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‘Big Brother 19’ Winner Josh Martinez On ‘The Talk’ [VIDEO]

Josh Martinez, the winner of Big Brother 19, appeared on The Talk yesterday to chat with Julie Chen and her co-hosts about his experience on Big Brother, his Final 2 decision, what was he thinking with those pots and pans, and more.

First off, the biggest question: What is he going to do with the money? Josh has plans and he wants to be responsible. “A financial advisor first… and just give back to my family,” says Josh.

After Josh won Round 3 on finale night he had a big choice, evict Paul or Christmas. He went with Christmas and sent most of our heads shaking. Why didn’t he take Christmas?

Josh reminded the panel that about a week ago he asked Christmas if she’d take him to F2 and “she told me, I can’t promise you that. She told me, I think it’s best for your game if you take Paul.” Josh took that as confirmation that she wasn’t going to take him to the end herself. From there Josh says he knew Jury would be bitter, “I was working Jury with my goodbye messages so I knew I would have a shot.” He certainly did work on them with those messages.

When asked about Christmas voting for Paul, “yeah, I was surprised. She was my vote. I confided in her with everything and she knew what a big fan I was of this show so I was expecting that vote. I was shocked, but at the end of the day, I love both of them (Paul and Christmas) and they’re going to be great friends after.

I don’t know how Josh was shocked. This seemed obvious considering Christmas was draping herself over Paul for the past week. It seemed like a guaranteed vote for Paul over Josh and it was. Luckily for Josh, he didn’t need that vote.

Gallery: Josh Martinez on The Talk

Josh says it’s an honor to be the first Latino to win Big Brother. He explains it’s been a dream of his to be on Big Brother since he was 14 years old. “I actually told my mom, I’m going to be the first Cuban and the first Latino to win Big Brother and it happened!” exclaims Josh.

As for the hurricane that hit Miami, Josh says his family was okay and now he wants to use this platform (winning Big Brother) to help those in need and plans to go back home to assist.

Looking at Josh’s signature move with the pots and pans, Josh tells Julie that he really does do that at home, but there it’s a celebration. Yep, Josh says he bangs pots and pans to celebrate birthdays. Have mercy. Going along with that, his “meatball!” line was in lieu of calling someone a loser. Josh says that as an athlete he would talk a lot of smack, and that’s all he meant by this as well.

Julie and company presents Josh with a parting gift, a personalized set of frying pans for him to bang together, presumably far far away from the set. You can watch the entire segment in the video clip below.

Josh Martinez talks winning Big Brother on The Talk:

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  • Josh had strategy- is just was not very inspiring- he used Paul to get to the final and blew up Paul's game behind his back...

    • When talking to the jury that's the time to be honest, but Paul continued to lie. Did you see their faces as he answered the questions and gave his final speech? At that point he's insulting their intelligence (yes, I know, a lot of people say most of them barely had any to begin with, but try telling the jurors they're not very smart and see if they agree with you). I'm not a fan of too much jury butt-kissing but Paul apparently thought they were still in the house with some of the things he said. Up to and including, when mentioning that he was never on the block, he followed that by saying "And that wasn't by luck"...maybe it was mostly not by luck, because all of the other weeks besides the first he didn't seem to be in any real danger, but he's apparently going to ignore that first week all the way to the grave. You know, the one where a fan-voted-awarded power saved him as HoH Cody spoke the name 'Paul' at the Veto ceremony. Considering Paul didn't win a competition to gain that power, and he had no control over America voting for him to receive it, there was still no luck involved there?

      I honestly believe if he said "Other than the first week, a bit of luck there thanks to the power I received" he might've scored a brownie point with Cody, because Cody reacted when he heard Paul say "And that wasn't by luck", and as we all know, Cody voted against Paul. Granted we now know there was some kind of jury pact, so I'm not trying to tell you this absolutely would've gained Cody's vote. But nobody by the same measure can say Cody absolutely wouldn't have voted Paul, because it's pretty clear Cody doesn't care if the other jurors get mad at him for breaking some pact they made. Bottom line you have to do everything you can with your final words to try to sway their vote, and Paul did very little in that regard. So little that the jury didn't even care that Josh botched parts of his speech and got redundant on a few notes.

