Now that we’re about a month into Big Brother 11 that means a lot of you are coming up on the first month cycle with your Big Brother live feeds SuperPass subscription and I bet there’s a good chance you might be missing out on one of its great benefits: $10 in free Mp3’s each monthly cycle of your subscription.

I try and mention it all the time because I know I overlooked this live feeds bonus for way too long, but each month of your Big Brother feeds subscription you are entitled to a $10 credit towards RealNetworks’ Mp3 store. You can use it to buy individual tracks at a dollar each or get an entire album for your $10 credit. There’s no DRM and you can download the files as a .zip to use anywhere.

So if you already have your live feeds subscription then log into Superpass, go to the Music tab, and click the big gold button that says “Get Your Mp3 Downloads!”

If you haven’t signed on to the Big Brother live feeds then what are you waiting for? With $10 in free Mp3’s each month the cost of the feeds drops to just a few dollars each month. That’s 24/7 entertainment for an entire month for just a couple of bucks. Yeah, it’s a sweet deal. Join the rest of us and sign-up now!

Now if they could only spell ‘available’ correctly in their ad above…


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