‘Big Brother OTT’ Live Feeds Week 3: Wednesday Night Highlights

Week 3 in the Big Brother Over The Top house is officially under way. Scott is the new Head of Household and he’s got his targets in sight already, but his side of the house is already stressing America’s votes and how they’re simply outnumbered.

Scott Dennis is passed out on BBOTT

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Big Brother OTT Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, October 12, 2016:

9:43 PM BBT – Scott wins HOH and the outside lockdown is over.

9:45 PM BBT – Jason reminds Scott that means he’s no longer a Have-Not (Morgan is the only one left).

9:49 PM BBT – Danielle is upset at the HOH outcome.

9:54 PM BBT – Kryssie is already sweating. She says she knows she’s going up or will get backdoor. Justin is trying to calm her down a little. Jason tells Kryssie that neither HOH has gotten their target out yet so she shouldn’t worry. She thinks America must be mad that Scott won HOH.

9:57 PM BBT – Danielle, Kryssie and Jason are all already asking America for help again this week.

10:05 PM BBT – The Plastics and Scott want Shane to feel the pressure this week.

10:12 PM BBT – Shelby and Alex talk about how important it was for Scott to win HOH. Alex says she knows she was going to be the other side’s target this week. They say if one of them is America’s nominees they just don’t have the numbers to stay safe. Alex says that might be how it plays out every week now.

10:18 PM BBT -Morgan is breaking under the pressure of slop. She’s hungry and she’s upset over Monte. She thinks that he was misunderstood. Talk turns to Scott’s nominees. Alex says he told her he’s not targeting Kryssie.

10:29 PM BBT – Justin checked in with Scott and Scott told him he’s safe this week.

10:40 PM BBT – Scott tells Justin he wants to talk to him later about how Scott can get back in with everyone. Justin says he hasn’t treated Scott any differently. Scott agrees and again tells Justin that he’s safe this week.

10:45 PM BBT – House is divided as usual. Each group making small talk. Plastics talk turns to one of them going up as America’s nominee. Morgan says they either win the veto or they go home. They know they’re outnumbered if America keeps siding with the other side.

10:50 PM BBT – The Plastics have decided to call themselves The Ball Smashers.

11:00 PM BBT – Plastic Ball Smashers are hoping Scott will put up Shane.

11:05 PM BBT – Scott confirms he’s planning to redo the same nominations Alex had last week with Danielle and Shane going up.

12:20 AM BBT – Danielle jokes that Scott nearly lost his virginity when Alex jumped on him after his HoH win.

12:25 AM BBT – Justin and Jason discuss how if America gives them a nominee from the Plastic Ball Smashers side then that HG could be going out the door instead of any of them. They agree if something comes up where they have to pick someone on their side to lose they want it to be Shane.

12:40 AM BBT – Kryssie and Danielle each worry that this will be their week to go.

12:50 AM BBT – Shane hopes Scott will target Alex but doesn’t think he’ll really do that.

1:05 AM BBT – Scott’s HoH room is opened up to share.

1:25 AM BBT – Shane goes to talk with Scott. Shane proposes that if Scott keeps him and Danielle off the Block then they’ll do what he wants with the Veto.

1:35 AM BBT – Shane promises Scott he isn’t going to target him especially with so few guys left in the game.

1:45 AM BBT – Shane leaves and Scott comments that Shane is going home next.

2:00 AM BBT – Scott checks in on the Plastic Ball Smashers and they discuss Justin’s position in the game. They think he may be more flexible in his alliances to get further in the game.

2:30 AM BBT – Justin talks with Scott and Scott promises him safety this week.

3:10 AM BBT – Scott camtalks his plans saying he’ll put up Shane and Danielle since they’re both playing against him. Scott wants to make a deal for himself and Alex with Kryssie and Neeley.

3:30 AM BBT – Scott is passed out in his HoH robe on top of the bed covers in the HoH room. Downstairs Danielle and Shane are doing their thing. Most everyone else appears to be asleep.

Well that was bad luck for the Misfits who can’t seem to win an HoH competition to save their BB lives despite multiple Veto wins. Looks like that could be the ticket for them again this week plus whatever America decides to do with their votes. We’ll soon find out.

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  1. It has to be all misfits sitting on the block. This is just not right that America is taking out the HOH’s team. I agree that Scott’s best move is to keep going after the showmance.

  2. Grr wanted to put Scott back on slop this week. Not a fan of his at all. I will be voting to help the other side of the house.

    • Most of my favorite players are on the other side of the house but I don’t want it to get too lopsided. Not sure who to vote to nominate yet. I do like Alex and she is currently the biggest target on her side. And don’t we have to wait a week between slop Weeks? I am voting to give Scott the care package as it can’t really help him, then he is out of the running.

