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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Final HoH Round 1 Results

Big Brother 19 spoilers for the Final HoH endurance competition arrived for the Final 3 HGs and it’s time to find out who won the first round tonight. That HG will have a seat in R3, or rather a spot to stand on during the finale’s giant scales of Big Brother justice.

The losers in this round will face off in the second round of the comps later this weekend and with a one-legged HG in the mix we can probably guess how this will all go. Then again, despite earlier suggestions that they wouldn’t accommodate her injury, it’s hard to believe they wouldn’t to avoid a flop of a round here.

So who won the first round of the Final Big Brother HoH comps? Read on for the spoilers & details.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Final HoH – Round 1:

  • Paul won Round 1
  • Josh & Christmas will compete in Round 2
  • Paul will face off against R2 winner in Round 3

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Feeds came back at 12:25 AM BBT so they were down for about 5.5 hours after the final live eviction show ended. Long comp, right? Nope. HGs mentioned it only lasted about an hour, so they must have done the memory lane taping before the competition and that was cause of the extended delay.

Well I’m not shocked that Paul won. But I was surprised that Christmas got to play and she didn’t come in last. Turns out she had to be advised on how she was allowed to land when she dropped. Josh was the first to drop and didn’t last long while Christmas got second. That means those two will face off in Round 2. We’ll get that competition on Saturday based on past seasons and HGs comments tonight.

Once again this season we were denied the chance to watch the endurance competition on the Feeds and that was a crushing blow to the show’s hardcore fans who have for more than a decade watched this critical competition. Last year was the first time I recall such a shutout and they repeated the punishment for the fans again this season. One of their worst decisions of the season (but they’ve had worse).

There are no more nominations or Veto comps. We’re down to the last rounds of battle for the season’s Final HoH. We’ll be awaiting Round 2’s results later this weekend and you’ll get those results from us as soon as it happens. Download our Big Brother App then join us on Facebook & Twitter for the updates.

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  • I know this is a mute point but seeing Matt in the jury house really irritated me, him and his smug face with his psychotic girlfriend!
    The clown 🤡 (no offence Jason) should NOT be there!! Matt should've been ejected from the game plain and simple. He broke the rules, he disrespected BB/CBS, The game & disrespected us viewers/fans!!

    Can someone PLEASE explain to me why "Chima Simone" was ejected for BREAKING THE RULES by not listening to BB Pro when they continuously asked her to come to the DR room after she tossed her microphone into the hot tub but Matt was NOT ejected from the game for BREAKING THE RULES by continuously NOT listening to BB Pro telling him repeatedly to "not eat, not have hot showers, to sleep in the have not room & NOT sleep in bed with his psychotic, delusional, pathetic girlfriend?!?" (OK they didn't say it exactly like that but you get my point LOL)
    WHY was Matt not ejected?!

    Matt is a vote for Paul to win this game!
    Forget I asked, I answered my own question LOL 😜

    • Or Willie pushed his chest into another HG and got evicted. while I'm sure willie would have exploded again, this season has been full of poking butts punching privates, hitting, punching, wrestling, sitting in people's heads and holing their hands down. This was mostly Paul, josh, Jason and Alex. Sometimes Josh would really complain that he hurt when Paul would just jump on him in bed and twist his arms and sit in his face. Once in awhile BB would say stop it. A few times Jason or Josh yelled security, and BV woukd say stop or fish feeds. I never remember BB allowing hitting, punching? Alex would punch Jason and he admitted at the end, that it was really getting to him but his upbringing was you never complain about a girl hitting you.
      Willie physical "attack" was far less then what BB allowed almost nightly this season.
      Both Matt's cheating in the rules over and over and the constant physical issues this season is setting BB up for issues in future seasons. Next year let's say there are 5 have nots , if they all cheat all week and get one vote , why would have not work anymore? Just all cheat and you are all equal. The physical issues , I just hope they do not allow the contact they allowed this year again. I didn't like watching Alex hit Jason nightly, or Paul beating in josh .

      • Yeah you're right, if they all decide to eat etc. then they will all get a vote. I was also thinking if you know you're going home then people would just eat but in the past people knew they were going home but they respected the rules still. Hopefully BB doesn't allow this to happen again. They should've made an example out of Matt!
        & yeah the ejected Willy for headbutting the other guy, I can't remember his name. He was a loose cannon but, he didn't head butt him, they had their foreheads pressed together and were arguing and Willie kind of pushed the other guy with his forehead. It wasn't as dramatic as they made it seem but he still got ejected from the game.

    • Not a chance in hell Matt should've been ejected for that. What he did and what Chima did were not on the same level.

