‘Big Brother OTT’: Veto Meeting Plans – Week 6

Later today the BBOTT Houseguests face another Power of Veto ceremony where the final noms of the week will be decided and while we know how things are going to go a few of the HGs may be facing a surprise of their own.

Shelby & Alex pitch a deal to Jason on BBOTT

Jason has the power and now he’s having a bit of fun too. Yesterday the Smashers were reduced to just three when they realized Whitney had slipped away and sided with Justin. Now as a group of three they made a pitch to Jason to turn on one of his own and they think the plan worked.

You can rewind to 10:55 PM BBT 11/7 on Cams 3/4 to watch as Shelby, Alex, and Morgan talk with Jason and Danielle. Their suggestion is that it’s best for everyone to get Justin out then they’ll in return target Whitney next. Jason and Danielle both play right along but it was all a ploy aimed to pull the wool over their eyes and blindside them at the Veto meeting.

What Jason is actually planning to do is to use his Veto to take down Danielle but then instead of renom’ing Justin, per the ‘deal’ he made with the Smashers/Non-Threat, he’ll renom Morgan. At that point we’ll have Morgan, Alex, and Whitney on the Block for our final noms of the week.

The target remains Alex and with Kryssie, Justin, and Danielle all voting this week their three votes will control the outcome, but all the same America’s VTE will still be open for viewers to later today.

Remember that this Big Brother Veto Ceremony can be watched live as it happens on the Live Feeds today at 1PM PT (4PM ET) so be sure you’re signed up and ready with All Access (get the Free Trial).

You’ll especially want to have that going because an hour after the Ceremony we’ll get the next round of the America’s Eviction Vote starting at 2PM PT (5PM ET). We’ll all be voting to decide where our one vote goes this week and you’ll get to help make that choice if you’re subscribed.

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    • I enjoy this kind of playing very much. It’s beautiful gaming! The highs and the lows are far from finished yet. Nothing is conclusive until it’s really the end of the game, so here’s hoping nobody gives up watching because of the peaks and the valleys. Things can turn on a dime.

      • Agreed! I am definitely not through watching. I think this is the most entertaining cast of BB in a very long time!! :) Alex is a great game strategist, as is Danielle, even though I do not care for her, I will admit she does view the game in a strategic way. I just got done binge watching two weeks worth of BBOTT and I have to say it made for great action and BB TV~!!

        PS: even if some of the HG are mean, they are still entertaining at times. Better than sleeping all damned day!

      • I agree with you, and they know next week is a double, there just doesn’t seem to be much upside for Jason to do this, but a lot of downside. A stunt I think he will be regretting

      • Hi Joni! Good morning to you. :)
        This is going to be a real down and dirty… i.e., UGLY POV ceremony today. Jason and his “fake” deal is really going to cause some turmoil in the house. Not really happy with him for lying just to be mean, but I am interested to watch the fallout! :)

      • Just listened to Morgan, Alex and Shelby sharing their secrets to one another, but not the other side. At least they have something to be happy about. That was pretty low of Jason this late stage in the game. But for the rest to be in on it too was a bit of “bullying”, which I have a hard time fathoming the reasons for. Jason usually hates bullies, but he just became one himself.

      • I got a kick out of Shelby’s reaction to the sister twist!! :)

        Yeah, Jason is not usually a bully, so becoming one is disappointing. Sure he has a potty mouth and I know a lot of people hate that, but I always found him entertaining for the most part…but creating a fake alliance when he holds all the power and has the votes…??? Why? It makes no sense and I think it might have hurt his game in the long run…

  1. As much as people hate what is happening…getting Alex out is such a good game move, you have to give it to these people

    • Agreed. If Jason did not take the opportunity I would call him an idiot. What bothers me is the lying and making “fake” deals just to be malicious and mean. Lying in BB to further your game is par for the course–lying and making a deal just to hurt and humiliate is not.

