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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night & Who Won HoH Round 1?

Big Brother 19 was ready to roll last night with its second straight eviction night with the Final Four set to lose another member following Alex Ow’s eviction in Wednesday’s episode. Now with Paul Abrahamian as the HoH with a secured spot in the F3 the other three HGs would be competing for the same privilege.

By the end of the episode we discovered our F3 for BB19 as the HGs prepare for Thursday’s Round 1 of the Final HoH. But first, let’s get to the night’s results for the nominations, Veto comp, ceremony, and eviction vote.

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 11.5 Nominations:

  • Paul nominates: Josh & Kevin

Nominations are set, but the real power to control the sole vote this week comes with the Veto medallion.

Before the Veto Comp it’s time to take a trip to the Jury house. Cody is still Cody and doesn’t like anything and refuses to participate in basic discussions. Matthew gets a cold welcome. Jurors are shocked by Jason’s naivety. Jason is still blaming Alex for his eviction, but Julie says Raven will cure him of that thought.

Gallery: Big Brother 19 Jury House

Raven shows up and starts telling all the Jurors that she was the season’s puppet master. They’re laughing to her face. She goes on that she and Matthew had the one true alliance with Paul. They laugh even more at her. Yeah, such a good alliance that they’re both in Jury? Gotcha.

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 11.5 Veto Comp:

The competition is a time machine theme and HGs have to set the right day of events using wheels to turn the Big Brother Day counter. Last in each round loses a point. After losing 3 points the HG is eliminated.

  • Round 1: Christmas was last
  • Round 2: Kevin was last
  • Round 3: Kevin was last
  • Round 4: Kevin was last & eliminated
  • Round 5: Christmas was last
  • Round 6: Christmas was last & eliminated
  • Round 7: Josh is last
  • Round 8: Josh is last
  • Round 9: Josh is last & eliminated

Paul wins the final Power of Veto of the season.

The earlier events were all held during the Feeds blackout over the past few days but now we’re up to the live portion of tonight’s eviction show. Time to see who is heading off to Jury next.

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 11.5 Veto Ceremony:

  • Paul did not use the Veto.
  • Final noms stay as Josh & Kevin

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 11.5 Eviction:

  • Christmas votes to evict: Kevin

Out on stage Kevin tells Julie that Paul was his closest ally, but he’s not upset that Paul didn’t use the Veto to save him. In Paul’s goodbye message he tells Kevin that if he’s seeing this then Christmas went rogue (not true). In Josh’s g’bye message he blows up Paul’s lie by telling Kevin they had a F3 alliance and Kevin was all their targets. Oops!

Big Brother 19 Final 3:

Big Brother 19 Final HoH – Round 1:

Big Brother is almost over for the season but we’ve still got two more episodes with Friday at 8/7c and then the season finale on Wednesday (Sept 20th) at 8/7c for the two-hour event. Keep in mind there will be no Sunday episode this weekend due to the Emmy Awards so we’ll probably be getting the memory lane episode on Friday instead. Wonderful.

What do you think of tonight’s BB19 results? Was the right Houseguest evicted from the F4? Who do you think is going to end up winning it all?

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  • Clarifying, a psychopath named metgala posted that I said:

    "Janice posted the following:

    Absolutely the worst BB ever.
    The bullying, name calling and constant vulgarity is sickening to say
    the least. I hope each house guest watches the video of this mess and is
    totally ashamed of themselves. Where did they ever get these

    Yeahh, no.....Not sure of the mental health state of metgala, but none of that is true (click on my name, and you will tell by my comments)

    • But why do you have to take it to the level of calling him/her a psychopath? You know what our moms always said...two wrongs don't make a right :/

    • Don't sweat it girl,they're just. SALTY and I'm loving it! We gonna keep giving them some PEPPA to go with all that salt

    • Huh? I'm confused. I totally missed that conversation.
      No wonder you and I got our wires crossed LOL I never saw this message.
      But I'm still confused, who wrote it? There's a video? Who is Janice? I am so lost babe! LOL

    • If she won she could not have used it, it would just have meant she could not be put on the block by someone else winning it

  • OMG- in the Jury House, Mark said "Why would anyone backdoor KEVIN, he hasn't won anything?" Exactly what we have all been saying. I was rolling. The jury house was the best part of the show. And Raven, the Puppet Master. LOL.

