Big Brother 19 Underdog Report Week 3

Last week we introduced the Underdog Report and featured Alex, so it’s not too surprising that this week we’re taking a look at her closest ally Jason Dent, aka Whistlenut.

And the interesting thing about Jason is that in the past week, he’s actually proving himself to have a better grasp on the game than Alex. He’s talked her down from several bad ideas and is even trying to talk some sense into her with her overtures of Paul.

On top of that, Jason won the Power of Veto under Alex’s HOH reign, allowing the two of them to have control over the week. I didn’t say complete, because Alex would have still consulted Paul on everything. Jason, however, doesn’t much care about Paul’s input.

In fact, Paul wanted Jason to use the veto on Jessica this week so Alex could put Mark next to Dominique on the block. But Jason decided not to use the veto and when Alex pressed him to tell Paul the decision, he told her they don’t have to tell Paul everything they do because he’s not their dad.

It should also be mentioned that for a not-so-small guy, Jason held his own in this week’s endurance wall competition. He only threw in the towel after he knew Alex was about to secure the HOH, or at the very least, their safety for the week.

On the other end of all this, Jason has made some flubs. But who hasn’t already this season? For a guy who had never seen Big Brother before, he’s playing a better game than some of the biggest superfans we’ve seen in recent history. And that is why he is our Underdog of the Week for Week 3.


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  1. Jason is an interesting character. He has shown that he has good instincts when it comes to Paul but then how much of that is resentment that Paul hasn’t really included him in things? He has shown poor judgement many times and has pretty well told everyone in the house that he wants to partner up with them. He is loyal to Alex, I will say that but his constant flipping irritates me to no end. His handling of having the Veto and all his back and forth was comical, I can’t imagine what he would do if he was HoH.

      • The house favorite at this moment is “Josh”….Thanks to his antics and ravings who to “possibly” nominate next week will be a no brainer,,, Unless somebody screws up worse than he did I can see him as the #1 target…I did not say that Mark was correct in how he handled the situation but Mark did not put a target on his back.. Josh did that for him in relaying second hand information and accusations.. Josh has no proof that Mark knew Cody was gonna nom Paul he was just repeating what he heard.. Josh is not a team player and his constant whining about being disrespected is getting old.. Josh needs to pack up his toys and go home cause he is not creating allies in the BB house only enemies ..I really believe that with his temperament and his attitude that he is always right that somebody could get hurt cause I see him physically attacking somebody..

      • If Josh lost it and attacked someone, the only person that would get hurt is Josh. Seriously, there is not a single guy in the house that Josh would stand a chance against (aside from Ramses, of course). Heck… I’m not even sure Josh would have a chance against half of the women in the house!

      • Lmao 😂
        Yeah he’s one of those guys that acts all tough but when push comes to shove, he will be nothing but a baby!
        Hence why he is constantly arguing with people but then saying things like “I respect you man!”…..”you’re a good person……”
        “I wish you nothing but the best”…… And then picking a fight with them again!
        I cannot stand that kid!

      • I agree! I have not like Josh since day 2!!!
        Please please please send Josh home before jury! I don’t want him to have the satisfaction of being in the jury house – thinking he’s any good! He’s not! And if Cody comes back, that will be such a slap in the face to Josh!!

      • Not my favorite this year either, I kind of like how Matt is laying low. For the females, I would say Alex would be my favorite this year.

      • I don’t think this is Matt laying low, this is all Matt has. He is very lackluster and passive. I would bet money he isn’t all that bright, he’s with Raven for heavens sake. She is a complete dolt and a grifter to boot.

      • I had hopes for Matt at the beginning of the season. I hope Willie you’re right that he is laying low, I fear that Fiddle is right, he has no game.

