‘Big Brother 18’ Jury Twist: Who Is Coming Back?

Get ready because here comes another Big Brother twist this week when the Jury Battle Back hits the game on Thursday night during the live show sending one evicted HG back inside.

Update: CBS has announced Thursday’s HoH battle will be an endurance comp on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial) and that will delay the start of the ACP vote until around 12AM PT (or later). Get ready to watch it all on the Feeds tonight!

Julie Chen and Returning Juror twist on BB18

With the latest Care Package voting delayed until just after the live eviction show it’s all but guaranteed that we’ll have the returning player determined by the end of the night (see Update above) setting us up for hopefully some really great drama that should catch at least some of the Houseguests by surprise.

Victor knows he’s going but he’s been speculating there could be someone coming back and if there is he hopes it’s going to be him. Again. Even Michelle has been suggesting there could get a returning player but James disagrees and says it’s too late in the season and won’t happen. Watch out, James!

Okay, so what are our options here with this twist? Our current Jurors are Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Bridgette, and Paulie. Victor is slated to join their ranks so let’s look at those five Houseguests.

Since the Jury Battle Back competition will need to be over by the end of the east coast broadcast so ACP voting may commence I’m expecting a quick competition like with BB16 versus the endurance comps of BB15 and BB17. Not that I think it’ll be BB16’s sliding disc comp, but something of a similar pace.

Alright, let’s run through some possible situations with the various returning Jurors.

If Da’Vonne comes back then she could possibly realign with Paul and Michelle. Now Paul set her up for eviction and Michelle doesn’t want to work with Paul at the moment so there could be issues on that. Da’Vonne said she wanted to go after the showmances but could she end up aligning with James then Natalie would bring along Michelle and they’d go after Paul then maybe Nicole & Corey? Ehh, I’m not convinced. It’d sure be interesting though.

Zakiyah coming back would be, I don’t know, not very exciting for our drama factor unless she’s got some surprises up her sleeve. Where would she go and align? Back to Michelle’s side who is already working with Natalie so Paul would be in trouble and we’d just get more of the same.

Bridgette returning would lead to Natalie again having an extra ally along with James. It might get them the courage to try and knock out Nicole and Corey, but I’d still expect Paul to be a higher target in this case. Another case of low drama I’d guess.

Paulie wasn’t happy with James when he left so I don’t think he’d go there but instead back to Corey and Nicole. Maybe Paul could re-establish a link with Paulie and they’d all four take on James and Natalie. I don’t know for sure if Paulie would target Paul before he’d target James/Natalie especially since Paul is alone while a power couple could be a more tempting target. I’m not sure I can take much more of Paulie though.

Victor coming back would pretty much be a reset week. We’d get a new HoH competition and it’d be him and Paul against James, Nicole, and Corey for HoH. If Paul or Victor won HoH then James and Natalie are up on the Block. If the other sides retains HoH then it’s a repeat of this week but with Paul as the higher target.

Without knowing what sort of comp they’ll face it’s hard to predict a winner. BB16’s sliding disc was anyone’s game but Victor has shown he’s an incredible competitor, especially when his game is on the line, so I’d have to give him the edge but Paulie is no push over and Bridgette had her strong performances too. This could go any which way come Thursday night.

Whoever comes back I’m hoping for drama. We need this season to get a jolt to avoid a snoozer coast to the end with four showmances tucked away in their corners. So as long as we get action and drama then I’ll be content. Who do you want to return? Vote now in our poll below and share your thoughts.


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  1. Agree on the Victor return scenario.

    If Paulie returns, I see Paul pivoting (which we’ve seen that he excels at) and convincing Paulie he’s better than a showmance (to have on his side) so save him for now and chop higher cotton in the Jatalie patch.

