‘Big Brother OTT’ Live Feeds Week 5: Wednesday Night Highlights

The Late Night Jamboree held on to the Big Brother Over the Top power this week when Danielle won Head of Household and while the other side of the house is nervous, they have a feeling America is on their side and don’t have as much to worry about as it should seem.

Morgan begs for America's help

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Big Brother OTT Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, October 26, 2016:

9:31 PM BBT – HoH comp is over. Danielle is the new HoH. HGs heading back inside.

9:37 PM BBT – PBS already asking America to nominate Kryssie.

9:38 PM BBT – Danielle and Jason talking about hearing production leak during the HOH competition. They think production was upset Whitney lost. Jason thanks production for making it obvious they favor the other side of the house.

9:39 PM BBT – Justin tells Kryssie he hopes America nominates Shelby.

9:42 PM BBT – Whitney is upset and crying because she almost won the HOH competition. She thinks that was hers to win and she couldn’t pull it off.

9:45 PM BBT – Danielle is wondering if Justin was the other vote against Neeley instead of America. She’s suspicious of him cheering for Whitney during the HOH competition.

9:50 PM BBT – Alex tries to cheer Whitney up by telling her at least she knows that production wanted her to win.

9:51 PM BBT – Scott is planning on being the target. He says they can expect some low blows from the other side this week.

10:03 PM BBT – Jason says Scott’s actions have made him rethink his own and he tells Shelby that if he’s ever crossed the line with her he’s sorry.

10:09 PM BBT – PBS talking about how they still have a lot to be hopeful for this week. They seem confident they can get the Care Package again this week and America will nominate someone they want to go home. Whitney says she thinks America will nominate Kryssie and she thinks it’s pretty obvious America is on their side. Morgan thanks America for doing them a solid by voting Neeley out.

10:14 PM BBT – Alex says Kryssie deserves to be a have-not this week because she quit during the veto competition.

10:22 PM BBT – Shelby said she hid after Neeley was evicted so she couldn’t hug her.

10:30 PM BBT – Whitney laughing and talking about production wanting her to win HOH. They tell her she is not allowed to talk about production.

10:40 PM BBT – PBS upset they have to stay up to go see Danielle’s HOH room. Scott wants to see if he has to actually go up. He says if he goes up to the HOH he’ll be the first to leave.

10:51 PM BBT – Shelby crying about being hated in the house and thinks she’d end up getting third place if she makes it to the end. She thinks she’d be dragged to the end because people think they could beat her. She feels stupid for getting out on the first HOH question.

11:08 PM BBT – Jason says America might nominate him or Kryssie. Justin tells them not to think that and just stay positive.

11:09 PM BBT – Justin thinks Neeley wearing her witch hat is what did her in this week.

11:20 PM BBT – Jason concludes Neeley may have been targeted and evicted by America for their petty comments. He worries they may have taken it too far.

12:00 AM BBT – Scott and Whitney discuss how it’s really America running and playing the game while they’re just told what to do like The Sims.

12:10 AM BBT – Alex recalls how they were told to avoid being like BB15’s cast.

12:25 AM BBT – HoH room time for Danielle. Everyone goes on up.

12:45 AM BBT – Danielle says if PBS starts pushing her to nom Scott then she’ll let them know she’s not doing that. Her plans are to nom Whitney and Morgan then maybe Backdoor Alex.

12:50 AM BBT – Shelby camtalks to explain she was crying tonight because she thinks she’ll be evicted the day before she finds out about her Bar exam results and she’ll lose it. That piled on with her frustrations of feeling like an idiot for being out in the first round.

12:55 AM BBT – Kryssie asks if everyone will take her down if they win Veto this week. Danielle assures Kryssie they would. Kryssie asks who Danielle wants to go this week and she says Alex. They agree that Whitney is a low priority for them.

