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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Endurance Comp Last Night?

This week’s Big Brother 19 endurance competition for Head of Household arrived following the live eviction. Fans could watch this backyard battle play out live online as the sides faced off for control of the next nominations. Find out who won the power this week to be the new HoH.

You could follow along with our live updates below or watch the HoH Endurance Comp streamed live on the Big Brother Live Feeds through All Access. Use the Free Trial now and see what all the fuss is about, but you’ve been warned, Feeds are fun and addictive!

So who won the Big Brother HoH comp? Read on for the spoilers & details.

Big Brother 19 Week 3 HoH Comp – ‘Space Cadets’:

  • 6:53 PM BBT – The comp is underway! The Wall is going for a big lean already.
  • 6:57 PM BBT – Everyone is still in the comp.
  • 7:02 PM BBT – Feeds are back! Join us to watch on your Feeds!
  • 7:06 PM BBT – Everyone still there. Alex complained about her feet hurting already.
  • 7:11 PM BBT – Air blasts up at the HGs. Paul is laughing at them. No one fell from the surprise.
  • 7:12 PM BBT – Josh fell & is the first out.
  • 7:15 PM BBT – Josh and Paul on the sidelines trying to figure out the 3 votes against Ramses.
  • 7:17 PM BBT – All but Josh are still in the comp. Alex says it’s way harder than it looked.
  • 7:20 PM BBT – Mark fell during the Puppy-Cam breakaway.
  • 7:25 PM BBT – Paul & Mark are now talking to figure out the Ramses votes.
  • 7:30 PM BBT – All but the 2 HGs (and Paul) are still in the comp & hanging on.
  • 7:35 PM BBT – More green slime at the HGs. Paul is hiding to avoid the spray.
  • 7:38 PM BBT – Raven is down.
  • 7:43 PM BBT – Raven says her stitches are bleeding.
  • 7:45 PM BBT – Looks like Ramses is struggling.
  • 7:50 PM BBT – More slime cannons. No more drops in a bit. They’re playing hard.
  • 7:53 PM BBT – Ramses is down. Kevin says he can’t hold much longer.
  • 7:55 PM BBT – Kevin falls next.
  • 8:00 PM BBT – Jason and Elena now squatting in the classic James move.
  • 8:05 PM BBT – No one else has fallen since Kevin.
  • 8:06 PM BBT – Spoke too soon. Matt just fell.
  • 8:10 PM BBT – Lots of steep wall tilts, but they’re hanging on. Jason is the last guy.
  • 8:15 PM BBT – We’ve still got Jason, Dominique, Jessica, Elena, & Alex.
  • 8:18 PM BBT – Jessica fell then Dominique immediately after her. 3 remain.
  • 8:20 PM BBT – Jason & Alex are open to making a deal, but Elena says she can stay up all night.
  • 8:25 PM BBT – Final 3 holding on strong here.
  • 8:28 PM BBT – Deal making time. Safety for all 3. Alex gets to poop in HoH’s toilet.
  • 8:29 PM BBT – Jason drops for the deal of safety.
  • 8:30 PM BBT – More deal making of safety promises.
  • 8:31 PM BBT – Elena drops! Alex wins!

Alex is the new Head of Household. Congrats to Alex!

In case the site becomes overwhelmed I’m going to embed our Twitter feed here for more updates:

Nominations should be coming up on Friday already so get ready for those spoilers soon, then Power of Veto comp will be held on Saturday. It’ll be a very busy weekend! Download our Big Brother App then join us on Facebook & Twitter for the updates.

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  • Now I know where you all are! You ALL passed out from drinking too much Patron!
    Cyril Captain Joni LavenderGirl Butterflykisses🦋
    ****Light Weights! 😝 🤢 🙃 😂

  • I'm weak and fell asleep, but I'm super happy to wake up and see my girl Alex pulled it out!!!

    • Fo Sho!!!!
      Now...... what will she do? There are 2 very different scenarios! (2 mainly, perhaps another?)
      A. She plays her own game, doesn't listen to Paul and flips the house upside down. Turns Paul and his alliance members against each other! Fingers crossed 🤞
      B, listens to Paul/the alliance and takes the easy way out by putting up Jessica, Jason/Ramses. Or Josh!

