Houseguests were woken up to surprise news this morning that they’d be participating in the Big Brother Over The Top season’s backyard swimsuit photoshoot and they had less than an hour to prepare. Cue the frantic scramble!

Houseguests swimsuit photoshoot on BBOTT

When the backyard opened up the CBS photographer was back from their preseason shoot and he was ready to put them to work with lots of oiling up first and then plenty of posing before a few group shoot and then calling it a day. We snapped our own screencaps from the event that you can see below or rewind to watch this play out like it did on the Feeds.

This photoshoot is a tradition each season but we have never before been able to see it all take place inside the house so that was something new and different. Pretty much the story of BBOTT, right?

You can rewind your Live Feeds using Flashback to 9:30 AM BBT this morning to watch the 90 minutes or so of activity in the backyard.

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