        • ....yes...correct....it is my opinion... and these boards are meant for debate, where at least I can take the time to thoughtfully articulate my responses and debate civilly. Thanks for your short, insight-free response. Similar to your first comment that I replied to.

      • No! The jury was bitter at Paul and that why they voted against him. He play the best game! The vote was on emotions and not game play. The jury looked stupid they followed Paul by their vote.

        • Let me ask you this... How can you take a season that was based on creating an environment that instigated personal attacks, isolation and degradation of other HG, and then not expect those same HG to vote personally in jury?? JS.

          • TY davjones. I can't understand how people cannot seem to fathom that jury management is important. Will knew it. ED knew it, which is why he developed relationships, despite his "hell week"! and every other winner in BB history has realized this, and yet, Paul has not.

        • Okay, I will give you a legitimate question. Explain Kevin. How did Kevin's isolation, degradation and personal trials and tribulations (which Paul started & kept up for a month) help Paul's game in any way, shape or form? If you can give me an answer to that (BTW Paul himself could not) I would love to hear it!

      • Lol. Paul's fans are counter bitter to the bitterness of the jury's which is not productive at this point. So, any BB fan including Paul's fan who wish to play the game in the future should pay considerable attention to productive bitterness.
        You may wish to meet Josh for advice, or contact Cody, if you like.

          • I will make this simple. Sometimes, it's not all about how well you play the game, but how you finish it. A bad attitude, does not always pay in the end.

          • I agree! He played a masterful game, outplayed and was ahead of others in the game. If the jury was a composition of people who didn't play with him this season, then I will question any reason as to why he wasn't awarded the winner for any unbiased judgment. But with supposedly direct opponents as jurors in a sly game, then a deserved winner calls for a different debate as the jury in such circumstance is a twist that shouldn't be ignored in the course of the game.
            A direct indication result of this twist is that a hated player or at least a player that was not liked but managed through the twist (the jury) won the game.
            Paul was unlucky with the votes though, one can't take away the fact that he really tried.

          • I just hate when there is a bunch of followers. They all lied. They all regret saying stupid things. Some on the jury back stabbed then are bitter when it happens to them. It is the name of the game.

  • I have been reading on this site for 3 years, but my first year interacting. I have really enjoyed myself. And look foward to coming back next year. It really makes a diff getting some insite on the houseguest. And sharing all our diff views. I started watching BB, about 6 years ago. I stumbled across this show on Showtime. Yes,...one sleepless night I tuned in on BBAD. I've been hooked every since. I don't get the live feeds, so this is a great site. I learned early on, theres more to this show, then what CBS day time viewers watch. With this being said, I just discovered, I can watch all the episodes I missed. Soooo excited, this will keep me busy until Survivor. 🙄

    • Yes. Madeline, you can either get all seasons on youtube (kind of a pain b/c you have to keep loading them) or you can get all access on CBS and find uninterrupted seasons of BB there. Either way, if you have only seen seasons 13 or so till now, you should definitely watch earlier seasons, they are amazing! Much better than the last four years or so.

  • Season is over, but I'm still a BB fan. Good and bad. I have been watching from day 1. There was one point in the jury Q&A where I think Paulie was the biggest hypocrite. They showed Josh's goodbye messages, and Paul called him a coward......but in almost all his goodbye messages, he constantly threw names out to the people going to Jury telling them he tried to save them, but (insert any name) wanted them gone. LOL. He did exactly what Josh did, but I've heard almost no mention of that.