      I go for option A For sure! That would totally rattle up the house, alliance members would flip on each other and Alex may get herself a good group of alliance members.
      However, that being said…… Option B would be a safer bet for her this early in the game. She wouldn't get any blood on her hands because everyone wants those three out (or Josh! I would be happy if Josh went this week because I cannot stand him!)
      So I guess we'll have to see how it turns out over the next day. See how quickly people go for it, see what other people are thinking aside from going after the two obvious Jessica & Ramses, I truly would love to hear what other people are thinking (aside from how much they love Paul!) and what kinda make "promises" they offer.
      I want her to make a huge move this week, HUGE!!!! But she doesn't have the numbers on her side. (Well, not enough unfortunately!)
      But, I can't 'see her' just rolling over and allowing Paul to take over her iHOH, I really can't!
      So I don't really know what her best option is right now. You know what I mean?
      I mean I could be way off because I don't watch the fees at all, and never get a chance to watch big brother after dark so all my info I got is from the episodes and of course this site &everyone's comments

      • I am in the same boat feeds wise, we aren't able to get them in Canada, and there's no Big Brother After Dark for us either - so I'm just as clueless. But from what I can gather she really wouldn't let Paul run her HOH. I can see her taking some advice, but long term, no sir.
        Hopefully she's willing to take a shot at the other side, I know she wouldn't be willing to attack her alliance of Jason and Kevin, and I assume she promised the last couple of people standing their safety as well.
        Who knows, maybe she will even team up with Jessica and we will finally see a Ride or Die, I'd be willing to see it just for the drama!

    • I dislike Josh!! He is an awful person! A huge baby. A total mama's boy! It's time for him to put his big boy panties on and grow up! Ugh 😑 I just cannot stand him!
      Such a baby & a bully!
      When he feels alone he is a baby, but then when he feels he has backing, he becomes a bully! And when someone fights back and no one stands up for him he becomes a big baby again! I just cannot stand the guy!
      I have read several people say they do not like Jason, I don't mind him although I don't watch the live feeds. He seems nice!? Kind of funny at times!?
      I have read several people say they do not like Jason, I don't mind him although I don't watch the live feeds. He seems nice!? Kind of funny at times!?
      So I guess I am missing something!?

      • He's unstable. He's like a liability. I hate josh too! Alex must ditch him, (Jason) he will ruin her game. He's doing it now telling her to put up a big target....that's just not smart right now. Plus no one from her side has won S. AND Kevin is a snake. Trust me on this. Its too risky to try and flip the house now. Get Jess out first, develop trust, then chill. If Jason dont win an hoh, he's out! He cant carry her, no one likes him. Its all about staying in a good solid alliance as long as you can for safety.

        • I could not agree with you more! I am just wishful thinking out loud.
          I said in a litre post/reply, to you? To someone, the exact same thing you just said.
          She doesn't have the numbers/backing to make any big moves. Fully agree! And it is too early in the game to try and flip the house unfortunately.
          So, I was just hoping if she couldn't make a big move then at the very least please send Home Josh but then someone just told me she is working with him!? Seriously!? I thought she was smarter than that!? I want that baby gone so badly!!!!
          Ugh 😑 I just can't stand that guy!
          As for Kevin, I am surprised at how conniving he is. I initially did not think he was going to be "that type of player" ((although he did take the $25,000,) I still didn't think he would play the way he is playing by listening to someone else (Paul) and following orders.
          He seems to be up Paul's ass!? (& apparently he didn't even know who Paul was, still doesn't) I don't know if that's better or worse LOL 😂
          And if my observations are correct & he is up Paul's ass then I'm not a fan at all! Play your own game Kevin, stop doing everything Paul tells you to do! He is doing pause dirty work so this week and the house is catching on (it seems) ..... if he stopped playing both sides so much and listening to Paul, I think he could have done well.... but I think his gig is up!?
          IDK 😐 It's all still so new! I still need to get to know the HGs better. So much has happened so quickly, so it feels like it's so much later in the game & I feel like I don't know enough but it's still so early in the game.
          You know what I mean?!?
          Sorry blah blah blah! Talk to type. I'm just yapping away, sorry! I do this way too much

