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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night & Who Won Halting Hex?

Ready to find out who was voted out last night on Big Brother 19, who has the Halting Hex, and who wins the next Head of Household? Well, the last one didn’t happen yesterday, but we’ve got all the rest of those answers for you.

Dominique and Jessica faced off on the Block this week hoping to survive the vote and stay another week in the game, but if the Halting Hex, the last of the Den’s Temptations, comes in to play then no one will be heading out the door.

Picking up after Wednesday’s Veto show we’ve got some good drama from the HGs as things got headed just when I thought they sail quietly through the rest of the week. Pickle juice & hot sauce anyone? Let’s see how that plays out in the episode.

Den of Temptation – Halting Hex:

Jessica can stop one of the next four evictions, but she has to announce the plan before the vote.

Are you surprised by the results? Who did you think would get it? Now we’ve got to see if she’ll use it.

Gallery: Halting Hex Revealed

Time for the live eviction vote as ten Houseguests are heading in to the Diary Room to cast their vote and send one player out the door to join in the Battle Back episode on Friday night.

Jessica does not announce her intent to use the Hex on this week’s eviction. That leaves 3 more chances to use it.

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 3 Votes:

  • Josh votes to evict: Dominique
  • Kevin votes to evict: Dominique
  • Mark votes to evict: Dominique
  • Christmas votes to evict: Dominique
  • Jason votes to evict: Dominique
  • Raven votes to evict: Dominique
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Matthew votes to evict: Dominique
  • Elena votes to evict: Dominique
  • Paul votes to evict: Dominique
  • Ramses votes to evict: Dominique

By a vote of 10-0, Dominique Cooper has been evicted from Big Brother 19.

Julie brings out the first four evicted HGs out to the front stage. She asks each of them, one at a time, who they think came next. Jillian correctly guessed Cody, but the rest were wrong. If the evictees don’t know who was out behind them then that suggests they weren’t playing comps each week like last year. Sure enough, Julie says they’re doing things differently this season.

Gallery: Battle Back Contenders

There’s no Head of Household competition yet! Just like last year they’re waiting until after the Battle Back competition(s) is over and will let that returning HG in on the fight to control the noms this week. We’ll see the HoH comp play out on Sunday’s episode (8/7c).

Remember: No Feeds again until Friday 9PM PT (12AM ET Saturday). Enjoy your night & day off!

We’ll be back to watch the new Battle Back episode on Friday night at 8/7c with our live coverage at 8PM ET so join us for the fun then and see who gets sent back in to the game!

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  • I am really starting to like Elena! Anyone else?
    She has always seemed "cool" with Mark & Dominique's friendship b/c she's comfortable in her own skin & doesn't feel threatened by Dom! She was levelheaded, didn't react when Josh & Mark were "going at it/food fight." She made me laugh when she saw Josh walking 🚶 towards Mark with condiments, all she said was "get away from me Mark" instead of running 🏃 shrieking 😨& screaming! 😡😦LOL 😂She's not 'one of those girls' that needs to jump in & make a bigger deal out of things. She lets Mark fight his own battles and just sits back & laughs! I like that about her.
    On tonight's episode, she wasn't wearing a pound of make up even though she knew she was definitely going to be on national TV, Elena seems to be always putting on lots of makeup but she is pretty with or without it & the 'icing on the cake' for me was during (&after) Dominique's speech (that was clearly directed at not only Paul but also Elena,) she didn't roll her eyes, she didn't make a face, she didn't say a word, she just sat there & listened.
    Plus she wasn't snarky when she voted Dom out!
    I could be wrong (I don't watch the feeds & have only watched a few episodes of BB After Dark (just in the background) but from what I've "seen" from her I'm just really starting to like her personality. She's not bitchy or catty, I like that! Hopefully I am not wrong!?

    • Jessica was giving her make up tips the other day. I haven't got to watch Wednesday or Thursday show yet because I work overnight. Ready to watch now I'm curious to see the difference. I do like Elena for the most part. Maily for a lot of reasons you do. Sometimes she can get a little bit over-the-top though.

      • I don't watch the feed so I don't see any of the over the tops. But I know what you mean, I have heard that all she ever talks about is sex sex and more sex. LOL whatever, I could care less. But the school down the page to go to discus I don't watch the feed so I don't see any of the over the tops. But I know what you mean, I have heard that all she ever talks about is sex sex and more sex. LOL whatever..... i'm sure that is over embellished

        • She really kind of does. She asked Mark if he wanted a bj. He declined. Then she telling Josh she would show him her tits if he won HOH or something like that. Then there is that whole a hole bleaching thing.

          • Sorry just reread this! She said she would show Josh? Her tits? Not Mark? Sorry, I initially read she said this to Mark.