      • Good point about the care package. I didn’t think that but think I will do the same :) Are there no have nots this week? I have a feeling America will keep putting the same people on slop. I think having America choose will be awful for those that get stuck on slop because the only way out of it will be to win hoh. I’m for sure on the other side of the house so this may be a tough week if America doesn’t help out.

      • I didn’t know this rule. Guess it makes sense because the same people would always be on slop. Ok next week he gets my vote.

      • Yup and this week I wouldn’t mind seeing Danielle, Alex and Jason on slop. Danielle won’t get to cuddle with Shane at night as she’d like to, Alex won’t get to sleep near Whitney, Shelby or Morgan and Jason, just because he knows what to expect while on slop! LOL

      • I can’t put Jason on slop just because I think he is at such a disadvantage being the only vet back in the house. I would like to see Shelby on slop because I think she is vile. That normal side of the couch thing was really trashy of her. I would like to put Danielle in there also just to take her away from Shane I think that will stir things up and Whitney just because she seems like it would really aggravate her.

      • IMO, that couch comment was misunderstood by Jason. Shelby was referring to not wanting to sit on the nomination couch. “Normal couch” being one of the other two long couches.

      • I’m not sure because it seemed to me she wanted to sit by that side of the house. She didn’t even say anything about the nomination couch when Jason confronted her about it.

      • On the recap they didn’t show it, but on the feeds she did explain to Jason what she meant by it. I’m not trying to defend Shelby 100% here, she’s made plenty of negative comments about the Jamboree. But this one was misunderstood.

        It did result in a pretty damn funny exchange between them though!

      • I missed the part on the feed and just saw the part on the recap last night. That exchange was great to watch though. He blew up huge!!

      • He would have been easily voted out week one if he didn’t win the veto. The only thing America kind of did for him was giving Krissie the care package last week. You may be able to say siding with his side of the house but I think that is more because of the actions of others then Jason.

      • at this point I think Jason being a vet is a huge advantage . He’s got tons of fans backing up his every need.

      • I’m giving Scott the next care package. Can you imagine him having to remove one or maybe even both of his noms from the block? Fuuuunnnnny! :-)

      • I thought it only gave him the chance to choose the type of veto being played, not the veto itself. Did I misunderstand? Also, if you are the veto winner, you’d still have the option not to use it, correct?

      • It gives him the power to choose which veto. Whoever wins it can use it or not. It will benefit anyone that’s on the block who wins it. It will benefit the HoH if he or one of his allies wins it and decides not to use it.

      • I think that is a good idea. Forgot about Shelby since she toned it down from a few days ago. Replace Alex with Shelby then…LOL I like Jason but was wanting to perturb Alex by putting him up close and personal with him in the HN room since she said she doesn’t want to work with his group at all. But putting Shelby there now would work even better. Neither can stand the other! hahahahaha Okay, I’ll do that instead. We can get Whitney next week. She’s too sweet to do that to her unlike Alex, Danielle and Shelby! LOLOL

      • I think Shelby would flip on Slop. I think putting her in the room with Danielle could be good to. You know those two will get on each others nerves. They went crazy at the Veto :) I could go with those three!!

    • I’m thinking Shane and Alex. Having trouble with a 3rd person. I’ll have to watch the feeds to see who makes a fool of themselves.

      • Oh please put Danielle, Shelby and Jason on slop. They will kill each other for sure and give us some good feeds! It will also separate Danielle from Shane at night and get Jason and Shelby really upset with one another with no escape! LOLOL

      • I’ll definitely put Shelby on that side. I’m gonna look at the Polls before I decide the other two HG.

    • why would he want to get another guy out. I can’t believe that he seriously thinks that those girls are going to keep him around forever. Even his beloved Alex will probably not keep ;him forever

      • I agree he calls himself a super fan yet they have already lost 2 guys. Pretty soon the girls will just pick them off one by one. Going to be a hard week with him in the HOH.

  3. I finally saw the Justin shower incident and Monte racist comment. In my opinion Monte greatly exaggerated the shower stuff. Justin undressed completely and got in the shower, period.
    The stolen clothes comment was racist. Some people say racist stuff and aren’t aware it’s taken that way. So Monte’s statement was racist, but he may not be a racist (I think he is). In this case he should’ve just apologized and say he didn’t think about from that point of view.

    • Did he actually bring up race? Did he say “you people?” If not…if he merely accused another person in the house of stealing….there doesn’t appear to be anything racist about it!

      • None of that was racist, but he did say a racist thing about Danielle being 1/2 black. Can’t remember exactly what, but that was said under his breath that he wasn’t called out on.

      • He said Danielle could play both sides of the house because she is 1/2 black and 1/2 white, That is racist to me. He is implying that unless you are white you couldn’t be part of his group. Seems like a classic racist comment.