      • Again, I agree with you! I had huge hopes for Matt being a huge competitor so I’m hoping he is just laying low, not winning anything and staying out of the drama because there’s no reason for him to at the moment and then when he finally has to show his cards, he goes all in! Hoping he doesn’t fold!
        I am very surprised he hooked up with Raven. I thought Christmas, Jessica, even Elena but, I guess they had their eyes on another price. Cody/Matt.
        & Christmas…… I think she was willing to get into a showmance but the other girl scooped the “good ones” up LOL

      • Day one, you could tell that Cody and Jessica was gonna hook up. I did think that Matt would hook up with Christmas and for sure that Paul and Raven would be a team. I never thought that anyone would hookup with Elena though.

      • I was very surprised to see Matt and Raven as a couple. I didn’t expect that at all! I thought for sure him and Christmas or marking Christmas. And it sounds like Elena “uses her body” to get what she wants, and I guess she wanted Mark LOL
        But like you, I honestly didn’t see her hooking up with anybody.

      • i surely hope your wrong on Mark however. with him being with Raven and not really trying could be his down fall. Get Raven out and watch Matt go for the gold as they would say.

    • He feels to me like victor last year when victor went home early in the game I could see some one put him up next to alex just to get him out.

    • He’s not my fave, but he’s definitely better than chronic complaining cry-baby Josh, who says he’s not sensitive. What an oxymoron he is. I’m sort of glad Jason grew a backbone. Wasn’t sure that would occur at all. He took a stand and gave a reasonable explanation on why he shouldn’t have to use the Veto. Why make more waves than necessary when you have the votes to evict the one you want out? Good job, Jason!

      • Why thank you soooo much! I’m having a blast! First hubby made me breakfast and gave me gifts from him before heading to work. That man is my rock for sure!!!

      • I agree! Although even before he was picked to play in the Veto, he said if he did win it, he would take Jessica off the block…… But, like you said there was no point on making any waves. Dominique put a huge target on her back the second she was nominated therefore there was no reason for Jason to be concerned 😳 that people would flip and take out Jessica.

    • Kind of reminds me of how Nicole acted last year. I don’t care for that much flip flopping.

    • Matts? play-by-play on the feeds after the Veto was hilarious with Jason constantly in Alex is ear about putting up Raven. That was definitely comical!
      I didn’t know until I just read what you said/typed that Jason was all over the house making deals. I guess that’s why people were not big fans of his. I’ve always liked him personally & until I just read this, I didn’t know Jason did not know anything about BB. Nothing at all?

  2. I have to say Kevin is growing on me. I can’t explain it. I really didn’t like him at first.

    • He’s playing a unique style, similar to Andy. But I don’t think he’s fooling anyone anymore. I like where he’s at tho, cuz he is the one who can ruin Paul’s game. Not saying he will, just that if Paul slips he can.

    • Kevin is hilarious. Late last night or morning, he was cracking me up with his confusion and disbelief of young girls maintenance.

    • I’ve liked him since the beginning. I like that he was older but a character! And, I like him now more than ever because he has a unique style and approach to the game. I don’t quite like him doing Paul’s dirty work however, I’m beginning to think he’s doing it for himself. And I think he would quickly flipped on Paul if he had to.
      I think he just knows/sees all the ‘other kids’ are following Paul so, he’s doing the same thing. And I think he’s a lot smarter about the game than he’s letting on. At least he’s learning it and understanding it better

    • The flip flopping coupled with the drama. It’s one thing to suss each move out and go through each scenario but he gets so damn worked up over it and then the inevitable talking him off the edge starts process starts.

  3. He totally increased my respect for him this past week (and I appreciated that he pointed out why he was doing so well and I felt like we were on American Ninja Warrior because he would have above average grip strength). And I hope Alex starts listening to him more, I think she will because Paul is walking a dangerous path right now and he is going to trip up when trying to convince next week’s HOH what would have been done to Jason if he used it. Combined with Alex’s recent enjoyment of Ramses and that Elena is doing a good job of reaching out to others without revealing much and she and Ramses have gotten to be buddies. I just hope Jason doesn’t have to spend too much time dwelling on the recent Alex and Kevin divide.