1:00 AM BBT – Scott and Jason talk about how things have gotten petty and they don’t want it to be like that. They discuss the similarities of the house dynamics to BB6 and BB8. Jason lets Scott know he probably won’t be the target.

1:55 AM BBT – Scott, alone, says he’s disappointed he won’t be a target which means he may not play for Veto, his chance to do something to help Alex.

2:00 AM BBT – Alex and Morgan worry they could be going up and both think they are the target. Alex admits that Neeley going was good for her game, but not Morgan’s. Alex is getting worried about Scott talking about his devotion to her because it’s just going to make her a bigger target. Morgan notes Whitney is sitting pretty.

3:45 AM BBT – Jason and Scott are the last to call it a night and the house goes quiet.

Another power shift is good news for the Feedsters and our drama factor so we’ll have to keep watching to see where this goes. Danielle wants Alex targeted but America will have their chance to balance things out, if that’s what the majority chooses this week.

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  1. Shelby needs CP this week. She will be true to the girls and I’m afraid that Whitney would waver too much. Twitter and other sites have Shelby in the lead and we need to keep with same person.

    • Whitney would have a hard time with this CP. She just had a great week, being on the block, not going home and avoiding having to cast a vote against Neely. I do not think Whitney would want this CP. I think she would love the DE veto or Co-HOH (I would rather see Justin get co hoh , he would have fun with it).

  2. HOH this time around isn’t near as important as they are in the regular seasons. With America’s nominee..If we pick Kryssie this week, which is what I am doing, can’t stand her and she quits comps and just stands there for 30 minutes with her “torn up” hands…plus she bitches and moans and groans about everything…she needs to go up IMO…if the other side has the numbers like PBS do..then Kryssie is a goner! I am giving CP to Shelby this week..I am beginning to like her more each day.

    • well, Kryssie is a goner..unless she wins veto! Forgot that. But, I really don’t see that happening..her hands might still be hurting her.

      • Danielle could win and pull her off. Basically to be sure of getting what you want, you or your allies have to win both HoH and Veto this season. Makes it more about the competitions and less about the scheming, a little bit, which is too bad…

  3. I’m not really enjoying how much power America has in the game…it’s setting up a very obvious ending where one of the PBS wins the game.

    • Well think about it.
      Season 6 kinda did the same thing.
      Not so much third noms but there were the Sov 6 who were liked by America. What did America do?
      Vote Kaysar back in the house and give Janelle a call from home.

  4. Well, I’m voting for Shelby to get the Care Package this week. I think she’d be smart with it eliminating the other side and if Danielle puts up Whitney and Morgan as planned and say Kryssie does get pulled down I think Shelby would use the CP to take out Whitney in that scenario. If Jason, Justin, or Danielle get the CP it won’t matter what America does the rest of the week. I’m also planning to put Kryssie, Whitney, and Justin on HN’s this week as they are the only 3 people left that haven’t done it yet.

    • I agree. Voting Shelby ACP. I really think that if we can Kryssie gets out of the house there will be some major changes. Jason seems to be seeing what he looks like and has reached out to the other side. Even Danielle has shown signs of wising up. Alex didn’t even want to work with Morgan, was kind of forced into it. We may be getting a new mix with the best players really playing.

  5. I want the house balanced out again, which makes for a more exciting game. I agree to put Krissie, Whitney, and Justin up for HNs, but I would love to see Danielle win ACP and Scott or Shelby as America’s nom.

    • I would love to see America join the late night Jamboree side for once and not sabotage the HOH time in power

      • America was for the late night Jamboree in the beginning, remember? Then we heard those awful comments and saw those giant egos and switched sides. But I’m ready for a ball smasher to go home now.

      • America was on their side the first two weeks. Do you not remember Cornbread went home on Montes HOH and Monte went home on Alex’s HOH. America turned against them when they showed their true colors and how disgusting they were.