    • Mark was very funny last night, trying to convince Raven she was not in Pauls end game plans just a pawn to use along the way. She didn't get it. He was rolling his eyes. Telling Jason why would you think Kevin was the plan after he was "The plan" the week before and it was a scam.

  • So I have watched the Jury portion of last night's episode like 10 times it never gets old. Raven is so delusional. The look on Raven and Matt's face when nobody is continuing the bullying of Cody. Just a small taste of what they will get on the outside.

    • I wish they would use the Jury house as part of the show when it gets to be more populated than the BB house. Maybe have them participate in comps so someone from jury can win a prize at the end. This season at least that would have been more fun to watch than this stupid BB season....

  • the best part of the night for me was the jury house. I could have watched that the entire hour. Cody is certainly an odd duck.....he sure has no personality....what was his thing with not playing the game anymore. And Mark calling Raven out was priceless. I think Paul may have a hard time getting some votes from the jury......I don't think they will vote the way many people are saying they will.

    • I kind of hoped Friday night would have been an entire hour of the Jury house. I think BB doesn't want us knowing what they are thinking, they want it a surprise. I think that would be one of their higher rated shows of the season.

    • I think it's not going to be a slam dunk for Paul but I do think in the end he will win, maybe this time he wins by one note instead of losing by one.

  • Ahahaha... Raven the puppet master!!! Come on... I really hope these HGs/JMs realize, that's how stupid they sounded to us in DR sessions, with the whole "I trust Paul 💯. N why are they just showing up now???!! Funny to watch.. but disappointing it's in jury. Would have made for a better season. Matt just laughing awkwardly. He knew that she sounded dumb🙄

    • I'm not sure Matt does know how dumb Raven sounds. I've been wondering that myself, he's been too busy eating cereal.

      • 🤣 Maybe when he gets out he will see. Even in his exit interview with Julie, she asked him something like "who do u think has the best chances of winning? He said Raven?? She was like but she's not winning anything. Good moment

  • It finally said I have reached max voting for the day! For the last few days I have been able to continuously vote nonstop. Strange

    • tina, from what I understand, only the votes from people who have the live feeds (ALL Access) are counting. Someone posted a message from CBS on the boards yesterday somewhere...

      • Yeah, I saw that but I don't know about that. I read all the fine print and it doesn't say anywhere that we have to be signed in to our all access for our vote to count. I have voted every year, I live in Canada (as you know) and I have always been able to vote. I can not sign up for all access anymore because I am Canadian therefore I cannot vote? Why would it allow me to vote then!? I don't get it and I don't believe it.

        Tons of past HGs have tweeted etc. to vote for Cody (or whomever) and none of them say "don't forget to log into all access so your vote counts." They would be damn sure to be saying that if that were the case.
        Jessica talks about it on her Instagram live feeds and she would definitely remind her fans to login and she hasn't said a word about it. Maybe it's true but I doubt it. Like I said, it's letting me vote. Why would they just pretend my votes were accepted? And why wouldn't Julie say to "log into your all access for your vote to count?"
        It just doesn't make sense and if it doesn't make sense then it's probably not true. IMO

      • It ended up working for me today. I voted for Cody 20 times and then it said I reached my daily maximum. Very weird
        I don't think only live feeders get to vote. I think that's just a rumor. It's never ever been that way before. Even I can vote in Canada LOL so unless they changed it, anyone can vote. Plus it let me today and it worked correctly

  • Would like to see the veto comp from a week ago where they all get smashed and ... The jury and then that is it , repeat 🏤

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