      • He has so many opportunity to clean up his act in DR, instead he said, he has good character, he’s smart, and he was good looking…that guy lives in a bubble. lol

      • Thank you for clarifying. Yes, that was a very racist thing for him to say. Hated him saying that too.

      • You are most welcome Joni. I would never want to label someone incorrectly and I was very hesitant to say he was a racist until I heard the comment for myself and the context it was said in. :)

      • Monte also said to Justin you Bayou something. Don’t remember what and according to what I read he said that Mexican men get women drunk to assault them. I saw him talking to Morgan and I think Shelby and was saying something about Danielle, but stopped himself.
        A lot of Monte’s ‘racist” comments were done subtly and many times being aware that the camera was on him 24/7 so he constantly retracted what he was saying.

      • I saw that, I think last night in the recap. He called him a low life bayou scumbag or something to that affect. I don’t remember the Mexican remark but WOW, that is truly awful. If that doesn’t tell you that Montoid is indeed a racist then people need to wake up!

      • I love when people who never have to experience racism try to explain what isn’t racist to POC. You don’t need to hold a burning cross or a noose to be racist. People have learned to be subtle about it. You also don’t have to be racist to say something that’s taken as racism. They just don’t know what they said is offensive. That could be Monte, he didn’t realize and got all defensive about it.

      • I hear ya. A lot of the things he said was offensive. I’ve had to experience bullies and the two can be somewhat interwoven as doing the same amount of harm, although they are two separate kinds of offenses. A lot of my family are bigots and racists and I’m so glad I live 3 states away from them all and haven’t had to put up with it on a regular basis for the past 20 years.

      • Yeah, it doesn’t work like that anymore. It was very obvious Monte was working a racial stereotype with that comment.

      • Exactly what logical reason would he have to think Justin sold the cloths? I thought Monte’s reasoning for making the comment was weak because he said he would do anything…

      • You’ve heard a black guy driving a Porche, and was stopped by a cop, and some people would say..”he must me a drug dealer?” ..what do you think of that? lol

    • I agree about the shower incident. He covered up and all they saw was his butt. Monte blew it way out of proportion. I’m sure they see just about everything on each other at some point with how they are living and that bathroom situation.

      • Exactly!! And people are so offended by this, but yet every year we see other HG’s running naked through the house, where was all the indignity when that happened. If someone can’t handle a quick flash of the azz then they need to go back to watching Captain Kangaroo.

      • He very clearly covers himself. So she saw a piece of butt oh no… I really think he was just getting in the shower. It isn’t like he stood there and didn’t cover up. People know the bathroom situation when they go on the show so they have to know that they are probably going to be seen and see others.

      • Ya I watched this on the live feeds (Thanks to this awesome site for all the great coverage) and that wasn’t the case. A dirty game move by Monte if you ask me. He had something against Justin.

      • Absolutely!! He would repeatedly say over and over how much he hated Justin. He was a dolt and needed to go. See ya Montoid!

    • It was so stupid and banal. Nothing happened other than Justin dropping his drawers and getting in the shower. End of story, but Monte had to drag that sh*t out over and over and then Shelby jumped on the train and starting crying over it. SHE wasn’t even there when it happened!!

    • He even said more racist things than that! Kryssi was trying to help Monte see how it can affect a person, but Monte didn’t want to listen, so I guess he will never change.

  4. Sorry Morgan, I like you and all but Monte wasn’t misunderstood, I understood perfectly what he was saying at all times and hated everything that came out of his mouth. So glad motor mouth is finally out of the house! It will be interesting to see if the dynamic changes, I certainly hope it does. Monte won’t be there to endlessly bring up the “shower” incident, which btw wasn’t anything other than Justin getting in the shower. Monte needs to take the pearl clutching act somewhere else.

  5. I have to admit I like Scott, have so from the very beginning. I bet the LNJ wishes they hadn’t been so hard on him now and realize they should have never shunned him. Not good game play on their part. I just wish Scott had a better group of players to team up with. I like the sisters but Shelby and Wheet-nee are a no go for me. Congrats Scott, you deserved the win after sitting in the sand and everyone ignoring you!

  6. Monte’s gone already. Time for the Monte bashers to move on . I’m wasn’t a big Monte fan but now that’s an old discussion.

  7. I love to comment on this board, gives us the freedom to discuss whatever subject of BB we like, be that Montoid or anyone else for that matter.

  8. Plastic Ball Smashers.
    Scott needs to nominate the same people so Danielle can go home. Scott wants Shane gone and probably end up trying to get rid of all the guys so he can be alone with the girls. Isn’t that similar to what happened last season.

    • He really doesn’t want Shane to go, just Danielle to break the showmance up. There’s no distrust between him and Shane and Shane will see it as a game move without any strings attached unlike he had with Monte.

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