‘Big Brother’ Recap: Episode 30 — Natalie Flip Flops, Paul Flips Out, Nicole And Corey Flop

While everyone else in the Big Brother 18 house were playing the game, Nicole and Corey “cuddled” and slept because they know they’ve got the right people (James and production) on their side this week.


We jump into the episode right after Natalie and Michelle nominated Paul and Victor for eviction instead of Nicole and Corey. And Paul is immediately on the offensive. He knows that someone go in Natalie’s ear. So he asks everyone what he has lied about and no one can tell him anything.

And then Michelle comes in the room pretending like she actually had a reason to nominate Paul. She’s talking about Paul lying about Da’Vonne leaving. None of their reasons really add up. Michelle says Paulie told her … whah. Stop right there. Paulie told her something and she believed it? OK.

Meanwhile, Nicole and Corey get to celebrate in the storage room that they convinced Natalie and Michelle to go after the guys instead of them.

Paul calms down and decides to go to the HOH room to find out who “boned” him. Natalie tells him that she heard Paul threw James under the bus and when she hears that it hurts her. Paul tells them that essentially Paulie, Nicole and Corey are full of crap. Natalie is brought to tears and starts to regret her decision.


Victor and Paul know that Nicole and Corey are behind their nominations and that they need to focus on the veto so they can win it and get Corey on the block. And they get Natalie and Michelle to realize that Nicole and Corey tricked them. So they get Natalie on board to backdoor Corey. But Michelle and James are still focused on getting Paul out.

Paul decides to go ahead and blow up on Nicole. He tells her that he’s on the block because of her. He asks her how he’s a liar and manipulator. Nicole says she doesn’t know she’s the reason he’s on the block and that she never made up anything about him. Corey comes out to shun his patriotard in the middle of this altercation and in typical Corey fashion, it’s all very awkward. Paul continues to lay into Nicole and Corey and concludes it with the claim that Nicole is the one who is really good at this game.


It’s time for a BB Storm Watch weather alert. There’s going to be all-night alerts that will play into the Power of Veto competition. And Natalie is the person who decides to help Paul study for the competition. Meanwhile, Nicole and Corey and “cuddling” in the bed and ignoring the alerts because they know they don’t really have to worry about anything because James won’t vote either of them out this week because of the obvious pre-season alliance James and Nicole have had all season.

Paul annoys Natalie because he’s asleep in her HOH bed so now she’s back to wanting him out. Sure that’s why you want him out and it has nothing to do with the Diary Room pushing for you and James to work with Nicole and Corey.

This editing is awful so let’s just move on to the veto competition. Everyone is playing in the competition expect for Nicole. It’s an individual competition and Natalie is up first and she doesn’t do so well. Victor is up next and does a little better than Natalie. James is after Victor and decides he doesn’t want to win.


Michelle is up next and she wants to win so she is seemingly doing well. Corey follows Nicole and he has no idea what’s going on because he didn’t pay any attention and he feels safe. Paul is the final contestant and he knows everything because he studied all night long.

The final scores were Corey: 15 points, James: 13 points, Michelle: 20 points, Natalie: 10 points, Paul: 21 points, Victor: 19 points. Paul has won the Power of Veto.


So Paul and Victor think they’re good to go with this whole backdoor Corey plan. But Michelle has Nicole in her sights and James is not going to vote out Nicole. There’s no point in pretending that anything other than Victor going home this week will happen so let’s just move on. At the veto ceremony, Paul uses the veto on himself and Michelle names Corey as the replacement.

Live eviction & the Jury Battle Back twist all happens Thursday night. Get ready!


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  1. What a waste of a CoHoH. Honestly between Natalie’s tears (once again), her grating voice in her diary sessions, Michelle’s spinelessness, the two girls’ flipflopping and James stupid pranks; that had to be one of the lamest broadcasts ever.

    • Natalie’s voice is unsuitable for performing. She makes the rats run out of the bougainvillea bushes, day or night. They’re sure that there’s a munchkin infestation, and they’re right. James and Natalie are munchkins. A minute ago, Natalie began piping up to James about how come he’s always defending Nicole. WTH! She’s finally noticing this? Kick him to the curb and use the insight as blasting powder, add their bribe crap to the fire and get rid of them both. Do something.

