Big Brother Week 7 Player rankings


We’re already into Big Brother 15 Week 8 with a new Head of Household and we’ll find out nominations tonight, but we’ve got unfinished business with last week. We’ve got to rank how well (or not) the houseguests did in Week 7.

Week 7 Player Rankings

1. Andy. It finally hit me this past week how great Andy is playing. And I’m not even talking about him winning Head of Household AND veto. I’m talking about his social game. He’s playing such a good social game that people volunteered to be Have-Nots for the week so he wouldn’t have to choose them. And he’s already thinking about jury votes. He was able to nominate Jessie, which lead to her eviction and not get any blood on his hands. Andy is making good moves right now. They’re not big moves, but they’re moves for his game. Very well-done.

2. Amanda. She’s been very irritating for weeks now, but she’s still running the house. And she gets back in the Top 5 this week for coming up with the plan to fool Helen into thinking she’s in a final 3 with McCrae and Andy. It worked perfectly and now Amanda knows how Helen really feels about her in this game.

3. McCrae. It was Amanda’s idea to fool Helen, but McCrae actually made her believe it. It was nice to see McCrae playing the game and not just fighting to save Amanda’s game. It makes me wonder what kind of great game he’d be playing if he wasnt distracted by a showmance.

4. Aaryn. She’s continued to make all the power moves in the house, which has secured her a spot in a final four alliance with the most powerful alliance in the house. That is until Amanda changes her mind, which she is sure to do because she has the some of worst loyalty issues in the show’s history.

5. Spencer. Once again, Spencer was on the block and did not go home. He might become a professional pawn in this game, yet. He didn’t make any bold moves, but he’s managed to lay low enough that he can blow up Amanda’s veto plan and still manage to not get evicted.


The Rest

6. Elissa. Elissa is still coasting.

7. GinaMarie. Basically, GM isn’t Helen this week, so she automatically ranks higher.

8.  Helen. It wasn’t a great week for Helen. She became the #1 target and fell right into a trap set up by Amanda.

9. Jessie. I liked her spunk, but she still went home, so that’s automatically last place.


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  1. I totally agree with you, It’s just the first time I’ve looked at the Player Rankings without a smile on my face.

  2. Anything can be great when most of the other players are complete fools and cant think or play for themselves

  3. okay i never thought I would say this…… But I think i dislike 3. a.m more then the nerd herd….

  4. I agree about the weasel Andy. Saw this coming weeks ago. I am just surprised he has managed to keep Helen in the dark for so long. Everyone will vote for him if he makes it to F2. I think Amanda will take him out after Aaryn.

    • it makes my blood boil to hear him diss Alissa…after he has been fawning all over her all season…to be that 2 faced…they totally trusted him….

  5. Andybis playing a horrible end game. He will be found out for all backstabbing and won’t make final two. Always happens to the person playing both sides

    • I agree Andy is playing a horrible end game. He doesnt want to piss anybody off but I am 70% sure he wont make it to end because nobody would want to sit next to him in the end.

  6. You have to give the top spot to Amanda because she has been the smarter one compared to Helen! She came up with the fake alliance with McCrae and Andy which is a stroke of genius! What better way to watch over Helen and know what she is planning than to have two spies working with her? Aaryn is also playing a smart game, not rocking the boat while, winning HOH! She makes the right nomination in Helen and Elissa to completely neutralize that combo! When Helen is evicted, her last main threat is Amanda and Aaryn should go after her the soonest! Amanda is looking at taking out Aaryn so, she better not dilly dally like Helen! Helen is now paying a heavy price for not evicting Amanda the two times she was given to do so!

    • I just feel Amanda and Aaryn are putting to big of a target on themselves and alienating jury votes.
      I don’t see Judd, Candice, or Ellisa ever voting for Aaryn to win and she is such a comp threat she prob won’t make it to end either.
      Amanda can’t win a comp to save her life and has huge target on her back.
      Andy is almost guaranteed final 3 because everyone loves him and he can win comps

      • The jury still has to vote for one of two people in the Final 2 whether they like that person or not! So, if it was Aaryn and Spencer in Final 2, I think there is still a good chance Aaryn will win it! I am only talking about the game play and personally, still find Aaryn despicable being a racist and all! The odds still favor Amanda and Aaryn until someone evicts them then, it is over for them! Helen, Judd, Jessie or Candice all face long odds even if they get back into the game. More likely, they will get evicted that week if they do not win HOH or POV. If they survive the first week they are in, they need to be able to form new alliances with Spencer, Gina Marie and Elissa. That is their only chance at the game! Trust issues also is a huge barrier, do you dare trust Helen or Judd? I would trust Jessie and Candice as allies but, not Helen or Judd from what we know about them so far!