      • I don’t know I’m kind of at the at the feeling of we had our fun and we’re not winning a prize so let’s just back off and let them play their game but I know that’s not going to happen either oh well

      • I think because of Jason and Krissie saying such nasty things that’s why America is on the girls side. If Krissie and Jason go then I think things will change and it might not be so divided.

  6. Hmmm…I’ve liked the PBS better overall so far, but it looks like Neely’s eviction has given at least Jason the slap on the wrist he needed. We’ll see if Kryssie gets more tolerable…Anyways, personally I think I’d like to see one of the Ballsmashers to go this week, just to keep things interesting avoid the steamroll effect. Alex leaving would create the most interesting change in power dynamics, I think, since she’s the de facto leader, but Morgan would be my preference.

    Also, I’m glad that Danielle doesn’t want to nom Scott, not because I’m particularly attached to Scott, but because it shows she’s playing with her head, delivering some of the game play she’s been promising us. Ignoring the obvious meatshield and going for the core of the alliance, plus Scott could be America’s nom (as far as Danielle knows) plus he’s probably not a threat to winning in the end. The only problem with her plan is that, if she wants Alex out, she’s probably better off putting her up directly rather than hoping for a backdoor; she should take the approach that America is against her side of the house and assume that Kryssie is going up, just to be prepared for her worst case scenario, in which case any veto win from her side will go towards taking Kryssie off the block. Though on the other hand, Alex would be fairly likely to win veto, so maybe she just wants to go for the safer play.

  7. I think one of the reasons Krissy is having such a hard time is because production and America is playing this game every time Christie side of the house gets power America takes over. Production has even shown that they are on the other side. I don’t think it’s been a fair game. I sit back and scream at the TV it just irritates me.

    • Really. Because when Monte was HOH Cornbread went home. When ALex was HOH Monte went home. And now Krissies HOH sent Neely packing. So actually, America hurt the Ballsmashers game more than the LNJ.

      • Agree, people don’t seem to remember up until Shane went home the BS didn’t really have anything go their way.

      • America was on Jason’s side at the beginning, but now they have turned on him because of the obnoxious females on his side.

      • I don’t think what he says is keeping him from being in the top at the polls, it is mostly those women he aligned himself with. He is still very high in the polls, just not number 1. Jason is still entertaining, but is not playing a very good game. He needs to do what Justin is doing and try to play both sides rather than constantly insulting the girls.

  8. Waiting for the RIGGED! comments also; it should be fun to see what backwards logic those people have to resort to to twist direct evidence that production has favorites, but does not make comps go in their favor, into the season being stacked against whoever the RIGGED! people are rooting for.

  9. 1. Okay people don’t need to beg for America to do their bidding.
    2. I’m glad to see Jason is finally starting to realize he went too far. Wake up dude, you’re in the BB house. Remember what gossip did to you last time?
    3. People need to stop being so freaking cocky. They do realize we have the power for the third nom.
    4. Shelby and Whitney need to chill out and start playing like stronger people.
    5. Like Alex or not, she’s playing a pretty good game.
    6. LNJ needs to stop being petty. Hopefully Neely’s eviction proves that.

  10. Hahaha… Justin couldn’t stand Neely wearing that witch hat so of course he thinks that’s what did her in with America ??

  11. I will actually laugh if Danielle does nominate two pawns, Kryssie is America’s nominee, someone from the Misfits wins the Veto and pulls Kryssie off the block… only then for them to realize that they CAN’T BD ALEX because no one replaces America’s Nominee!

  12. No matter who Danielle is hoping to nominate, if one of the girls wins the CP, they will keep 3 of their alliance members from getting nominated.
    Shelby wins ACP and keeps Alex, Morgan and Whitney safe. Unfortunately she won’t be safe and thank goodness Scott won’t either. America will choose Kryssie.
    Jason, and Justin are the only ones voting to keep her, so she will go. I hope that Jason or Justin win the CP to keep one of them from leaving this week.

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