    • What a waste is exactly right, HOH and Michelle getting co – HOH. I shudder to think who’s next. I guess one of Nicorey

      • I wonder why? … Is there something about them being Vets, that CBS wants/needs to have a Vet win? Why do they care so much about these two? Maybe it will supposedly boosts their ratings?

      • There is a post-season scandal coming that is so big that they have to try to cover it up with a rushed “online only” season to try to divert feedster attention away from this corrupt turkey of a season.

  2. . “She’s talking about Paul lying about Da’Vonne leaving. None of their reasons really add up. ”
    He did li about that. She may not have been his original get but he knew very well she was being voted. He even knew when he got pressured into nominating her by Paulie that she was likely to go bye bye. So, yeah, he is a lair. SHOCKER! IN BB. A liar exist and pretends he doesn’t le. L0L

    • He’s absolutely a liar. He was instrumental in getting Paulie nominated, and when Paulie asked him if he knew he was going on the block Paul denied it. The HGs seem to forget about that.

      • Guess they “forgot” about it because they all agreed to lie about that .. and I am so glad they did.

  3. just what does nat do for a living she says event but she told James Dallas Cheerleader but she acts like she could be an escort as for Nic being a nurse how would E.R. page her for duty by looking in every bed lol

    • She was a Jets cheerleader. She most likely had the event planning job during that time as well. NFL cheerleaders do not make much money at all

    • People short change Nicole by buying into her ditz act. She’s an ER nurse, and it takes brains and plenty of schooling to become one of those.

  4. GUYS!! Something beautiful is occurring right this second with Paul talking to Nicorey and Victor talking to Jatalie and Big Meech. We are calling it the #DuckPlay. Paul is pulling in Nicorey and they are agreeing with working with him moving forward, while Victor says he’s pushing Paul away and confirms that if he goes home only James plays in the HoH next week…. AND THE SITTING DUCKS MIGHT SAVE THEMSELVES!! #DuckPlay

  5. If Branden mentions production, then that means it may be accurate. He was there and knows what happens inside and how they manipulate the show.

  6. That was all production tonight show. If you kept up with the feeds from each day this week it showed what production did. When Natalie wanted to go to bed and Paul had fallen asleep James immediately awoke Paul up and sent him outside the room not what they showed tonight. None of this flip flopping occurred all week either. It also did not show the deal between the two showmances.

    • CBS is flat out LYING in the edited show!

      Absolutely pathetic and disgusting. Shame on you CBS!

  7. James inserts his foot in his mouth once again…this guy! He is in the HOH room with Vic, Nat and Michelle..and says this: “If I win HOH and I put Corey and whoever up on the block…” James is not going to keep Vic. I really hope Vic comes back in and takes out James. Also, I don’t think Nicole and Corey are going to take Paul up on moving forward with him.

    • James was completely silent and didnt nod or anything :(. I thought he was thinking “how does this impact the F2 deal w Nicole”. Then he got called to DR.

  8. It looks like James just wants to get with Nicole and spill the beans about all of these new developments. He doesn’t look or act convinced that he ought to change his vote to evict Corey/keep Victor. The trouble is that he can’t get any alone time with Nicole, who is stuck playing dead next to Corey, while Paul talks his ear off.

  9. If Vic and Paul can pull this off (convincing James to vote Cory out instead of Vic), it will be phenomenal! I hope it works.

    • Oooooh Nicole was soooo snakey in the HOH. Laying down and reading a box as if they werent talking game as Vic walked into HoH.We all know those two never leave their bed without a reason.

      Corey was chill tho. Couldn’t wait for her to go back to bed. BYE FELICIA!!

      James dove under covers and pretended sleep. UGH!

    • I was just going to write this. It is too, too exciting. Finally, we have a game. It would be epic, but there’s Jamesie messing up all plans.

    • If james does that… Paul and Victor are onto the final 3. Since nobody else can win competitions against them. So they will just roll over everyone until the final where the one that wins, sends the other out and wins BB.