      • I think Mcrae and Andy are in much better positions than Aaryn and Amanda, I think those 2 beat any1 their against in final 2. Aaryn or Amanda may beat GM, Spencer, or Ellisa in final 2 but those scenarios are unlikely. Aaryn can’t win final 4 and 5 hoh she will be booted then. No way does Candice work with GM if she returns, Jessie was pretty much hated by everyone. Best case scenario in my mind would be reforiming grasshoppers with Judd, Spencer, and GM

      • Andy will be evicted in due time. I do not see either Amanda or Aaryn taking Andy to Final 2! Amanda might take McCrae to Final 2 only because they are a couple! This is still Amanda and Aaryn’s game to lose! None of these guys have played any game for their own benefit so far! They have just followed Amanda so far! McCrae himself said to himself that when they reach Final 4, he is going after Aaryn and Andy and evict them both! At this point if I had to pick one person to make it to Final 2—-I will pick Aaryn, she has played smartly so far!

      • Yeah i don’t see anyone taking Andy to final 2, but I see everyone taking him to final 3. Aaryn will prob be booted at final 4 or 5.

    • Aaryn doesn’t even need the alliance because she can either win the HoH or the veto each week. That’s why she should put up Amanda to guarantee 1 of the power threats go home.

      • I too believe Aaryn can take over this game and dominate it because she is good in HOH and POV! It doesn’t make sense to let Helen off the hook when the opportunity is there to evict Helen! Amanda should be the next logical target! Getting Helen out forces Helen to fight for her life to just to get back into the Big Brother House! Aaryn is playing it smart and forming her own alliance which could take out Amanda probably as soon as next week if Gina Marie wins HOH!

  7. Totally concur with this week’s rankings. All the hgs mentioned in that order deserve their merits.

  8. With regards to McCrae “playing the game and not just fighting to save Amanda’s game.” I still think what he’s doing is fighting for Amanda… Helen is an ally to McCrae she trusts him. Helen would help McCrae in the game but he’s getting rid of Helen because she was going after Amanda so I still think he’s fighting for Amanda.

    • Helen is not to be trusted in this game. She has been backstabbing and throwing under the bus her own allies! Why should McCrae trust Helen? Evicting Helen is best move because you remove one huge threat. There is still Aaryn who is even a bigger threat! Helen’s usefulness at this point in the game is slim to none!
      McCrae can dispense with Helen because if they manage to evict Aaryn, he and Amanda would have the huge edge getting to Final 2!

      • Literally no one is to be trusted in the game. It’s Big Brother. As you can tell I do not want McCrae and Amanda in F2. So I want Helen to stay or get evicted and come back to get Amanda out of the house. I’m talking about the ideal situation to happen to get Amanda out. You obviously want McCranda in F2 but I do not.

    • Amanda makes macray feel like a stud. Maybe he’s not had that level of female attention in a while. That kind of attention can make dudes do dumb stuff. macray should have dropped amanda two weeks ago. That would have been the power move and it would have opened up the game and made it more interesting.

  9. Every Season of BB, there’s always an Andy type of player. Although their strategy take them far in the game, but they never win. (Shelley Moore). I never cheer for them, and don’t like them at all. I don’t expect Andy to make big moves. That’s just how they play. Fine with me. Just be nice, but Andy became a d**k when he started talking smack about people behind their back. Personal stuff, not game related. He would even instigate, add fuel and laugh with everybody…….I don’t know, he’s demeanor in the house, to me, it’s just unpleasant to watch.

    • Agree…I hope Helen blows up everybody’s game like Jessie did. And when she sees Andy is voting against her on the way out she needs to expose him really quick before going out the door.

    • I don’t like andy either. But I don’t like caddy, girly guys generally. He’s stupid to trust macranda.

    • Amanda is going to dump Andy & Amanda the moment she doesn’t need either of them for votes. Aaryn can win comp’s and that’s a threat for Amanda because she could win the final HoH comp if she’s around that far, and since everyone likes Andy, if he’s around for the final 2, everyone in the jury will give their vote to Andy.

    • theres a reason why ppl like andy never make it to the end. The players that make big moves know that if they make it to the end they will win against someone like andy.

      • You are still taking a huge risk if you take Andy to the end. He can claim that he played a great game because they did not find out about him playing both sides! That argument is a good one. If I was in Final 2, I would take Spencer because he is vile and hated! That is the person to take to Final 2 who has not done much in the game and hated at the same time!
        Even Aaryn or Amanda would look pretty good beside Spencer!

  10. What’s the deal with Clowny committing suicide? Is living with those idiots just too much for him?

  11. Spencer says some creepy things.. Joking to threaten Ellisa … Molesting children … Why would they keep him in there … Creeper.

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