    • Paul is now trying to spin it as: I did try to help them as much as I could, take them as far in the game as I could, but to think that I would sacrifice my own game for theirs is crazy. I never said I'd do that. But yeah, I did try my best, I wish I could have taken them all to the end.

      The way he phrased it in the goodbye messages was, I tried to save you this week but I couldn't, sorry. Totally different from what he's saying now in post show interviews. He still refuses to see where he went wrong.

      • "He still refuses to see where he went wrong." That's because, in his mind, he does NO WRONG. He is, as they say, "a legend -- a BB legend -- in his own mind"!!


        • He is. And that is why Paul should never come back to BB. He will continue to make the same mistakes over & over again b/c he refuses to examine his game & see where he went wrong (twice!).

    • I think with the first jury question he was asked, Paul knew things were not going to go well and that is why he started making faces when Josh spoke and made the cowardly remark. Sour grapes on Paul's part for Josh, who was supposed to be easy to beat, for making a smart game move and check mating him.

      • Tr8p, can I just say another brilliant part of Josh's speech included when he said "his dad used to tell him to allow his partners to *think* they were in control, even when they weren't". My mouth literally dropped when he said that and, if you noticed, Paul shot Josh some serious side-eye when he said that. It set up Josh's whole point that he was on to Paul's game and he just played along b/c he knew hitching himself to Paul would get him far, but he knew there would be a time when he'd have to rise up, make his own moves & spill the beans... Compared to Paul's BS #friendship= "I took you all as far as I could" speech, Josh's was by far more inspiring. I can see why he won.

        • Yup, I said earlier on that Josh was smarter than people gave him credit for but he surprised me how well he did in his answers and speech. Did you notice that Paul could still not admit his game play in the interviews?

          • Yes. He is in total denial, but I think what shocked me the most was the fact that he has never watched BB18!! If it was me & I had lost..you can bet your bottom dollar I would want to examine myself & my game to see where I went wrong. BUT...then again... I'm not Paul, who thinks he does NO wrong! ;) hahaha

          • Not only did he not watch BB18 after he lost BY ONE VOTE but he didn't watch before he went back for another season. At that point, again, you'd think he'd want to watch for insight into why he lost to Nicole to plan his strategy for this season. I still believe that he lost last year in the Q&A section, certainly Da' didn't like his answers. But narcisstic describes him for sure

  • I bet his family was glad to great rid of his immature self for 3 months but happy to have him back with $500,00.

  • I feel like 500k is a waste to get a financil advisor, why not just be wise and manage the money yourself and ask your sister and mom help ? If it was like 5 million and above I would understand.

    • Everyone should use a financial advisor especially when coming into a large sum of money. Tax issues (federal, California, and Florida), investment issues, if he is giving some away there are gift taxes to take into account, and that is just the beginning. Even financial planners use other experts to help them manage money as they know how complicated it can get. Most people don't understand how to properly handle money in general let alone a 23 year old with $500k in California game show winnings that are being brought into another state. I am happy to see he made the smart choice to get a financial planner involved.

    • $500k, or less with taxes is a lot of money for a 23 year old to handle. His mother and sister would not be in a position to offer sound advice to invest the money. He can set himself up nicely for the future with that kind of $ to supplement his regular income. Anyone who thinks they can invest and manage that kind of money, on their own, without a financial background is very foolish indeed.

      • Absolutely. Everyone should use a financial planner. I have a financial background. Went to school for it and have worked in it for a while now. Even worked in wealth management for a short time. I would never invest the money on my own. I use a financial planner. There is so much that you need to know to handle money properly and can get into a lot of problems if you don't. Unless you work in financial planning and really know what you are doing you shouldn't even consider handling that kind of money by yourself. Also, don't get your family and their likely incorrect advise involved. Ask an expert.

        • Yup, I was able to retire early and I attribute it to working with a financial planner. Never would have happened without his advice and working with him . Actually reached my retirement goal 2 years earlier than I originally thought.

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