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Big Brother 19’s Jessica & Cody Set For The Amazing Race

Big Brother 19 showmance couple Jessica Graf and AFP Cody Nickson are ready for their next adventure on CBS with The Amazing Race starting this January. Well, actually their adventure is already over, but TAR’s season starts January 3rd for fans to follow their journey around the globe.

Cody and Jessica took off on their Amazing Race season back at the start of October, just a few days after the end of Big Brother, so now we’ll get to catch up and see how it all turned out.

In their preseason interview, watch it below, Jessica describes how her and Cody are used to being up against the world so they’re ready for this next challenge. Well that was certainly the case a lot in BB19, but they also managed to do it to themselves (see: Josh’s HoH week). This is a totally different kind of game though so that approach might work better here.

Gallery: Jessica & Cody take off on The Amazing Race

Jessica also says she hopes to harness Cody’s determination and help him keep it tethered to advance their game instead of just running in to walls, as Cody puts it. I imagine that probably is going to serve them well.

If you’re ready to watch the showmance continue to their adventures in another CBS series then settle in Wednesday nights at 8/7c to see what happens next. The show follows teams traveling around the world and competing in challenges at each destination. The teams who fall behind will be eliminated so they’ll have to keep their pace up if they want a shot at the million dollar prize. And what would they do if “Jody” won the big money? Babies. Lots of babies, reveals Jessica as Cody groans.

What do you think of the couple’s chances? Do you plan on watching this next season just because of them? Share your reactions!

Interview: Jessica & Cody TAR Preseason

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  • The most despicable person in BB history. Guess that's one way of freeing up watching one more show this next year. Thanks for saving me that wasted time, Amazing Race.

    The POS nearly single-handedly destroyed the series. Not even hyperbole.

    And no clue what the AFP is meant before Cody's name, unless he really is involved with a French news agency.

  • They played an absolutely horrendous Big Brother game. Why in the heck would I watch them on The Amazing Race?

    I mean what is she going to do, go around the world poking people's butts?

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    • Jody will win this race all u haters can suck it you just jealous of jody u wish u could be them

  • Cody is the biggest hypocrite in the world. He said showmances were stupid, and he would never be caught dead in a showmance. If theres one thing I hate, its a hypocrite.

  • I would rather have all my teeth pulled out, one by one, without any novocaine, than watch these 2 on anything, ever.

    • U just so jealous of jody u wish u could be jody u wish could look like jody all ur are fat,cows

  • No, sorry I usually watch TAR but not this time. It say the couple are champions but Cody and Jessica did NOT win BB so why are they on this show with real champions? Yes, Cody won Fan Favorite but that’s not winning BB! Cody’s actions on BB shouldn’t be rewarded, he should get help as he displays classic signs of PTSD. Thank you for your service Cody and go get some warranted help. Too bad, I really liked watching TAR as it is a good show, but this season, I won’t be there.

  • I'm so sad to see all the negative comments about Jessica & Cody, I actually liked them on BB (I know, I'm pretty much alone on that) and I am enjoying them on TAR. TAR is fantastic this year and I'm pretty sure it's the first time ever that I'm liking all the teams. For those of you that are not watching TAR because of your total dislike for Jessica & Cody you are missing a great season of TAR.

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