  4. Jason isn’t really all that good, but he’s starting to learn the game I think. Alex is a strong competitor and as long as he can keep her convinced that Paul is a threat, i think he can use Alex as a shield after that. Even though Jason would most likely do that by accident and definitely not intentional LOL

      • How about getting Paul out first and breaking up the couples. Josh is not as stupid as people think he is. He doesn’t make sense most of the time because of his speech impediment, but last night he was making a lot of sense and his plan sounded rational. Alex just kept saying yeah, but he will go after the couples for sure by nominating one of each.

      • I cant believe they dont try to get Paul out first since the game has been catered to him from the start.

      • But he can’t handle many of the personalities that are in the house and cries a lot when things aren’t going his way! We can work on getting Paul out when Cody returns!

  5. Can’t stand Whistlebutt and I’m starting to really dislike Alex. She’s a reactionist, thought she was more level headed but she has had some really insane moments in this HOH, but………..why the hell does Whistlebutt have to tell Paul one damn thing, and I’m a Paul fan. I’m annoyed that Alex told him he had to tell Paul he wasn’t using the veto. If Whistlebutt makes it past a certain point I feel this will come back to haunt Alex and he will push to get her out. Bad move Alex.

    • I think Alex (and others) are spooked by the outcome of Cody unilaterally making decisions and keeping all information to himself, and she is intimidated by Paul for whom everything has worked out from after he lost the first HoH competition onward. Sometimes when this happens, people react by going to the other extreme.

  6. He was my favorite before the show, but watching him gets on my nerves. If he went with his first instinct he would be right on, but he lets people get in his head, he told Alex he wouldn’t tell Paul, but before that when he told Kevin he had to tell Paul, Kevin asked him why do you have to check in with him its your veto.

  7. I agree. I like Jason and hopefully he’ll pull Alex out of Paul’s behind. I have liked him from the beginning, but things change each week and he may do something stupid like align with Paul.

  8. Thanks for the report Branden!!
    I didn’t know Jason, just like Kevin, didn’t know the game at all. Like at all at all? Nothing? Not a season?
    I have been commenting all week about liking and respecting Jason more this week. I never did not like him, although a lot of people on here for whatever reasons didn’t like him. I couldn’t quite understand why.

    • I can’t think they haven’t seen/watched/heard of BB before. If they hadn’t, how/why did they sign up for a possible three month vaca locked up with a bunch of others you don’t know if they are crazy or not? Doesn’t BB have some sort of screening/psycho tests they do before they box these people up? Of course, there’s Megan, who was in the service as an interrogator and didn’t last much past the weekend.

      • Yeah, I found that super strange with me again but then I read that she was sexually assaulted and after Josh was bullying her for no reason, it brought back her PTSD 😭
        So, she just knew the signs and took her self out of that situation/the house so I didn’t get worse.
        At first I was pissed off! But now I understand. Although, I think big brother should do better screenings of everyone and people who have had Trumatic experiences and what not should not be picked.

      • All good :-) She gave an interview( I think) to her local newspaper. I was less angry that she self evicted. I initially was super pissed off! Plus I was very surprised because of what she does/did for a living but, it makes sense that she has simplified her life by being a dog walker. It must be a form of recovery for her !
        To be honest with you, the one I thought I was going to like her or at least I was going to enjoy watching her play because of her previous employment but, she started getting kind weird (for lack of better words) but, it makes sense now, especially because of that big baby mama boy Josh targeted her and was telling lies/bullying her to deflect.
        BB Pro needs to ‘screen’ the potential HG’s better. I get everyone has problems, no one has had a perfect life but at the same time, some people have the ‘mindset’ to be in the BB house whereas others don’t. With proper psych evaluations and what not, they (BB) should be able to choose the ‘right’ (again for lack of better words) HGs…. but, then again it is a “Reality show” so better ratings for CBS/BB if people go ‘bonkers!’

        Sorry blah blah!

  9. Any thots about BB putting in a vet to ‘play’ in the battle back or maybe having a vet come in the house with the HG winner of the battle back?

  10. Thanks, Brandon. Nice to have another explanation/outlook on the happenings. Wouldn’t Jason winning the Veto competition be considered winning a comp in Jason’s blue box Week 3 Underdog Report?

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