      • I find myself almost wanting to defend lying and being mean to other people in the house…it is so easy for us to sit here in front of the TV and say they are bullies, mean, racist etc, but when you are in such a cutthroat game, you will do things that you would not do in the outside world…i’m not saying i’m going to like them for the stuff that they do…but until you go play the game yourself, you don’t know what’s it is like

      • I can relate to that as well. I know that lying is part of the game. What I am trying to say is WHY tell the girls they are going to vote out Justin?? There is no rhyme or reason behind that “Fake” deal. It was made just to be mean and I’ve just never seen that before on BB. I mean of course I have seen people make fake deals, but it is usually when they are in trouble and are trying to save themselves…but Jason is not in trouble right now, so why bring this deal up to them at all?
        Honestly, the only reason I can come up with logically is was done simply to be mean and humiliate the girls and THAT is what I don’t see as a good BB game move. It just says he is a liar that definitely can not be trusted. JMO, but I was a fan of Jason until recently…JS, his behavior is making me not so much a fan lately.

      • I agree. I think there is no point in making this deal to get rid of Justin because if Morgan goes up, then there will be no one left form that side anyway. Whitney won’t be voting with or for them since she is on Justin’s side. Even if Morgan doesn’t go up, then it will be her against the rest of the HGs.

      • I agree. Lying and backstabbing is part of the game. If they don’t do it, then they are just floating through.

  2. This POV meeting should be exciting guys!! I will finally be able to watch it LIVE for the first time in almost a month!! YAY! I think making this fake deal with the BS girls is going to come back and bite Jason & Danielle in the a$$ b/c it was unnecessary and lying here did not further their game. I can’t wait to see what happens when the BS girls realize Jason was lying. I expect a huge reaction and Jason deserves the backlash if you ask me!

  3. Jason is just giving Production something to work on. Some people find it mean, for some people it’s fun. If there are repercussions from Jason’s actions, that’s perfectly fine with me too. That’s how the story goes. Let them all crash and burn for all I care..Just a viewer. I don’t know these people. lol

    • Considering I know a lot of fans who are not happy with him for this move, I have a feeling there will be some bad repercussions for the Misfits this week. Probably starting with Whitney getting the eviction vote and Morgan getting the Veto CP tomorrow night.

      • Careful, Matt. My friend will claim you’re in league with production. Ha ha! She’s obsessed with this theory that they want to give Whitney the win. I don’t buy it, of course, but she won’t shut up about it.

        Anyway, keep up the good work. Still love this site!

      • Oh, I’m sure there are a lot of fans that are unhappy with Jason, and there are fans that don’t mind, because they know how Jason is.and enjoying his bs. He has huge following you know that. Combined that with ‘Misfits’ fans/ band of voters….Remember Scott?..Now Alex. Plastics will be annihilated. At least that’s how I feel. I’m with Matt. If I had to bet, Whitney might get the CP.

      • I’d have said that, too, but I’ve seen comments on FB from his own fans who weren’t thrilled with how he’s been treating NT since last night and want to find a way to show him they disapprove. If his fans turn against him this week, it could get interesting again.

      • lol That’s fine with me. You see, fans are reactionary. Morg/Shelby are the underdogs now….we’ll see what happens…oh some Misfit fans like Shelby though

    • It’s a game move blindside, it’s not torturous behavior. Now Jason/Danielle can tell Whitney the girls wanted to go after her next and make sure she stays with them. It’s just a game move.

      • Yeah, but it’s not one I approve of, not as a fan of this show and not as an educator. We teachers spend so much time teaching our kids not to do things like this, and these kinds of shows just take everything we’re teaching and throw it out the window. It’s so disheartening.

        What’s even the point, anyway? The Misfits have won! There’s no need to rub it in their faces like this. That’s just overkill and, from what I’ve seen, it’s damaging them on the outside.

  4. Whitney’s smirking annoys me. I really hope she doesn’t go far. Justin knows that Kryssie is with Jason so he needed someone to side with him. Nobody really likes Danielle.

  5. Jason, and his gang are bunch of low lifes, and the fact he has any fans is really kind of a sad thing.

  6. Could have been a good season, but it’s really gone down the toilet! I will watch to see what happens to Shelby, but after that i will cancel my feeds, and hope the next season is better!

  7. Jason lying and making fake deals for no apparent reason just shows his true character. I know lying is part of the game and h

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