    I think Paul knows Paulie will stick with NiCorey so Paul will pick low hanging fruit and turn Paulie’s shaved head toward Meech+Natalie (Meech/Gmat) for his own selfish reasons. Paul knows Paulie & Corey will take each other to the end. While Paul can recharge Paulie’s battery to go for an all Y alliance (Y chromosomes) and have Paulie concentrating on mowing down the Xs – Paul will go to work on James….planting the obvious about Porey/Cauli and if it is gonna be all dudes at the end, they have to cut Corey.

    Basically, Paulie knows Corey will never be his. So he will play both sides with James (to get out Corey) and Paulie (to get out lez femmes) and plant seeds like Johnny Doubtseed in the heads of James & Paulie as to why (later on, at the end after the girls+Corey (Cirls/Gorey) are gone) they should each take him (Paul) and not the other. Lol.

    • I hope it’s Victor and not Paulie walking thru the door. Victor has had to work hard to stay in this game. I can’t stand James. He ruins every blindside, letting whoever know they’re leaving. He thinks he knows everything about BB. I hope he goes next, but I think Nicole and James will be F2

  2. I’d like to see Bridge return. But anyone other than Paulie is ok.

    If Paulie returns, I’ll be the one crying.

  3. I don’t think you’ve properly assessed the Bridgette situation. 1. Bridgette doesn’t trust James. 2. Bridgette said she hopes Paul wins in her Aftershow interview.

    Bridgette would work with Natalie to a degree, but also work with Paul and be protected. I think she’d 100% target Nicorey first, but would happily take that shot to free up Nat and evict James.

    • I don’t think Bridgette would trust James either. That’s why I said she’d realign with Natalie then James would be there by extension.

      It’d be a repeat of their same situation as before when Bridgette didn’t trust James but Natalie would try to assure her she could & they’d be numbers together.

      I would be very interested to see Bridgette & Paul team up though. That’d be something to see. Paul wants James gone and she doesn’t trust him. Not sure she’d go against Natalie with that move, but it’d cause drama so I’m for it.

  4. Anyone but Paulie is ok with me. But Victor already came back once and wasted weeks getting out girls who had never won anything. I think Day and Bridgette are better at reading what’s going on so that would be more interesting.

  5. This seems pretty accurate to me. As far as who will cause the most drama, I think the only way we can ensure that is either Paulie or Victor returning. Zakiyah won’t cause those kinds of waves at all, Bridgette would just realign with fellow Spy Girl Nat, and Da’Vonne may find herself in a situation where she’s gonna have to figure out where she fits in.

    • Da’Vonne could be potentially interesting — she and Paul would work together for sure since she is also against showmances

      • I think anyone who comes back in would be a damn fool not to go after one of the showmances. They need to realize that if they’d vote out Paul next, that they’re in a house with two couples and Michelle. It would be a very poor choice not to take a swing at the couples.

  6. This is all opinion and it is always changing, so please give feedback. Victor is the only one that can save the season, and I’m aware that he or Paul would have to win HOH if Vic returns or we’d be back where we started. I liked Bridgette by the time she left, but her return would tend to help Gnat the most which in turn would help James, so no. Da would definitely target the showmances, but would she have help is the question? Z, in my opinion, wouldn’t be able to process everything to play strategically and I have absolutely no idea what she would do. And with Pimp Paulie, it would all be about strategy, but what strategy would he pursue? It’s according to who would go along with him. Would Paul entertain the idea of a foursome with Pimp Paulie, Dingus, and Doofus? If Paul decided to stick with Michelle, James, and Gnat instead, that would leave 4-3 meaning Paulie comes back in, down a number. Would Gnat and James still trust Dingus and Doofus with Pimp Paulie back in the game? I think it would be hard to do and they might have to resort to pulling Paul in for the numbers. Then we’d have James and Nicole on opposite sides again, but I think they would still be protecting each other. Just let it be Victor. He deserves the opportunity.

