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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Won Final HoH Round 2 Comp?

Our final Big Brother 19 spoilers of the season have arrived with Round 2 of the Final HoH competition featuring the two losers from Round 1 as they face off one last time for an assured chance at Round 3 and its gateway to the Final 2.

Results overnight Thursday revealed the winner of Round 1 to be Paul, no big surprise, and that left Josh and Christmas set to battle it out in Round 2. Those spoiler results are back and set us up for what could happen in Round 3, the live final competition of the season during the finale next Wednesday.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Final HoH Round 2 Comp:

  • Josh won the comp!

That took more than SIX hours to complete! There were three rounds within the comp itself and Josh mentioned he spent a full hour on one of the rounds alone. Well that explains the excessive delay. In the end though Josh beat Christmas by just FIVE mins (later she said seven), a narrow win he points out considering she had to do all the same yard running on one foot.

Paul will be joined by Josh on Wednesday night during the live Big Brother finale show for the giant scales of justice to crown the final HoH and then move to evict one of the other two HGs. That’ll give us our F2 of the season and then it’ll be up to the Jury to decide who deserves to be the winner of Big Brother 19.

Josh has said he’ll flip and evict Paul if he wins R3, but he’s also said he’s worried about Christmas being too well liked and thinks he’s got a better shot against Paul. What a mess of a meatball. What do you think Josh should do if he wins the third and final round of the last HoH comp live on Wednesday night?

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  • The houseguests are answering live questions from fans tonight. Have they ever done this before? I assume CBS will screen those questions a lot.

  • If Josh wins the 3rd part of the final competition and doesn't choose Christmas to go to final 2 with him, instead of the master-manipulator and all-around a-hole, Paul, then he will be the biggest "meatball"....EVER !!!

    • I'm HOPING that Josh will finally grow a pair & if he wins, will evict Paul & take Christmas. What a slap in the face for the Gnome that would be! LOL

  • Josh really has a very slim chance of winning the 3rd round against Paul in a mental comp which Paul has already done last year so has exp. with the format. Paul crushes Josh in mental comps but I wonder who paul would take with him Christmas or Josh?

  • If by some miracle JOSH wins the scales competition. His only shot at winning is by evicting Paul. He has no manipulations or big manuevers for his game resume BUT evicting Paul would be the BIGGEST TROPHY IN THE GAME and all the players know it. JOSH would have achieved the crown jewel of the game. EVICTING Paul is the one game move that none of the jury members accomplished but all wish they had. Because by now each and every jury member realizes that they weren't special to Paul, they were all played by Paul. So EVICTING Paul would garner much respect and the votes to win!

    • Totally agree EXCEPT I think Raven still believes Paul did nothing wrong and blames her and Matt's evictions on Josh and Christmas.

      • I was thinking the exact same thing. I would love to watch him go out 3rd, that has to be the worst eviction of all.

        • I'm hoping Paul get a little cocky on the night itself and throw the comp to Josh.

          I wonder though if Paul already suspected Josh bolting out.

          • I hope if Paul wins he takes JOSH to the F2. I have been reading that people in CBS production are saying that the jury is extremely bitter and Paul may be in serious trouble. It would be sooo amazing if Paul loses by one vote again, two years in a row. That would almost make watching this miserable season worth it! Fingers crossed that the MEATBALL that Paul chose to be his goat, ROLLS HIM OVER for the $500k

          • Knowing Paul & his not wanting to get blood on his hands, he just might let Josh win. What a wonderful night it would be if Josh then took Christmas over him!! That alone would make my day.

          • I wouldn't be surprised if Paul throws it to Josh since he has constantly tried to keep blood off of his hands. He may try and keep blood off his hands by letting Josh evict Christmas. What a shocker it'd be if he threw it to Josh and Josh took Christmas! Classic.

  • Not that Josh has a chance in round 3 with Paul as his opponent, but I don't see him winning it all against either Paul and Christmas. His only chance would be with rhetoric of the underdog, but I don't think he's that capable. Personally, I think Paul has earned it and I hope the jury isn't too hurt to see it. Besides, do we really want to see Paul back next Summer?

    • It's going to REALLY interesting if Josh & the Gnome are F2. Cody hates both of them but has to vote for one. It's going to burn his ass to give his vote to either of them. Too bad Cody. If he wasn't such a COMPLETE asshole, he might have stood a chance in the game. I really pity Jessica if she stays with him!! He's shown his true colors, and if she marries this guy, God help her. She'll ALWAYS have to remember that he's in charge, and she'll end up having to ask permission to do anything. He's a control freak & very insecure. He needs to have someone under his control at all times. I've seen this behavior a hundred times, and it doesn't bode well for those who are in a relationship with them.

  • Paul has done nothing. All summer long anytime he needed something done he sent Josh to do it. He did nothing on his own. Josh did all the dirty work. Didn't lie about doing it either the way Paul did. Josh deserves more than Paul and Christmas!!!

  • I think Josh has a chance of winning round three, the question is if he wins does he have the balls to take Paul out?

    • I really hope he does if he's lucky enough to win in R3. I think he'd stand a good chance of winning over Christmas.

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