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‘Big Brother 19’ Vote Opens For America’s Favorite Houseguest [POLL]

Voting has opened for the Big Brother 19 AFP, or America’s Favorite Houseguest, and that means it’s time to decide who you want to receive a $25,000 bonus for their game play this summer.

With the polls now open, fans can visit the official voting at cbs.com and cast 20 votes a day each day until Wednesday, September 20, 2016 at 9:59AM PT.

All Houseguests BUT the Final 2 are eligible to win, so keep that in mind. Last year we debated this topic, but James actually went in to the DR to ask that very question and reported that the answer was “NO,” F2 can’t win AFP. So that’s what I’m going with here for the rules. You can still vote for anyone, but it could be shifted down the line depending on who makes F2.

Be sure to go to the official voting page with CBS each day between now and Wednesday morning to support your favorite. 20 votes each day can really add up to help your pick to win.

Make your choice based on whatever you’d like for whatever criteria. I haven’t decided how I’ll vote so I may or may not later endorse a particular HG, but that shouldn’t sway anyone anyway. I will say that I think it could be either Cody or Kevin who ends up winning AFP, but we’ll find out at the finale.

Who do you want to win Favorite Houseguest? Vote now in our unofficial poll below (does not count towards official results) and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Keep checking back to see how these votes go and we’ll tally things up next week ahead of Wednesday’s season finale and see if we can accurately predict who wins.

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  • You have to be a subscriber for your vote to count. That is like the nail in the coffin for me and this game. You picked the worst people you could find this year then you will not let us even vote for who is our favorite unless we pay you 5.99 a month. The only thing I watch on this channel is big brother but after this season I am done. We used to watch as a family but now I am the only one left still watching.

  • Megan should not be excluded from AFHG and it would be horrible if she's excluded from the finale. It would be wrong to label her as a quitter when it was the other houseguests outcasting her and treating her badly that caused her to quit.

  • They really should announce AFHG BEFORE they announce the winner. AFHG is so anti-climactic after the winner.


  • Pretty sure cody is gonna win america's favorite houseguest, if not get like second or third, but there is still a chance cody won't win america's favorite houseguest since cody and jessica might split the vote, kind of like Natalie and James in bb18. They got 2nd and 3rd.

  • I'm voting for #TeamCody to win the #AFP..#25K .... This is why I voted for Cody!... Cody could win Comps in the game. Including the Battle Back . Beating Paul... (after Cody had to beat all the other evicted houseguest first! ! Cody made his own moves, instead of being one of #PaulsPuppets. Cody won the 1st HOH. Cody tried that week to get Paul on the block. But couldn't! because Paul was given the #SafetyPendent .That know one knew about. Cody felt he could not trust to tell anyone in his alliance. This 1st week, on what he was doing. Cause Cody did not want anyone of the 8 players who had gotten Paul's #SpecialFriendshipBraclets that week to run and tell Paul of his plans. Cody ended up nominated more single players in that single week. Than any other player in #BB history! Cody stayed chilled while being verbally attacked by almost every houseguest every week. Along with Josh's constant bullying, insane screaming, and pots and pan banging, while the whole house stood there just laughing and going along with this bullying! Hell I would have went hog wild crazy on them... So Cody decided to stay in his room with Jessica. To avoid as much craziness as he could. When ever Cody did go out of the room. If anyone even tried to chat with Cody or Jessica. Alex or one of #PaulPuppets. would run and Tattle-tell on them like thy were little st grade kids on a school ground. Just like Alex did about Kevin. Then they would started talking about putting him or them on the block!. They were not allowed to talk to Cody or Jessica and treated them like they were Lepers! Making it even harder for Cody to try and play a social game...Cody made it all the way to the #JuryHouse. Even though Cody was the target of every player in the game ever week, Except single player Jessica! Like Cody or not! Cody always was true to who he was. The only one who tried to play the game! And the only one that tried to get Paul out of the Game! Arguably Cody made the #BestMove in #BB history on the show! When Paul and some of the other tried to block Cody from walking passed them on eviction day. When he was voted out of them game. I Loved how Cody took the high road and walked on top of the coffee-table past all the A-Holes and out the door... Deserving pissing Paul off by doing this! I have not and can not see anyone of these players still in the house. Come close to doing what all Cody had to do and put up with in the game those 5 weeks! #TeamCody all the way By the way Paul is going to win #BB19...... Oh yes about those 8 #SafetyFriendshipBracelets, that for some unknown reason CBS felt they had to hand over to Paul before he even took one step into the #BB house. They were given free to Paul without challenges of a comp or other contest. Not given the chance of any of the other #NewbiePlays a change to get them!. The CBS even let Paul interview each player to see who he wanted to give one of the 8 bracelets too. This did two things. It gave Paul a #HugeAdvantage over all the green horn #NewbiePlayer that gave them all safety for that week and a fast way for Paul the #Advantage to make 8 quick friends over all the other newbie players instantly. Now why in the world did CBS feel a seasoned 2nd runner up player need all that special help and #Advantage over all these #NewbiePlayers is beyond me and cheating!!!

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