    • I agree. I think Corey will go running to his beloved Paulie and even may betray Nicole at the end to stick with him as a final two.
      I don’t care what happens to James and hope he gets voted out soon. I would like to see Paul, Michelle and Natalie stay at the end. Nicole and Corey have been my least favorite from the beginning, but mostly Nicole so anything that will advance them in the game is as Victor says “no bueno”. Da’vonne will work with James as well, but she will get rid of Nicole, unless James convinces her no to. I just hope Victor comes back with revenge on his mind.

      • So glad I’m not the only one absolutely SICK of James. He’s probably my least favorite player ever and I’ve been watching for 9 seasons. I would seriously vote for Jozea over him. If he wins America’s favorite player again I’ll vomit.

    • Yeah I don’t like James. I haven’t liked him for a while though. He just sucks at the game, he always has!

      • I disagree. James has been playing the game, just low key. Look at the ones who have played hard and where are they at? Day… gone. Frank… gone. Paulie …. gone. Victor… On the way out. Paul… next target. His game has been to stay off the radar. He is often silent when there is a group talk, because he is thinking and strategizing. He maneuvers others when it’s prudent, but goes with the flow when it doesn’t matter to his game. It may not be exciting to some but he has a strategy. And it’s working. People don’t give him as much credit as he deserves.

  7. I think Frank just may be allowed to compete
    too. I saw a page on the CBS website a couple days ago with his picture shown with the jury house members. He was the only pre-jury evitee shown with them……

    • He’s the only one not given a chance to return. Even Glenn had a chance from Week 1. Even Jozea the hawkeye Messiah – but no chance for Frank.

      Don’t know if Frankie wants a shot to return or not. He may not.

      • Me too! Seriously though, I think he was content in going home. I don’t think he wanted to go to jury and be sequestered—when he could go home for the rest of the summer and be with his lovely girlfriend.

      • I don’t think he really would have cared. He had his shot. I honestly think he was happy to leave when he did. Besides, if I had been him—I’d have RUN, not walked away from that dick Paulie. Who, in his right mind, would have wanted to continue playing (at that point) with the DICKtator that he was? Frank could have beat him; but after that incredibly STUPID ‘House Meeting’ that Paul called (when Frank was trying to campaign to stay), and Paulie told him ‘it’s over’…what was the point?
        Although, it sure was funny when cry-baby Pie-Boy, spent his entire (poor-sport) last week BEGGING and weeping (to anyone who would listen) and CAMPAIGNING right up to the very end. Hmm…Karma, Pie-Boy. Karma.

    • Would be very surprised that Frank would be allowed to return since he would have been able to watch the live feeds and the broadcasts. That would give him an unfair advantage

    • Go to CBS Big Brother page for America’s Care Package. Frank is shown with the current and jury houseguests.

      • I’m glad he’s not in jury. What a waste of his time. You follow him on Instagram? I’d follow him anywhere. ;)

  8. UM.. why is the misogynistic pig SECOND on that poll?! I don’t give TWO F*CKS about the drama he’ll bring! He is disgusting!!!

  9. I don’t understand why so many people want Paulie back. It seemed like almost everyone wanted him gone, and now are voting for his return.
    Da’vonne is very low in the poll and I would love for her or Victor to return.

    • I very much dislike Paulie and very much want Victor back, BUT if not Victor I want Paulie probably for the same people others do; the entertainment factor

      • For me it’s because I’m a Paul fan and I want someone to come back who will help further Paul’s game. Better Paulie than Z or Day, in my opinion.

  10. I love Victor. I think he’s a great guy and has played a great game, but I don’t think I could root for someone to win that has been evicted TWICE. After his first return I really thought he was playing well, but getting evicted yet again is my limit.

    Definitely hoping to see him on All-Stars.

      • I would agree with you if he can somehow avoid getting evicted for the second time on Thursday.

        I love Victor. But getting evicted TWICE in one season is a little bit of a deal-breaker.

  11. I would like for Vic or Bridgette to come back, and I’m not so sure she would be so quick to align with Nat because of James. No matter what, I think Paul with the ACP could be highly entertaining.

