‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Eviction Prediction: Who Will Be Voted Out Tonight?

We’re hours away from this week’s eviction vote on Big Brother Over The Top and so far it looks like tonight’s results will all come down to the voice of the viewers. So which of the three nominees will be voted out tonight?

Final Noms on BBOTT Week 04

The final nominees for the week are Whitney, Scott, and Neeley after America nominated Neeley and Kryssie renom’d Whitney to fill Morgan’s seat. Like just about every week ever with three noms on the Block, I don’t expect the third option to draw any attention or possibility of going this week. That lucky spot goes to Whitney. The other two, however, are going to be very close.

The house hasn’t reconciled on its votes for the week which means we’re looking at a likely deadlock with America’s Vote deciding who stays and who goes this week. On one side we’ve got Danielle, Jason, and Justin voting to evict Scott then on the other you’ll have Alex, Morgan, and Shelby voting to evict Neeley. As for Whitney, she’ll draw zero votes this week.

Yesterday we heard Morgan telling Whitney that without a sure thing eviction for Scott she wasn’t willing to vote against Neeley then bank their hopes on America siding with them. She pointed out that she had a good trust with Neeley and her staying wouldn’t be so bad for her but it would if she voted against her and America voted out Scott. Well it didn’t take long for her to be flipped back to sticking with the team.

Similarly we heard from Justin that while initially open to voting out Neeley he had realized that was bad for his side’s numbers and put them on a slippery slope to elimination if he helped the PBS get out Neeley. Watch the full clip of his exchange with Whitney earlier this week in the video below. So, just like Morgan, Justin flipped back and the vote remained tied.

So what will America do with its vote? Well if you look at our Eviction Prediction poll here, people are narrowly saying they expect Scott to be the one evicted, but if you look at the separate poll asking who you voted for America’s Eviction Vote that suggests it’ll actually be Neeley receiving the deciding vote and she’ll be the one to go.

Now two weeks ago our America’s Vote poll missed the mark and we saw Monte go while our poll suggested Danielle would earn that extra vote. Instead it went to Monte and he left the house. That week our poll was separated by three points but this week Neeley has an eleven point lead over Scott in our readers’ response (at the time of publishing). That’s a much larger gap.

If our readers’ vote is correct in projecting tonight’s actual results then it’ll be Neeley heading out through those double doors. I’m inclined to go ahead and say I expect that now at this point. Neeley could be out the door under Kryssie’s reign as HoH just as we saw CB leave for Monte and Monte leave for Alex’s time as HoH.

Of course it would have been interesting to see all four of the first night’s guy’s alliance to be the first four evicted, but I’m guessing that “fueled by rage and revenge” machine Scott will be sticking around for at least another round of the game.

So what do you think will happen? Will it be Neeley, Scott, or a shocker of Whitney getting evicted tonight on BBOTT?

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Watch Whitney work on Justin to try and get his vote flipped to taking out Scott. He sounded committed in the moment, but it doesn’t sound like he’s with the girls’ votes anymore. Watch and decide in this clip from the BBOTT Feeds, courtesy of CBS:

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  1. @MatthewBoyer Actually I think your poll was accurate every week so far Matthew. I believe America’s vote did in fact go towards Danielle last week along with Jason, Justin, and Kryssie. However, since all 4 girls voted Shane and Scott broke the tie, Shane went home. So your poll has been accurate just the house overpowered America’s vote last week to send their own target home.

    • Oops, that was two weeks ago. I wrote Shane, but it was the Monte vs Danielle week where the poll said Danielle would get the vote, but it went against Monte and he left instead of Danielle.

      • Oh right I see. I forgot about that vote going against Danielle on this site, but like you said that was super close compared to the 10-15% range I’m see here and other polls.

  2. I think it should be Neeley leaving tonight. Twitter polls I have noticed are very rarely right. The polls here and a couple of other sites seem to be together with the votes putting Neeley in lead to leave! Praying it is right!

    • Yes the reason I don’t value the twitter polls as highly as this one and other websites like Jokers is most of those people are just following past HG’s as fans or maybe follow twitter updaters because they DON’T watch feeds normally and only watch the TV show. So naturally those people who aren’t seeing all the nasty behavior daily like we are vote for Jason’s side. However I doubt most of those voters are actually all access subscribers whereas the people that hunt down sites like this to post and discuss things going on strike me as more hardcore fans that vote. The fact that most of the people posting here are aware of the bad behavior makes me think I’m right. Regardless 10-15% margin is pretty steep so I fully expect to see Neeley evicted tonight.

  3. Please let it be Neeley. Can’t stand her multiple personalities and I believe her real personality is the one we watched as she screamed and raged at Scott, hoodrat style. She brings nothing to the the game and the statue routine doesnt do it or me. Bye grandma Neeley.

    • Yo I’m with you on evicting Neely: woman does not know the meaning of sportsmanship. But can I politely ask that you keep the racist spin out of these comments in the future? This is not an attack on your character, so there’s no need to argue and get defensive (and I’m not saying you would, but people do sometimes take being called out on a racist remark as a personal attack when it’s not), just please understand that saying Neely’s behavior was “hoodrat” style is a racist thing to say.

      • Nope, not racist and I would say the same if it was a white person. No reason to make that kind of remark. The world is becoming too touchy and take every little thing personal. Please block me if you don’t want to read my posts. Thank you

      • Hahaha, you DID get defensive, that’s hilarious. If you don’t think the term hood-rat has racial connotations, and aren’t willing to listen when someone tried to educate you, then I guess you have a vested interest in clinging to your ignorance, and the only reasonable conclusion is that you aren’t just a well-intentioned person who made a harmful, hateful remark without realizing it, but that racism truly is part of your character. I’m deeply sorry, and you’ll be in my prayers. Good night and goodbye!

      • Actually, I apologize for that other response, that was rant-y and a little too far. I just get a little frustrated with racism and stuff. Do you genuinely not understand why the term hoodrat is a racist term?

  4. I really hope Scott goes. I remember the way he treated Shane, the puppy dog crush on Alex, and he has run his mouth about other people as well!!

  5. How are people saying they want Neeley out lol Like Scott needs to go. People want Scott to stay just because hes with the Plastics who shouldnt even be liked. This season is going to be boring based off Americas Opinions.

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