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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony is over and we have our final Big Brother 19 noms. Looks like we have a fun few days ahead for us with these Feeds. Read on for the latest Big Brother spoilers for Week 9’s Power of Veto events.

Heading in to today’s meeting we saw Jason holding all the control while Raven and Matthew were obliviously screeching the days away. The joyride is over now and well, there’s probably just a new and higher pitched screeching ahead for us.

Power of Veto Ceremony Spoilers – Week 9

  • Jason decided not to use his Veto
  • Raven and Matthew are this week’s final noms

Flashback to 11:59 AM BBT 8/28 to watch the meeting fallout. Grab the Live FeedsFree Trial and start watching what’s going on inside the house right now!

Raven was sure she was going to be saved because, well just because. She was telling others that she had been promised safety, but she hadn’t. Even if she had, it was all just going to be smoke and mirrors. Jason decided days ago that he wasn’t going to change his noms and risk Kevin. Smart move too since Paul had convinced his allies that this was their chance to get out Kevin should Jason make that move.

Now instead we’ve got Matthew and Raven up for eviction and one of them will be heading to Jury next. So far Matthew has told others to vote him out over Raven (ya big dummy), but we’ll have to see if he changes his tune when the heat turns up.

Who do you think will be evicted this week? Cast your vote in our poll below.

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          • I found that interesting too - I looked it up, his rising sign is aries which makes sense - quite a hot headed sign and he goes from 0 to 60 pretty quick and definitely acts without always thinking!

  • Christmas' personal transit for today: Tonight you have the capacity to work either with others or alone. If you work with others you will have to have a lot of independence or some kind of leadership role in order to feel that you have been given an adequate chance. Probably you will get that chance. You have a much greater desire than usual to take the initiative and much stronger feelings of courage and self-reliance. In working with others, you will be able to give them the feeling that your aims are theirs, so that they will work with you more willingly. If you have to defend your point of view when challenged, you will not back down but will argue your case with vigor and passion. Others will respect you for this even when they do not agree. You do not feel any need to make unwarranted attacks in order to maintain yourself.

  • Okay Sara, here are the states/birthdates:

    Christmas - Dec. 20 1981 Virginia
    Paul - June 13 1993 California
    Raven - June 10 1994 Arkansas
    Jason - Correction - July 12 1979 Iowa
    Josh - Jan 4 1994 Florida
    Alex - Dec 20 1988 California
    Kevin - Aug 7 1961 Massachusetts
    Matthew - Cannot locate his birthday (33 years old) Virginia

    • ok, will start them tomorrow, they are kinda long, but will do my best to keep them condensed. Not everybody into this and do not want to annoy anyone with something not really off topic but some might think so, but promise will only post up when nothing else is going on. I hope that works.

    • NICE JOB my dear!!!!!!! ok, so we have 3 fire signs (Kevin the Leo; Christmas the Sag; Alex the Sag). 2 Air signs (Paul the Gemini; Raven the Gemini);1 water sign (Jason the Cancer); and 1 earth sign (Josh the Capricorn). And Matt we don't know yet. Well we do have all the elements covered now. ok. ok. So I already started Christmas and posted her transits for the day. So let's make it Ron W's choice. I can do two person's daily transit and personality profile a day. It's late now, so you get to pick which one for tomorrow. Although, now that I've started (LOL)......

      • I think a lot of people would like to see Jason's. Also, Sara, when you do post, please do so on the latest BB posting, that way everyone will see it and your hard work will not go to waste! Thanks so much!

        • thank you for the tips, i do want to do things properly here, being new and all. I just got done putting all the data into my software (have to use noon as birth times and I just used State capitals for place; which is normal for charts that we only have just some info on). It's funny you said Jason cause when I did his, I sat here going I have never ever seen a chart like his. Ever. And i've done about 300 charts more or less. I've never seen anything like it. Well we will see if I can post up or not may take me a few trys, but we can go with Jason first on our list.

  • Matthew deserves to go because he's so stupid, a poor player, and generally has no game. However, since he's told everyone to vote him out, those clowns will probably vote Raven out. Her personality is as annoying as Matt's lack of insight. I'm happy with either of these two losers going. Good riddance.

  • What makes Raven righteously indignant over possibly being evicted? In the absence of a logical reason, there's the illogical: She deserves to stay because she deserves to stay. Simple!

  • Is this guy delusional or????......Paul saying "not gone on the block"?? Yes granted earlier he won that "3 week Immunity"....But, let's rewing ya'll, I am NOW clearly watching a clip as we speak, of him (Paul) ON THE BLOCK...when Cody was HOH....Yes granted he won that "3 week Immunity" but regardless...on Cody's HOH - I see Paul on the block - or at least a NOM. am I right,?? ..... Granted Rachel came back into the Game twice - and won BB - but she had a better game player - she didn't LIE like Paul. what get's me is - don't these other HG realize that Paul is a VET...and with that said - HE should be a bigger target/threat in the game....I mean are these HG that clueless?? Why taking a VET to the end- bad for their game. I am now starting to think that PRODUCTION is telling everyone to keep Paul safe. SO, clearly this season HAS to be rigged, am I right?? ...and also lastly: what gets me is this group - attacking Kevin, what up with that?? - Everyone is like feeling "invincible" and what they apparently so NOT realize is - only 1 winner, so they are goin gto have to go after each other, and turn on each other.

    • You are wrong. He was never OTB. Cody nominated him but the pendant of protection was used and he never had to go up.

  • its getting down to the wire now, they now will have to turn on each other very soon. hope they realize that no one is safe.Josh thinking he is invincible. I know Matt gonna be gone this week....but my prediction is - Matt, followed by Kevin, then Raven, then Jason, then Alex, then the final 3 will be Paul, Christmas and Josh. I just have a gut feeling. But I Hope I am wrong. cause I do NOT want this scenario to happen. then Josh loses - and final 2 - Paul and Christmas - with Christmas the winner. unfortuantely now the HG do not like Kevin, so he will go next. but after then - it be a toss up - cause it seems like everyone else is buddy buddy to each other. ....although looking at past seasons:....Rachel came back and won, Nicole came back and won....so who is to say that Paul can't/won't?? - I just like for once, Kevin to win HOH or Veto, and then throw everyone's game off. and everybody will be then paranoid AF. well if that the case, Paul?? - you better rethink Plan B or C.

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