few days to play it out she walked.

This could be what led Megan to decide to self-evict and quit Big Brother. Since this all happened before the Feeds started Thursday night we may never get to see the events. I imagine they’ll have to address this in Sunday’s episode though.

Update 2: Paul reveals he stirred the pot which led to the fight that he believes caused Megan to leave. Read everything Paul had to say.

Update 3: Megan has released a statement. She explains her time in the house triggered PTSD. Read the full article.

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  • What's with all the conflicting accounts? Megan says it was one thing, Paul says it was another... seriously, can't wait until Sunday so the record can be set straight.

    Also, if Megan did indeed have PTSD because of a terrible incident, then isn't that something production should have been AWARE of during the casting process???

  • That is complete BS. I don't believe Megan's story for a second. I wasn't born yesterday, and I can smell BS from a mile away. Megan was on the block. The HOH didn't like her. Josh didn't like her. The whole house was against her. She tried to fix the mess Josh got her into, and ended up making it worse. Bottom line, she was going to get evicted, and she wimped out, and quit.

    So then Megan decides to spin the story with alternative facts, saying she had PTSD for sympathy. So instead of just being honest and straightforward, by saying she couldn't take the heat, she plays the victim card, and wants a pity party.

    I would love see a yes/no poll on whether or not people actually believe Megan's nonsense. I have a feeling most of them will.

    • I agree that you have a right to your opinion, but since you really have NO IDEA what is true or what is untrue, I don't agree that you have the right to condem her.
      How incredibly arrogant & Trump-ian of you!
      You might want to take a look outside, there might be a puppy you can kick.

      • I just wish she could've been honest and said, "I was on the block. I was going home. I tried to make things better, but I only made them worse. I couldn't handle the pressure. So I quit." and left out her pity-party, woe is me, I'm the victim here, sob story, I would have so much more respect for her. But when you try to use sympathy, to get people to feel sorry for you, I lose all respect.

        I might've been able to believe her story had she not been on the block. Had she'd not been in danger of going home. But instead she takes the easy way out, and plays victim. I hope they don't bring her back for the finale, or any future seasons.

  • I hope Megan is telling the truth as someone who has suffered with anxiety and panic attacks..they are both debilatating when they happen. If she does suffer from PTSD, I don't think production should have let her in the BB House. I heard Paul talking on the feeds today that he is the one who stirred the pot with Megan, Alex and Jessica. Maybe Julie will explain everything on Sunday's show.

  • So i'm here late again. Megan leaving is very sad, since she had been one of my faves so far. I guess she may have done something really bad or just couldn't handle all the teenage drama in the house.

    • Her story is that the house triggered her PTSD from when she was raped while stationed in Virginia. She even has a service dog, from what we saw in the pictures. A very sad story, but it contradicts what's been said in the house so far.

      • That was one of the most conflicting parts to me. Why does she all of a sudden have a service dog? She never talked about having a service a dog before. Looks like a regular dog to me. I didn't see any apparel to identify it as a service dog. But now she magically has a service dog? For what? She's not blind? And if she needed the service dog so badly, why didn't the service dog come into the BB house with her? I just don't believe her story.

  • josh is a poor man's evil dick, I wouldn't have blamed her if she gave him a knee in the family jewels

  • I thought people were really mean to her. Josh had no reason to call her out twice like that. He called her a bully but it was him and I hope his mother tells him about it when he leaves. Cody also, I am not sure I like him. He was direct but there is direct and there is just rude and for me, he was just rude. The fact that no one stood up for her sickened me too. I don't care if she played hard, they made it entirely personal.

  • Just read in jokers that Jess called Alex "Pao Pao". That's the name of a famous panda, right? (too lazy to google).
    As Jess loves to punch Alex in her face (her words per jokers), it's not a term of endearment, so it's def an insult. Racist or not, it's up to debate. But the thing is, Megan seemed to tell the truth. Paul fueled it.
    And I really feel sorry for Megan. In her DR on second night, she looked so stressed out.

    • As soon as I read Paul was involved I thought what she was saying could be true. I don't trust Paul for a second after last season.

  • Sure will be interesting to see how production is going to spin Megan Lowder's self eviction. I felt badly for her and she WAS initially one of my favorites. I did some digging on Megan yesterday. From what I found out, it looks like she was in the Navy for about 8 years and got out like May of 2016. She was a sonar tech third class petty officer (E4). Up until just recently, an E4 in the Navy could only be in for a max of 8 years if they did not advance to E5. So if you do some quick math, boot camp is about 2 months. Her A school would have been in Great Lakes and was 37 weeks long or about 9 months. Then she would have had to serve on a sea duty tour for 50 months which eats up about 5 years of her 8 year stint in the Navy. For her shore duty tour before she reached her 8 years and had to get out. It's quite possible that she could have been assigned to brig duty for her shore duty tour (there's also a mandatory 3-week school for brig duty too). I think that Megan may have embellished her story of being an interrogator working at a prison. Now we have her PTSD statement. There's a LOT that is not adding up and I'm not sure that I'm buying what she's selling and there may have been much more going on in that house than we as views know. But that being said, Josh and Cody were horrible to her and of course we have "Your Boy" stirring the pot. It's just sad all the way around. I think that she may have gotten caught up in the big brother lies and drama and it caught up with her.

  • I am not buying that Meghan left the game because of PTSD. She is nothing but a sore loser. She knew she was going home and didn't want to lose.

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