Part of the fun in each Big Brother preseason is the hype of huge promises CBS delivers to its fans. The 2014 season could set to continue that trend with another new commercial from CBS featuring a big promise involving what we already heard Allison Grodner say is critical to the game.

Twist After Twisted Twist on Big Brother 16

Twist After Twisted Twist on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

On top of promoting the new season’s fully stocked house with 76 cameras and 90 microphones (CBS now says 100+ mics), we’re being promised “Twist after twisted twist!” Oh my.

Before we get too worked up, we still have no idea with any certainty what the Big Brother 16 twist will be or what could make this season’s approach so “twisted.” It’s also worth keeping in mind promises like “most houseguests ever” revealing a sometimes disconnect between reality and hype.

Following last year’s MVP twist chaos of one HG monopolizing it to the point of production changing its use and eventually scuttling the whole thing I’m left hoping we’ll see something a little more carefully constructed. Simple restrictions and safeties on twist plans can go a long way to keep things running smoothly. Then again, chaos might be exactly what Grodner is looking for on Big Brother.

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