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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Week 8?

Thursday’s Double Eviction wrapped up and left Big Brother 19 without an Head of Household. Then the Feeds were kept off and we were really left in the dark. Oh, but wait, a promised “worth the wait!” special episode arrived… Nope, nothing but a tease there. Ahh, here come the Feeds to deliver us from ignorance with Big Brother spoilers!

After Derrick Levasseur hosted an hour long clip show the HGs went out to the backyard where he hosted their next challenge. This one would require them to think back through the season for a chance at power. Ready to find out who won HoH?

Big Brother 19 Week 8 HoH Comp – ‘Tales From Decrypt’:

  • Christmas won HoH

When Feeds finally returned we found Christmas and Raven in the HoH room as Raven praised her for having a smooth Nominations Ceremony.

Nominations were held earlier on Friday already and we’ve got those spoilers here too, then Power of Veto comp will be held on Saturday. It’ll be a very busy weekend!

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  • Ugh 😑 REALLY!!! Christmas!!!

    She shouldn't even be there so the fact that she will End someone (Marks) chances at winning, PISSES ME OFF!!! I think it is BS.

    Okay TRUTHFULLY if it is Josh (Unlikely) or Raven (b/c she is a con artist & she should be pulled from the game for committing fraud while in the House) then I won't care! Even Matt! Those 2 (Maven) haven't even played AT ALL so at least it would be somewhat fair if one of them went during her HOH.......
    I am SURE Christmas is gonna ENJOY sending Mark out the door during her HOH!
    I personally think it is SOOOOOO UNFAIR!!! BUT I know, I KNOW no one said Big Brother was fair!

    • I agree tina, I don't want Mark to go yet either...hopefully, he gets picked and has another POV win up his sleeve. Matt would probably go home in that situation.

      • I'm pulling for Mark too. He may be a blubberer but he's proven that he can compete in physical and mental competitions. He blew his game earlier in the season by lusting after Elena but he's still in the house. Who knows? Can he win another POV? Or even get chosen to play?

        • I can't wait to see raven get evicted. Wait till the show is over and the HouseGuest's get to see what a fraud she really is lol.

      • Yeah, I just watched Elena's post evict interview and Matt was one of the preferences/ choices she had for next HG to jury house. Before him: paul

  • Matt & raven want alex out. Lets see what they can do about it since neither one is playing the game or winning.

  • I know the producers at CBS reads this, but I hope so. I would think it would be awesome to have the house-guests that was booted on day one and just a couple of hours when they arrived. I know BB is about playing fair. But, I think it would be awesome to see what kind of games the house-guests would play, had it not for being evicted day one.

    • Agreed. I thought about that each season. We never get the time to see and maybe their amazing player.

      This year it's funny because people seems to love Cameron. But who knows!! I loved Matt on paper. But he really desapointed me.

        • Yes!!! I've been saying that for days now. He never even had a chance so give it to him instead of the morons that actually got to play. (Or should I say float!)

  • Paul needs to GO! Mark is the only one left that I would like to see win. The rest are a bunch of sheep and just plain mean like Josh needs to go after Paul. Worst BB ever.

    • I've been rooting for Mark the past couple weeks. I've also agreed with commenters that Paul has been playing a good game, etc. until I saw the horrendous grilling Paul spewed at Mark at the kitchen table. Paul admonishing Mark for making a move to get rid of him (P) ! WTH? Mark took the verbal beat down and most of the HGs were on the sidelines barking and agreeing to what Paul was saying. My heart sank when I saw/heard Xmas chime in, too! I was just starting to become a bit of a Xmas fan, now this! Paul's demeanor, his unrelenting grilling, his verbal battering was Napoleanic! I really want Mark to win POV, get HOH, and let's see what Paul's Pharissitic ass has to say! (BTW: Paul, the Pharisee stood by and held the robes of the people who stoned Stephan to death. Ironic that BB Paul has the same name and character?👹)

    • In Elena's post eviction interview I just saw, Elena said the same thing. She would like to see Mark win of everyone in house. And even paul go out.

  • raven is such a puke,, and if she shovels any more icecream in her pie hole,,I hope she explodes..her and her tag along boyfriend are the biggest floaters ever,,,he inhales cereal and she shovels in ice cream,,don't know w ho is more irritating her or matt but,,,there is always Josh,,he is a close 3ed,,I agree give Paul the money no one has a brain in this house so they certain;y cannot outthink him,,canno stand Alex either,,Frankly cannot think of any of them I truly am rooting for Worst Season ever

  • What competition did Jason win? Wasn't that for HOH? I'm confused... Didn't every one go to that room where his pics and basket etc were?

  • I am really getting tired of some of the people who don't do anything of importance in the game but ride on Paul's coattails! I don't like previous players to be in the game!!! I really am getting tired of Paul and keep HOPING someone actually starts THINKING and does something to get him out!!!

  • Christmas made no big move. She just did what Paul told her. I thought Zingbot's shots at Trump were inappropriate for this show.

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