      • I understand they were on the same level but they were still breaking the rules. And Matt didn't just break one, he broke three rules several times. All day long! He had no respect for the game or production.
        I just see it being a future problem if they don't make it a more punishable penalty.
        If there are 5 have-nots and they all agreed to eat etc. then they all just get a vote against them, big deal! They are on a level playing field then or if someone knows they are going home for sure then they can just break that rule like Matt did. You know what I mean?
        The difference is even though other people knew they were going home without a doubt, they still follow the rules and respected big brother.
        If Matt just eat once or twice then fine whatever no big deal but he was a big baby and eat all of the time, had hot showers and slept in bed with his psychotic girlfriend over and over again. So, they should've called him to the DR room like they did with Chima and escort him right out the door.
        Again, I'm not saying what they did was comparable, but they both broke rules and one got to stay and the other one was booted. It doesn't make sense to me. Same can be said for Willy etc. although will he was violent so clearly that's worse. He was a loose cannon!
        That's just my opinion though!

        • Matt actually broke one rule, but multiple times and in different ways. It all still fell under the category of "Have-Not Rules" though. The punishment was fitting, a penalty nomination, and this isn't exactly an epidemic with the show -- this doesn't happen frequently -- so production shouldn't feel a need to make any changes.

          Chima threw her microphone in the hot tub when asked more than once to put it on, so she damaged their equipment, costing them money. She was volatile in her refusal to listen to anything they said, and it was building up, and they had reason to believe things would escalate from there. I can't remember exactly as it was now like 8 seasons ago, but I remember there was at least two other things she did in violation that could be categorizes as separate from "Damaging production property" and thus three differently categorized violations.

          Matt, despite breaking rules intentionally, was calm and very much in control. Not hot tempered or raging about the place. Once he got his penalty nomination, knowing they can't add anything, why stop? He's already shown disrespect and he's already got a penalty, he can't go back and save himself in the eyes of those who felt he was disrespectful of the game, by stopping it (maybe lessened the villain look, but not removed it).

          That's why I agree that their punishment was fine, that nothing further was necessary, and it was the right call to not remove him from the game. Without having seen the rule book, I would bet that "Deliberately damaging property" and other things Chima did would actually state "May result in your removal from the game" and I would subsequently bet that nowhere does it say "If you break have-not rules you risk expulsion from the game". The book probably does mention that breaking have-not rules may result in a penalty vote or nomination if not already on the block.

          • Again, yes receive the penalty vote for eating ones or having a hot shower ones or sleeping in a regular bed once, maybe get a second and third warning but after that it's like screw you, you have no respect! You are breaking the rules! Over and over and over again and it's not acceptable. Just because you received a penalty vote for eating the one time/breaking a rule one time doesn't mean someone should not be punished when they break the rule(s) again.

            Example: At work -arrive late Monday & you receive a punishment, late Tuesday & again, late on Wednesday but you do not think you deserve to be punished because you were already punished on the Monday? You are disrespecting your bosses rules so you would get fired! Simple as that. Three strikes you're out buddy! No??

            Or just like with my children, you come home late you are grounded for a day, you come home late again and you are grounded longer! BUT Mom you already grounded me for coming home late the first time I was late & grounded me for a day, so why am I being punished again for coming home late again? Why am I grounded again, you already grounded me? That's not fair!!
            So Matt was punished and warned the first time he ate and he received a penalty vote, but then he continued over and over again to break the same rule he was just punished for and not listen to production telling Matt to stop breaking the rules so there should be another punishment. Every time he breaks the rule and eats should be a new punishment because he technically is breaking a new rule every time. Make any sense? Sorry it's really early so it might not make any sense LOL

          • I fully understand what it is that you are saying however, I wasn't comparing Matt to Chima, I just meant she broke rules (granted a lot worse) and was ejected but Matt breaks the rules over and over again but because he does it "politely and calmly" it's OK?
            Yes, receive a penalty vote for eating etc. but after he continued to eat and eat and eat, also shower and sleep in a normal bed after production continuously told him to "stop it" and he did not listen, he should've been ejected.
            He broke the rule and was punished but he continued to break the rule he punished already for so he should've been ejected.

            Yes break a rule and get a penalty vote but continue to break a rule after you were warned and penalized should be immediate dismissal. It's like that in the real world too.

            Do you see what I'm saying?

          • I didn't get a chance to read your entire comment yet however, I just wanted to address the first part.
            Matt broke three of the have not rules, all of the have not rules. As far as I'm concerned every time he ate, every time he took a hot shower and every time he slept in bed with his psychotic girlfriend, each one was a rule broken in my opinion.
            NO respect for the game, CBS, production and the viewers! It was totally immature of him and wrong. People are going to catch on and when five or four of them are have not's they will just make a pact to all eat and all break every rule so they all have only one penalty vote, then it's an even playing field. Or in the future when people know they are going home, they will just eat. It's not A good enough punishment. The crime didn't fit the time LOL

  • Wow... I knew Paul and Christmas were closer than Christmas was to Josh, but after tonight's episode... Sounds like Christmas has romantic feelings towards Paul.

    $500K and the lovely Christmas? Not a bad summer's work for Paul!

    • I did the assessment on myself. It was eerie accurate.

      Protagonist ENFJ - A if that means anything to you.

      Heck of a lot more interesting than the show's been for going on weeks and weeks now. Thank you.

