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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Week 10?

Big Brother 19 sent another Houseguest out the door and that means it’s time to crown another Head of Household. Ready for some more Big Brother spoilers? We know who is in charge of nominations this week and that’s more important than ever this season as the target list thins.

This week’s competition is the sprint challenge that requires Houseguests to hold a button until the screen displays “Go!” Any false starts and you’re out of the comp. Well I guess we can be sure that Christmas won’t be running…

Paul’s plan going in was to convince Alex, Raven, and Kevin to throw the comp to Josh or Christmas. Obviously Christmas is out of the equation now, right? RIGHT?! If Josh got HoH he’d be targeting Alex and Jason with Jason as the primary objective.

Due to a rain delay, the first ever according to Julie Chen, we didn’t get to see the HoH comp start. Then, unlike the last time this was a HoH comp (BB17), we didn’t get to see it on the Feeds. 90 minutes after the show ended the Feeds came back to this shocker.

Okay, this isn’t a joke. These are the real results. Again, I’m not joking about who just won the running competition.

Big Brother 19 Week 10 HoH Comp:

  • Christmas won HoH… in a foot race… with a broken foot.

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Christmas thanked the other HGs for messing up. So here’s what I think happened. You’ll remember that Paul had convinced everyone to throw this challenge, including this week’s targets, or at least the one member of Alex and Jason who could compete. Then this comp requires you to hold a button until the right time or you’re disqualified. If everyone let go of the button early then she could win without ever moving an inch. This is basically a joke of a win. She didn’t win, everyone else just lost.

Update: HGs’ discussions confirmed my suspicions. Christmas won because everyone disqualified themselves out of the comp. She said she never even moved, but had planned on trying to hop to the finish line. This is suspicious though as Christmas said last week that doctors wouldn’t clear her putting weight on her broken foot for at least a couple more weeks. Hmm.

Nominations will be held on Friday then the Veto comp will be on Saturday. It’ll be a very busy weekend!

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  • This season is a complete slog to get through. Honestly the show stopped being entertaining once CODY left. The only good thing we've enjoyed since is seeing him again on the jury house segment. He is real unlike all these other phonies. Don't even get me started on Maven. Actually the same goes for everyone left apart from Paul and Kevin I guess but at this point I want survivor to start and this to be OVER!

  • What a duplicitous bunch of idiots. Christmas, Female Warrior has had two HOH's handed to her on a silver platter and everybody's OK with it. Every time you think this bunch can't go any lower, they do. Unless she backdoors Paul she is unredeemable.

  • Okay Dokay, now I am totally baffled. X-mas, Warlady of the neither regions, gets a "walk" because Paul told everyone to take a dive. For someone that wasn't able to compete on most or all physical comps because of her foot, is now allowed to compete (something doesn't quite add up). I think Kevin would be better served in the jury room and be glad he got this far in the game. Say want you want about Paul, he is most definitely keeping his hands clean by having everyone do his bidding. All Hail Paul...son of Satan...shrewd master of puppets.

  • I'm not watching.Paul has won, it's not a game when it's rigged. Worst season ever, I hope CBS canels this farce.

  • First, there is no way Christmas should've been allowed to compete in this competition. Second, for somebody who claims to be a "fierce competitor" Christmas seems pretty happy to have been thrown the HOH twice. Third, having only 1 vet return was such a horrible idea. Given that BB doesn't really change their competitions the vet has an unfair advantage over the rest of the house. He also knows mentally what it's like in the house. At least of one other vet in the house with him.

  • I do t think he should have been left up to her to stay or go, because if she made it worse she would turn around n sue, just not fair all tthe way around, bb19 should have told her by and brought someone else back in

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