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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 9 Nominations

Nominations are in for Week 9 with the latest Big Brother 19 spoilers from the Feeds and we’re on our way to the majority alliance starting to eat their own.

A few Houseguests were nervous during the day, but apparently not nervous enough to gamble on a pick from the Tree of Temptation. They’re probably going to regret that later when they realize they’ve been lied to this week. It’ll be too late then.

Big Brother 19 Week 9 Nominations:

  • Jason nominated: Matthew & Raven

Lots of smoke blown up at Matthew and Raven today as HGs denied knowing who would be on the Block or how Kevin was the real target. Nope. We knew Jason would go for them and they’re going to be staying right where they are unless something changes with the Veto comp. Even better, Matthew has said they should save Raven with the Veto. Move over Marcellas? Could be interesting!

If one of these noms comes down then I’d expect Kevin to go up, but unless something really stirs the house then he’ll be safe and whoever remains from Matthew or Raven will be going to Jury. Should noms hold, then Matthew heads out. Then again, the HGs are getting pretty annoyed with Raven at this point, so who knows.

Veto comp is coming up on Saturday and we’ll be watching for the player draw and the results to share as soon the spoilers arrive. Who do you want to win the PoV?

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  • Ah, none of these people notice or care that Paul is up talking to Jason all alone.
    I swear Paul can do whatever he wants and not one of them question it.

    • Problem is- he's up against idiots.
      Place Paul next to Dan, Derrick, Will or Vanessa..... I think you get it

      • I would love to see Paul up against them. Bet he could hold his own. Not his fault nobody is challenging him this season. Or on the flip side it's to his credit.

      • Derricks season wasn't much better. All but Donny were clueless about him. And this cast may be a bit dumber, BUT Derrick SHOULD have been able to do exactly what he did or he wouldn't have been able to be an undercover cop for 13 years! His job dictated that! I guarantee you Derrick would NOT have been able to pull it off with players like Dr Will and Dan! No way. Dan and Will are tied for best ever and everyone else is just best of their season! Put Vanessa next to Dan or Will and she'd be crying all the way home. Her tears and bribes wouldnt have worked on them like they did her season's cast.... let's also not forget the ages of the majority of the cast. Millennials can't think for themselves ever. But no Paul wouldn't last with Dan or Will either lol

        • Oh NOW Derrick's season was "much better". Smh. You people are a trip. I recall some of the same things being said about Derrick's season that are being commented this season.

  • None of this years group deserves to win if they don't put Paul up! Can't talk only about Christmas if the others do the same, Jason and Alex for me are the worst players they had/has two opportunities to kick Paul out!

  • Who would I like to see win Veto? Kevin ... yes, I know he hasn't won any comps (pressing a button to win $25K is not the type of comp I'm talking about). But at least the win would lock in Maven OTB.

  • UGH
    I was really hoping Matt didn't truly have feelings for Raven and he was just "enjoying her company" ha ha but, seriously! He is going to put his BB life on the line for Raven!? Why MATT? Why? Do NOT do that!
    Matt better hate Raven after this game is over and he finds out she was nothing but a "psychotic con artist!" And she totally manipulated him so much so that he was willing to throw away a half $1 million for her!
    I soooooooo HOPE he dumps her ass as soon as he finds out! I mean I know he is stupid, (they all are!) but others are beginning to distrust her, how is he not!? How does he put up with her!! I thought he was going to kill this game Day 1! And NOW look at him!!!! SMH
    What does she have to offer him!! Nothing aside from negativity! Oh and sex! But after this game is over and he has his 15 minutes of fame, he is going to have girls flocking all over him!

    • I agree 100%! Plus he spends the most time with her and must hear her crazy medical stories over and over and over.....

      • Right!?! How is he not completely over her! I guess because he has been "over her" all summer LMAO
        He's in for a big surprise when this game is over!

        • Now she says she needs new kneecaps because she has loose knee cap syndrome. She has mushy brain syndrome if you ask me.

      • I think Matt tunes Raven out when she gets going about her medical stuff. He usually looks very disinterested and at times he will just get up and leave.

    • Matt is a waste of space in the house...when someone is picked to play Big Brother and openly says that his goal is to make jury....where do they get these losers....he doesn't deserve to be there. Raven is going to dump him....he hasn't got anything to offer her on the outside.

      • I agree with everything you said aside from Raven is going to dump Matt. Other way around for sure! When he finds out she is nothing but a psychotic con artist and has lied to him plus the entire house all season and he has had to listen to it all season and he has had nothing but sympathy for her all season, Matt is going to be pissed!
        Plus the guy is a total bachelor. All the hot girls wanting to hook up with him during his 15 minutes of fame! He's going to be done with Raven for sure?

  • Aw, am I the only one who kind of feels bad for Matt? I mean, yeah, he hasn't really been playing the game all that hard, and he's unfortunately hitched himself to Raven (who I agree is highly unlikeable), but unless I'm missing some obnoxious feeds behavior, he otherwise seems like a sweet, well meaning guy whose major failing in the game (besides Raven) is just passivity and a willingness to go along with the flow. I know they'll wind up keeping Raven because she'll never win, but I really think Matt deserves to stay longer than she does. He's a disappointment as a player and a houseguest, but in the end I'll feel bad when he gets evicted.

    • You are missing a lot of obnoxious feed behavior from Matt if you think he is just a fun, cool guy that has had the misfortune to attach himself to Raven. He encourages Raven's obnoxious behavior and joins in. He's constantly eating. The tongue thing, he sticks his tongue out like a Llama, it's really weird and him and Raven are constantly going up to HOH, as if it's theirs and making camp, eating all the HOH's food. The one thing that really got me the other night was him losing his marbles because Jason and Alex wouldn't quit the comp, as if they listen to him and he has the right to tell them what to do. My belief is he wanted them to wind it up because he was hungry and wanted to eat. He then proceeded to go straight into the house, start eating like it was going to be the last time he ever eats and ate for a solid hour or so.

  • It's official these people are dumb dumb faces. I guess they didn't get the message that Paul almost won last season. One of the best big brother games I've seen. Also makes for really boring tv, life feeds we're interesting but the game it's self has been boring. I was really hoping for an all brand new cast, if next season is a vet being brought back I'm likely to not watch until in all new cast happens.

  • This season for me has been boring from day one cbs protected paul and hes run the house and no one votes different its all borrrrinnnggggg ... very sad season and Paul wins hes a bully and does not deserve to win in anyway...

  • None of the HA have made decisions for themselves except cody and jessica he rest just blindly follow paul and are clueless what he is up to... soo the end will be paul and one of the sheep .... aM guessing jury wont reward paul but at this point who knows...

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