    • I think most of Dingus, Doofus, and James fans will unite and vote for Doofus to get the CP, and he will. I hope I am wrong. But if the popularity poll from yesterday is an accurate indication, that could very well happen.

      • i don’t understand how they even have fans…they only sleep and make a mess…i guess carry overs…

      • Wasn’t Paul on top last week. I was surprised that Michelle got it instead of him. I will Vote Paul or Victor.

      • Personally I think she got it because she called Paulie out in the kitchen, that was epic and people loved her for doing it.

      • Epic? Michelle is a horrible arguer. She rapidly falls apart in intellect when trying to confront anybody on anything (similar to Natalie). It could have been epic or at least close but Michelle blew it. It was awkward because of her blundering idiocy

      • Blundering idiocy? Not this time. At least this time the child took a stand and stuck with it…nothing awkward or blundering about it. Or idiotic, for that matter. Kudos to Michelle!

      • Yeah, this is unfortunately very possible. If it does happen, let’s hope it blows up their games somehow.

      • It recalculated every time I reloaded it yesterday, so I would think it is accurate as it appears. Dingus had climbed up to second place by this AM and she had dropped below Vic yesterday. Right now, she and James have the highest percentages.

      • The power available isn’t much of a power anyway. So I’m not sure why Corey’s haters (still not sure why they hate him) even care if he wins it. I want Paul to win it just because he’s so convinced it’s an awesome power and it’d be fun to see his face when he finds out he’s wrong

      • It could always be used to one person’s advantage or just a disadvantage for another. It might not seem like much, but it could be a game changer in certain situations. Right now, Paul needs all the help he can get.

  12. Let’s go Paulie! I will be so happy if he returns. Can you imagine the look on the other house guests faces? Also he has made so many people upset here and it’s so funny reading comments! I was totally bummed out when Frank was eliminated and then Paulie was tough, but this would be totally awesome having Paulie back and the drama would hit red alert again!

  13. Whomever comes back will likely be the #1 target.

    Paulie coming back would add drama, but he’s the biggest douche on the planet, and after the bitchfest he pulled that last week, I don’t think he deserves to come back.

    I think Bridgette or Z would have less of a target coming in, but Da’, Paulie or Vic will be target #1.

    • that would be the only good thing about Paulie returning He would automatically be a target….

      • I don’t want the returnee to be a target, I want the floaters in the house (Corey and Nicole) to finally get what they deserve and pack their bags.

  14. They should bring Dr. Will and Dan back at the last minute to show these clowns how the pros do it.

  15. Vic, Bridgette or Day would make me the happiest. I really hope it’s Victor, though!

    I’m going to puke in my mouth if it’s Paulie. I just can’t … I’ve had far enough of him. ? I really just can’t.

    Go Victor!!! ?????????

    • You can and will lol. I don’t mean that rudely, honestly I don’t. I just mean even if it’s Paulie I bet you’d still watch. I would hate with a passion if Davonne returned but I’d still watch if she did. Sometimes Big Brother is like a train wreck, you can’t look away.

  16. Anyone but Paulie…please!! For him to get back in the house and start his ego trip all over again..I think I’ll pass! I hope Vic or Bridgette make it back in!

  17. Tbh If I became the new Executive bb producer

    I would fix the show.

    1st I would replace the pov contest with food/have and have not competiton

    2nd I would give each contestant 1 GPOV each. That would be their only safety net for the summer and that way a comp beast could not win there way to victory. It could also only be used on original nominees.

    3rd I would hire someone to come up with 8 new hoh comps that are non trivial and the other half would be trivial to give weaker players an equal shot

    4th I would get rid of every twist and let the house guests and the viewers know that the season would be 14 weeks long with 0 twists (except the new veto system at number 2).

    5th. I would get rid of the DE if they are going to take out a big player you have to deal with them the whole week.

    6th I would change slop to baby food. They would be allowed to have normal food but it would be blended into baby food.