  10. Unfortunately, right now it doesn”t look too good, because neither Nicole or James are buying into exactly what Paul and Victor are saying about each other or anyone else. Nicole especially. She thinks Paul and Victor are faking.When Corey and Nicole leave the HOH room, where they were summoned, James is likely to tell Natalie and Michelle that he’s still voting out Victor.

  11. BB telling Meech to put on her microphone over and over again at diff times during the day is getting annoying. As if she hasn’t learned about the mic this far into the game???

    • All she does is lay around stuffing her face, the girl can’t even stay upright for more than 15 minutes, and she is supposed to be a nutritionist????

  12. James came and talked to Nicole and Corey and told them everything. Even stuff that would potentially would hurt/expose Natalie. I really do have this feeling there is an f2 here because James opens up and tells Nicole everything at all times. It’s like how he talked to Meg last season. It is James being 100% honest, and it’s not the same voice he uses with Natalie. There is no way he doesn’t vote out Victor, but why can’t I find this James/Nicole alliance that must be going on? They are pretty confident to trust each other and go weeks avoiding each other with no real game talk.

    Is this real about a pre-show alliance? (is that even actually illegal?) They trust each other like real life friends would.

    • They passed in the kitchen storage and Nolcole whispers she’s behind james 100 % a few days ago.

    • Seems to definitely be a pre-show alliance, which is major BS and ruins the game in my opinion. I will be so annoyed if either of them win.

      • If you remember back to some feeds during week, James was telling Natalie how he was liked by Nicole’s family. Now Nicole tells Corey she was coached by Derrick also just like Paulie. Production thought having three friends in house and trying to make them look innocent and not friends was a good show for the fans. Victor blew that up by not listening to production when he put Paulie on blocked and then Paulie was evicted.

  13. Could not even watch BBAD. James putting his feet all over the fishtank, I wanted to yell at him. How old is he? I swear he acts like a child. Nicole and Corey in bed, again. She kept rubbing his hair, I wanted to puke. Natalie smacking on food and chewing with her mouth open and talking with a full mouth. Disgusting. Poor Victor goes into the room to socialize and they all leave.
    I had to turn it off. Unwatchable. Maybe tomorrow when a houseguest returns.

  14. That was soooo awkward lol, clueless Corey. Couldn’t he tell they were arguing? He just kept on stripping. My husband could tell the DR was getting involved and he doesn’t even read blogs. Its that obvious now.

    • Please, what are you referring to exactly? If you are replying to something I can’t find the original thread.

      Who are you talking about? What is obvious?

      Thank you for hopefully clarifying :)

      • I’m pretty sure she was referring to stupid Corey not even realizing that Paul and Nicole were arguing (during last night’s show). Am I right, queenbrat? Onscreen, it said #Awkward while Corey was taking his patriotic costume off and whipping it at Nicole. It was pretty funny, actually. They were playing ‘stripper’ music in the background until Christmas Corey came down to his last piece of clothing and realized no one had been paying attention, and the music just kind of screeched to a halt. Clueless.

      • Yes, thank you. Just wanted clarification for others who may not have seen the episode.

        Anyway, that being said, what about when Nicole went upstairs? Production immediately makes Paul do his rounds to protect Nicole and give them time to talk.

        Can the overt manipulation be any more obvious?

        Disgusting. Shame on you, BB! Now I know what the BS stands for in “CBS”…

        “See BS”

        Okay, got it.

      • Ah, I see.

        Yes, I too thought it exceptionally ‘odd’ that Paul was immediately called to do his rounds. Makes you want to go, “Hmm…”

      • lol, He was pretty much trying to put his schlong right in her face on tv, that was awkward too. I’d be like can you put that gherkin back in the pickle jar, the adults are talking.

      • It was pretty funny I thought too. I don’t mind awkward moments. When he said he was gonna take it all off I thought go ahead. That might make this episode more interesting lol.

  15. Not sure who mentioned this before but it is really quite evident whenever Nicole is called out for something and she just responds with her eyes like a “deer looking into headlights” stare and smirks …

    And, yes, kinda a fun comment that Nicole made while celebrating with Cory in the pantry room that she may actually be “playing a good game” this season on BB? Ha !!

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