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Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Weekend Roundup – Week 11

We’re nearly down to the very end of Big Brother 19 spoilers but there are still some important events along the way including what took place over the past few days. Setting us up for the season’s F4 were the HoH and Veto competitions. Nominations were mostly a formality in the eyes of target, but don’t tell her just yet or you’ll ruin the surprise.

Head of Household:

Alex was the outgoing HoH and as the house’s main target she had no way to protect herself in this competition. Of course she didn’t even realize she was in danger thanks to her blinding hatred for Kevin, her assumed target this week. Nope, it’s her, and she’s going to need the Veto to survive another week.

As for the comp itself, this was the BB Comics themed “The Revengers” with past HGs returning to star in a short video used as a basis for questions in the challenge. The winner here secures a spot in the F4 and that honor went to Josh. Kevin later complained to Paul that they could have won that one but instead it sounds like both of them threw it. Read More >>


With Alex vulnerable this round she’s the obvious target for the rest of the house. It was an easy choice for Josh at that point even if he was pondering a flip on Paul. No need to alarm anyone though with that thought which made these noms a simple decision.

No surprises here as Josh sent Alex and Kevin to the Block, but as before, don’t ruin the surprise for Alex as here we go for the THIRD straight week of Kevin being presented as the pawn and the other nominee being groomed for eviction. Sheesh. They never learn. When the noms were over Alex put on a big show of tears and that soon sent Josh in to his own round of crying. Oh the fake drama. Read More >>

Power of Veto Competition:

Alex’s last shot at safety but again with her blinding obsession with Kevin she probably didn’t feel the fire flicking at her toes here. She’ll realize that mistake in a few days.

This was the return of the BB Comics and with its zip line in tow there was no way Christmas would be allowed to play. She had to sit out which took away one competitor. Next you’ve got Kevin with colorblindness and you’re down another challenger. That left Paul, Josh, and Alex to play for the win.

I’m surprised that Paul went for the win here with his delicate position of “I had nothing to do with it!” in jeopardy, but with this being an individual comp there was no easy way for him to know if Josh could pull off the win. Instead of risking Alex getting another week of safety Paul went full bore and took the win. He’ll have to out his game at some level here, but if not I’m sure Josh will do it for him again this week. Read More >>

When it comes time for the Veto Ceremony the plan right now is for Paul to decline to use it. He’ll have to explain himself away to Alex and he wants to do that by blaming Josh and Christmas, of course. Christmas has already agreed to it, but Josh keeps saying no way. Later last night Paul and Christmas agreed that they could just blame it on Josh anyway without his permission. Yikes.

That should catch you up on everything since Thursday’s episode ended. The PoV Ceremony is coming up on Monday and we’ll get the latest results when it’s over.

Don’t forget the next eviction will arrive two days early with a special Tuesday night elimination. Unfortunately we won’t see that play out until Wednesday night’s not-so-live eviction. That also means Feeds will be down for about two days next week for all that to take place and potentially remain a secret, but it didn’t last year and I’m sure we can expect a slew of fake spoilers too. With so few possibilities it’s easy to guess and be right later.

What do you think of this weekend’s Big Brother spoilers? Are you happy with the results or did you want someone else to pull off the wins? If you have our Big Brother App then you received alert notifications as these results arrived. If you don’t have it, then be sure to download our app now!

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  • I want Paul to take her to end! Have I been played? Seriously tho, before all the drama this season was hoping Paul and Alex would be last two standing. She seemed sincerely wanting to compete against an equally good player in the end and played a fair game until all the meanness.

    • You want Paul to win?? Then you must have the same morals as he does. Trying to destroy someone's reputation and constantly putting them down is ABUSE, and has nothing to do with game play. He calls Josh, fool all the time. What a complete ASSHOLE. Of all the people putting others down because of the way they look, he should take a long hard look in the mirror!! He's short, ugly, buttless and has no personality. Plus he's SO into himself it's nauseating. He resembles a garden Gnome, and that's putting it kindly.

      • He most likely is going to end. In that case, would prefer Alex with him other than Josh or Christmas. And for being offended by the put downs by hgs your last two sentences are interesting.

  • Paul is in Alexs face still telling her lies and Xmas is in Joshs face still telling what to do. They are quit the tag team.

    • Spell check always changes for to four for me
      The edit box gives three word options if you can get close
      Just click the word you like
      I click my name to get the disqus page to answer late replies

  • Josh is my NEW favorite player! (never, ever thought I'd say that!) I don't care if he doesn't blow up Paul's plans, at least he's throwing a wrench in them!! Paul and Xmas are literally tag team dogging the poor guy, but that's okay Josh...you're just making them show more and more of their true colors! Team Josh!

    • I'm also team Josh now, too. I HATE to see people abused, which is EXACTLY what the Gnome is doing to Josh. Calling him fool all the time is really getting under my skin. The resident Gnome is walking around as if he owns the BB house. NOTHING would make me happier than to see his ass kicked out before F2. I really wish Josh would smarten up & do what is necessary here. Tell Alex exactly what happened with Jason. Blow his game & let Alex take those facts to Jury. If Josh keeps this up, he'll be the next one out the door.

    • He will be leaving Thursday night unless he can get POV. Neither Christmas or Paul trust him anymore. Christmas told Paul Josh has gone rogue. So, Alex on Tuesday night and Josh on Thursday night. Josh's only hope is to win POV for Thursday.

  • I love how Josh says listen Paul, you better be careful cause you might be sitting on the block sooner than you think! Poor Josh, he will be the one on the block. You always get rid of the player who's gone rogue, whether they're in you alliance or not.

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