      • I absolutely agree. I think you would have to be an extrrovert to go on a show like BB. Perhaps a bit of a sociopath as well. Text book definition of sociopath is someone who lies, cheats, steals and manipulates with a lack of empathy for the people they victimize. The only one on that list that is not a BB strategy is stealing! I find it fascinating, and even mentioned the show in a class discussion. ;)

        • Oooooh good one!

          I would have liked to have seen more of Dominique's game... I would have never quit like Megan - ever. I found Ramses game far too timid and outside of being an able bodied competitor to replace the crippled Christmas wasn't really interested in Cameron either.

          I loathed Kevin's game. Sweet man on the outside, no doubt, but inside? Questionable hygiene and proud of wearing saran wrap to bed?!!? Effing YARF!!! You've got all summer to exercise, in fact, you've got nothing but time to exercise and you choose, CHOOSE!! to bundle up in saran?!?!? What I want to know is how he got a woman to sit still long enough to conceive and bear him those seven children, I mean... good for her... and him too I guess, he must be doing something right... but still!! Also, I hate tattlers. I would rather find out the truth on my own.

          More interesting to me was watching how the personalities of the houseguests changed throughout the course of the summer. How they were able to process the stress of trying to live among disparate personalities while still keeping their head in the game and on the money. How they either rose or devolved.

          We didn't all care for Cody's personality. Certainly through isolating himself up in the HOH with Jessica and withdrawing until it was too little, too late, he sunk his own battleship. However, he did stay true to his innate personality and he did accept when his game was over.
          Mark had a few bumps in the beginning. Perhaps a bit of insecurity. In the end however he did return to his core and left the game with grace as a gentleman. Big Brother is probably not the game nor the forum for his skill set.

          Now the others...

          I don't feel like I know Elena enough. I don't think I would like her but it would also be unfair of me to say so definitively. I know for a fact I didn't really care for what I considered her sexual promiscuity. I would never conduct myself like that. She seems nice enough I guess... if somewhat dippy. Certainly she doesn't have Jessica's sharp and often harsh edges.
          Matt entered the game a self indulgent, poon chasing hound and left the game the exact same self indulgent, poon chasing hound as when he first walked through the door.
          Ditto Raven. Perhaps one of the least self aware houseguests to ever call the BB house home for the summer. She and Matt deserve each other.
          What's interesting about Whistle Nut Jason is the nature of his vulgarity at a time in the game when he was still on top of the world thinking he was in charge and on his way to winning the game. He was laughing, riding high, stress free and enjoying himself. It speaks of something deeply disturbing and ugly way down inside of himself. Probably something he's unhappy for having revealed about himself.
          Alex is a vicious and vindictive harpie. She's the life of the party when it's all falling her way but we see her real self as reality slowly seeps through her consciousness. That it still had to come by drips and drops doesn't speak well of her intelligence.

          And finally... our final three...

          Because of her injury I can't give a fair assessment of Christmas. She didn't get to play the game she had planned for herself or the game she would have liked to have played for herself either. It's unfortunate. She thinks she's in love with Paul. She's not. The intimacy of this game makes for strange bedfellows. She'll get over it in no time flat once released back into her normal life. BB is intense. Her current and unflattering behavior is a reflection of that. I could be wrong but I don't think it represents the real Christmas.
          Josh is the most pleasant surprise of the season and I'm grateful his introspection and redemptive arc came at a time when we were able to get this better look at his true personality.
          Paul is my choice for winner. He's focused, charismatic and has worked his tail off. People who don't see that are purposefully and spitefully choosing not to see that.

          I don't have Paul's ruthless drive but I do identify with his ability to make personal connections and hard work ethic. I also see myself in Josh's self awareness and softer, more emotional aspects.

          I think I would suck at Big Brother. I do write a good report card though, and as my personality type indicates, my profession is that of second grade teacher.

  • Really bbad?, just have us watch them sleeping? Why don't they live feed the jury house? Does anyone know if there's a specific reason why they don't? This doesn't make sense unless there is a legitimate reason.

    • I think one reason why the cast was all hoping for jury is the no cameras. It is free lodging, food, movies but no filming (besides the 10 minutes each time a HG enters jury) so a relaxing vacation. As much as I would love to see the jury house , I can understand houseguests after 50-80 days of filming 24/7 being able to change their clothes or shower without worrying about cameras. Now some compromise would be great like give the jury the same BBQ and games and film for a few hours.

  • Apparently I'm the only one alive who isn't convinced Josh would evict Paul if he won Part 3 and became the final HoH. I'm not saying he won't. I might even get on board with saying he likely will. But sure that he will? Convinced? No way. Not with what I've seen this season. I'll believe it if I see it.

    • PAul will beat Josh no doubt!
      JIsh is nit that good of a player like Paul!
      Either one will take Christmas

  • Sure hope Paul make sure Big Brother Wednesday and not Josh! Paul played best game all season just like last!
    Josh don't know very what's going on!

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