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Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Competition Results

We’re back with our Big Brother 19 spoilers from the Live Feeds and here are the latest results. The Veto competition is over and now we’ve got insight to where we should end up for Thursday night’s eviction.

Players were picked in a very early draw which left us waiting to see just when this comp was going to happen. It also left Matthew and Raven a little nervous because they’re under the impression that they’re on the Block as pawns to get Kevin out the door. But guess who was drawn to join them in this comp? Oh yes. HGs playing in this week’s Veto comp were Jason (HoH), Matthew & Raven (noms), Paul, Josh, and Kevin. Christmas hosted.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Competition Results:

  • Jason won the Power of Veto!

Feeds were down for about five and a half hours and now we see why. HGs trashed the house! It was the Hide & Seek Veto and boy is this place a disaster zone right now. Yikes. This is going to take awhile to clean up.

Gallery: Hide & Seek Veto Destruction

Speaking of messy, I can’t wait to see Monday’s Veto meeting. I’m wondering if Jason just might not even use the Veto and the “target Kevin” lie will finally die a painful death for Matthew and Raven. Good times ahead on the Feeds!

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  • Captain, yes agree...and let's see if he has the b@lls to put Paul on the block....even if told he's a pawn! I like Chritmas and she would have been a super rival against returning Paul without her injury. She's playing hard, even with it. Jason...your horsing around caused her injury, you owe something to her by at least listening to her suggestions/inputs.
    So ready for Kevin, Matt and Raven to go. Also tired of Jason's big-mouth prantics and wanted him on the "go-to" list except he's won HoH now. With those mentioned eliminated, we'd get down to the Serious Players!

    • Christmas was part of the housing around so she bears part of the blame. No one made her get on Jason's shoulders and it was more than once. Christmas is helping Paul win so why should Jason listen to her since he believes his team is with Paul.

      • And over Xmas who was given the HoH and Josh who has only won the golf comp. Really, other than Paul, Jason and Alex are the only 2 serious players left. Maven, Xmas and Josh will only get further by being carried.

  • Returning House Players have too much advantage, strategy and completion wise, over others; CBS should not keep returning former finalists.

  • IF Paul makes it to the end , it would be priceless to see him not win,
    This is the most non game playing season ever, One thing I think I missed, when Mark had his exit interview with Julie, I do not remember her asking him , you gave Paul a free week , it seems he did not try hard to save you but voted you out, In most seasons that would have been a huge back stab , And no other house guest was mad they were not chosen, no matter what fake excuse he had to give it to Paul.
    the normal BB behavior is not there, and has not been for weeks and weeks, even though Paul has had 4 weeks free, not one person is talking it, That is one thing in most seasons would make that person a huge target, even from their own team, And Christmas, taking spots away from others in veto comps and not being able to compete, and no talk about how she is voting for one side, that would have made her a target,
    Since they are picking on Kevin, it is no surprise, look what they did to Cody and JEss,
    Kevin is a non threat , Alex Christmas and Paul are dirty players, doing it to a non threat is just being mean, not game play,
    then to top it off without any game play they are all bored, nothing to do, they are waiting for the the last week, and Kevin has not raised his hand and said I want to go next, , He is not with the Paul program . so torment him , that seem to be the theme of this year. Do not play unless you play for Paul. only Paul.

      • Right littlefly, no way can you compare Kevin's behavior in the house to Jody's. Kevin has treated all the hg's well and has been social throughout, Jody well the opposite of both those things

  • what a mess...and the house is pretty bad too! if only jalex could talk things out and realize they're being played by paul, who shouldn't be in the house at all...he had his shot last season and failed by going to the end with the pretty/more likable nicole...this "makeup to paul season" is pretty ugh...frustrating! unless he somehow still loses...

  • Paul: Who even really uses Twitter? Christmas: It's awful. Wasn't she bragging to Kevin/Josh/Jason (can't remember which one) about the number of followers she has?

  • Are these HG dumber than a box of rocks??? If Jason really wanted to make a big move, he would b/d Paul. Why these HG believe everything Paul says is beyond me. Paul couldn't win it when he in the house before, so I guess BB powers have decided that Paul should win this one... Must be a pity win.

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