    7th the have house would be randomly split into 2 teams for each have not challenge. The losers go on slop.

    8th I would keep 16 players but reduce the jury back down to 7 so that they have to make final 9 instead of final 11.

    9th and final I would ban recruitment of contestants and have every cast be 100% applicants.

    • I like everything but gettin rid of the POV. Years ago they use to have a havenot competition and they still had the POV so there is time for both. I think its important for the nominees to have a chance to pull themselves from the block.

      • My thing with POV is that it gives physically strong players or challenge beasts a huge advantage. People have won the veto 5 times in the past. Like no one should have that many chances. Thats why I would give them 1 and only 1.

    • What’s wrong with being a comp beast? It’s all part of what makes Big Brother Big Brother. If anything, I would rather the HoH be able to compete in back-to-back HoH’s. That way no can can TRULY be backdoored, which I can’t stand. I want there to always be at least one opportunity to keep yourself safe if you work hard enough. If you miss it, fair game.

      Let the houseguests themselves decide whether painting that target on their back is an advantage or disadvantage.

  18. For next season they need to stop doing buybacks. It’s super annoying, repetitive, played out, and predictable. They have been doing that for the past 4 years in a row now. They need to shorten the season to around 80-85 days. That’s enough days for 16 houseguests, 2 double evictions, and NO buybacks. Either cast more houseguests if they want 90 day season or shorten the season.

      • I don’t mind if they do a 100 day season. But if they want to do it, than they need to cast enough houseguests for it. I am tired of evicted houseguests coming back. In my opinion, it ruins the dynamic of the game when an evicted houseguest comes back. They have been doing that for the past 4 years now.

  19. Every new scenario begins with the word “if” at least until after Thursday’s events. Then there will be a fresh batch of “ifs” to use as preambles. One thing that I’d love to see is Nicole’s sorry ass disappear from Big Brother’s soundstage. Yesterday. And stop insulting tofu. It has done nothing to deserve the association with this whiny nematode.

    • Nematode…lol. I fully agree, but apply the same to James as well. The 2 cheaters are also the 2 biggest parasites.

  20. Have been against a 2nd return because it upsets game moves already put in place before this twist. Would be rooting for another Victor and Paul combo on the hot seat because Victor should be out for good! He already had his chance when he came back. I do not like the fact that he gets a 2nd bite of the apple. This week is essentially wasted because of this twist. In any case, this season has been a huge disappointment except the Paulie eviction and this likely Victor eviction. It is a shame since, James and Natalie has finally started to play to win that $500,000. A reset will upset the apple cart and could reinstate a boring evict Corey, Nicole, James, Natalie and Michelle in that order! I hope Paul and Victor do not win this weeks HOH!

  21. Victor if he gets voted out, Bridgette if somehow Corey gets voted out. I would love for the latter scenario to happen. Anyone else would either be uninteresting or in Paulie’s case, interesting for the wrong reasons.

  22. Update Paul is getting cozy hanging with Cory and Nicole while victor points it out to the other three now James is wavering if Cory goes then great move Paul and victor.

  23. I’m trying to figure out when I am going to see all this happen. My DVR shows stupid football on tonight instead of Big Brother :(

  24. I like to see James, Corey and Nicole gone. If victors comes back he deserves to stay, as he fought hard and if Bridget comes back be good for Paul. she is a great player of big brother. James is sneaky and hide behind his showmance. Corey is just all around dumb his has no game. Nicole she just in the corner hiding and plays a poor game. And her voice is rather annoying.

  25. I like to see James, Corey and Nicole gone. If victors comes back he deserves to stay, as he fought hard and if Bridget comes back be good for Paul. she is a great player of big brother. James is sneaky and hide behind his showmance. Corey is just all around dumb his has no game. Nicole she just in the corner hiding and plays a poor game. And her voice is rather annoying.

  26. will this happen tonight Thursday Day 2.15 .m Aug 25 th
    where another player will come back in from e Jury house? Thanks

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