          • Lol no don't apologize. I like conversations with levelled headed ppl that understands the game. Here's the thing about Alex and Kevin, they are only two on that side playing with strategy's. They both understand making an enemy of Paul is not safe now. That's the only good thing I can say about Kevin at this point. A little as kissing is a necessity for this game. If you have to kiss A for a few weeks, make sure its the right A. Paul has atleast 3 more hoh's in him, and a few veto's. She's not working with Josh. Its like this: ya see, the girl smart. Josh is playing two sides with more connection (at this point anyways) to the stronger side. By him going up as a pawn last week solidified him more with Paul. Alex understands this. If she puts him up he'd be a basket case and blow her game up and reveal everything her, jason, kevin etc...has ever talked about. She's smart enough to leave his bottle in his mouth and his diaper changed. So that's why she can't focus on Josh either. I think shes playing a good game cuz so far she's shooting down the idea of swinging on the strong side. I'll know for sure how smart she really is after noms lol

  • I hope she has enough sense not to listen to him. This is the first time I heard Ramses talk game.

    • I agree, I hope she flips the house upside down although, I hate to say this but it might be smarter for her to play along with Paul for now because she doesn't have the numbers
      I don't want her to listen to Paul, at all! So fingers crossed people start flipping fast! 😜

      • Too many HGs, too early in the game. Alex would do well to not try any big moves. Use it to gain connections and shoot at easy targets that won't bring the house down on her.

      • I would strategically. You have to keep in mind longevity, its only week 3. In Alex's alliance she has 2 ppl she doesn't trust (Ramses and Kevin), they want her to keep Jessica whom she also doesnt trust, so she doesnt have the solid foundation to stick her neck out to the the stronger side of the house of whom she's just bonded with and they kept their word to her. Paul made it to number 2 not by being dumb or playing terribly dishonestly in my opinion. If she takes a swing at the other side and Jessica, Josh, and Kevin flips on her after, she's F'ed. (Which i think they will) The easier safest target is Jessica. I wouldn't risk my peace in the game, for kevin, josh, Jessica or Ramses. Paul will carry her further. Its not about "liking" someone, you have to play the game. Her alliance isnt solid. Plus all of them hate Jason.

        • I 💯% agree with you.
          That comment you responded to was my initial reaction however, once I thought about it I realized it's way too early in the game for her to make any huge moves and she doesn't have the numbers backing her.
          So again, I completely agree with you.
          I didn't know she was close to Josh!? That sucks! A lot! I thought best case scenario (if she wasn't able to flip the house upside down/make a big move) she could at least make me happy and put up Josh and send that cry baby, bully, "victim noises" guy home to his mommy! He needs his diaper changed big time! #CantstandjoshBB19

          • I Don't think they would care if she put up Josh. I dont think her and Josh are that close but I don't will put him up. I'd do rames and jessica, Jessica will leave. Keep the peace. Plus there's a little trouble brewing within the stronger side, so she should lay low, see if they start going at each other which will happen. Dont think Matt and Dominique like each other. Oh and Raven.

  • Since Alex is on to Kevin I think he'll definitely be one of her noms, the other should be Jessica (and evicted) but I think it'll be Ramses

  • Glad Alex won and I can't wait to see how she runs her HOH. Leveled, strategic heads prevail...please!

  • I haven't read all comments, just curious though, am I the only one who doesn't feel bad for Josh getting bullied by Cody before he left? I recall Josh pushing PTSD girl around and even though he apologized... well...Karma Cody.

    • Josh is not a favorite of many people. I did not feel sorry when Josh got bullied. Plus I think that Josh is a bully. He bullied the blue hair girl and made her want to go home. The things Josh said to cody during nominations were obnoxious, even tho I couldn't understand a dang word that came out of his mouth. Josh is obviously unstable and obviously forgot his meds for his psychotic disorder at home. He needs to be evicted asap.

    • OKay, I just adjusted this and started seeing the newest comments first... lol. I see a fellow Josh hater! Amen!

  • I want to know why Jessica never has her Frog hat on?!?! And they are not staying on the lily pads...in the past they seemed more strict about doing the task.

  • I wish they would make them not whisper cause I cannot make out a lot of what they are saying on the live feeds.

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