          • Was she serious about the BJ? I heard from two people yesterday that Raven and Matt did the "dirty deed" LOL
            That whole talk about the bleaching and waxing apparently was super funny though!?
            And nothing wrong with giving her man a little bit of "encouragement" to win the HOH LMAO 😂

  • Whoever it was saying "not so nice things about me" 😡 & then deleted it (or it was deleted)
    ••Shame on You!!! & Screw You!!••

    I am a good person! I join in on the conversations here for some Fun, Spoilers, Funny entertainment, getting others points of view & I enjoy having pleasant conversations with many people on here for the last few years! I have had the pleasure of "meeting" tons of "Awesome people on here!" And have many great conversations with them! Whether we agree or disagree, it's all in good fun❣️❤️ 💜💙💚💛

    For whatever reason you decided to take it upon yourself to try & Hurt me!? Embarrassed me? Put me down? Move On! I am NOT here to entertain troller's or anyone that takes lBig Brother seriously!!

    Yes, my posts/replies are usually (okay always) very long! But so what? Scroll on by me! You do not need to read my comments! No one is FORCING you to read them!
    ***Leave the drama in the Big Brother house!*** & LEAVE ME OUT OF IT! I do NOT entertain negativity in "my reality," so I am definitely NOT going to entertain it on here with you!!! 🙃
    That's all!!! 😁

    • brush it off I got attacked in here some people just troll around everybody is entitled of their own opinion if people cant respect that there are not worth my time you go girl talk away

    • Don't give it another thought. As far as any banter here, this forum is pretty tame. Yeah, there's an arrogant snob or two, but that's not unusual. Youtube is totally uncensored. If you want to see a fan splattering crap all over, that would be one of 'em! :oD BB seems pretty polarizing, which would be what the producers want. The more they can get fans saying "I hate XX", and "I'm sick of blah", the more successful the series is.

      • That's what I like about this group, there isn't a lot of trolling and everyone is thoughtful for lack of better words! It's fun and you don't have to worry about people attacking you aside from the odd person here or there like you said. I can't be bothered to go on any forms or Facebook groups where there are tons of trollers or know it all's! It's too negative! My reality is not negative, so I don't want to bring any negativity into my universe!

    • Or they can block you, right? That's the better alternative than having to "Scroll on by" all of the time. :D

      • They sure can be blocked...If somebody is "trolling" me ( I don't mean just simple debate or disagreement over BB happenings) in that they are trying to start trouble or they "constantly" belitte my post I will ask them nicely to "stop" and give fair warning that I will not be bullied or harassed. If they persist in their "trolling" I will block em....

        • Yep, I have a couple of people blocked myself, littlefly. Easily done. Much easier than scrolling on by if posts from a particular person tend to be irritating.

  • Production Favs, ratings ratings ratings

    LIkeable people, ratings helpers, fan favs,
    Ramses , Borderline meh

    Trainwrecks, crazy tunes doesn't hurt to keep him in

    Meh, Meh for ratings

    Out hopefully for good


  • I'm glad Jess got the temptation. Not because I like dress or anything, but because I love drama on the feeds.

  • So if I have this right:

    At the very least Jessica is guaranteed to go to jury. Comparing the schedule last year vs. this year, there were 7 evictions before Da became the first jury member. There's already been 4

    There's probably a double eviction coming up within the next 3 weeks, because they wouldn't do this temptation this late if it didn't mean a DE is coming soon. I'm guessing August 4/11 around there, my understanding based on what Julie said, it can only be used in the next 3 live evictions so it would only be good for 1 eviction on a DE night.

  • so, so odd that dom came out all smiles and giddy, when in the house she was the grim reaper!
    I think Julie even found her odd.

  • Regarding Episode 11 (2017-07-20):

    - Am super glad that Jessica was chosen for the Den of Temptation, and she made the right decision to not use it yesterday

    - Previously, people on the show referred to Raven as a sweetheart and angel; then we see her in the diary room talking with contempt about Jessica after she (Raven) told Jessica to not blame herself for the bad that happened under Cody as HoH, and she says she wants Jessica evicted

    - After getting evicted and spending a week away from the house, Cody has changed; on stage, he apologized to Jillian for nominating her, he squeezed Dominique's hand when she sat in the adjacent chair, and he seemed to have a measure of humility...which is something that Dominique needs to learn

    - I was surprised that Mark did not flip on his word about voting out Dominique the way he previously did when saying that he vote to evict Christmas

    As for the Battle Back Showdown tonight, a test of physical strength/endurance might be an easy win for Cody over the other three people. This has me suspecting that other skills will be needed if the producers want the competition to be fair.

    If Cody does return, it would not surprise me if Jessica and he team up with Paul. Yesterday I found a clip at poptvDOTcom where Cody is in his final days before eviction and has a conversation with Paul. You would think the two were good friends, because he tells Paul everything about his plan to evict him, who knew what about the plan, and so on. Also at PopTV is an extended clip of Dominique's interview of Cody. (It's remarkable how much CBS smoothly edited for the television broadcast.) In that clip, Cody does say that he wanted Paul out, but he also says something about being ok with Paul by the time of the interview. Of course, Paul is perfect at playing people without them knowing it, and so I just hope that Cody and Jessica do not trust Paul so much that they get blindsided by him if Cody returns.

  • Thanks Big Brother. Now you gave Cody and Jess all the power. Can't stand either of them. I guess that is why Cody's back. To stir things up. ugh

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