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Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Competition Results

The Big Brother 19 Power of Veto competition results were just confirmed on the Live Feeds, so we’ve got those spoilers for you now. We also now have a better idea of exactly what’s going to go down come Thursday night. Could the majority get their target out for a third straight week?

The plans this week have seemingly remained the same as Christmas nominated Jason and Matthew with plans to Backdoor Mark. Christmas has mentioned making a move that no one would see coming, but as of now that doesn’t seem to be anything we can expect.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Competition Results:

  • Jason won the Power of Veto!

Mark, Raven, and Paul were drawn to play in the comp today along with Christmas, Jason, and Matthew. There was one more player: Zingbot. Yes, it was the return of the Zing tonight for the HGs. We’ll have to listen in on what was delivered and if any of them hit home.

Jason will definitely save himself and Christmas will have to name a replacement nominee. Well, so long Mark. He’s set to be renom’d and evicted this week unless we get something else big in the next few days.

Sounds like it was the Crisco greased endurance comp where HGs run/slide/fall up and down the tracks while trying to fill a bowl and retrieve a ball. That’s an endurance comp. We didn’t get to see it. Big Brother is really sticking it to us with the Feed blackouts this week for that junk Friday episode and now missing this comp.

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  • All the players I rooted for are out, Mark is the only one left. The rest of them are morons and follow each other like little terds. Christmas and Raven are the biggest floaters in history.

  • well, all that's left is the Paul butt kissers, bye bye big brother, I'm done watching the Paul show

  • It is so sad that everyone in that house is letting Paul run every single move. BB should have never let someone from last season back in the house. I cant watch anylonger because everyone in there is stupid behind Paul. Clearly everyone in there should know what he is doing. I cant see how BB picked all weak people this season, except Cody and Jessica, They seen straiggt through paul. My dad told me not to watch anymore because its starting to effect my life because I be so into the show. They always only have 2 black people that always go home first. They never have enough black people because they would have seen through Paul from the beginning. Paul would have been out. Domonic seen straight through Paul, but not enough people on her side to see what he is doing. How can so many people be so naive? Every week is predictable. ITS WHATEVER PAUL SAYS. I wish it was someway to let Mark stay and he get Paul out. Then the show will be good again. Those people would be lost without Paul. Raven and her boyfriend is disgusting running behind paul. We all know Mark is leaving this week because its What Paul wants. I get sick looking at him. This is why i dont care who wins this season, I refuse to watch.

  • These houseguests are completely oblivious and stupid it should be in history books. I'm hoping Christmas actually has some common sense to go after someone else other than the person who is ALONE in the game (Mark) and can be used as a target later on, but she doesn't. Why can't they cast houseguests like they do with Big Brother Canada. On BBCan, those people are hardcore players and strategists who are independent and don't listen to what one person in the house has to say. This season had so much promise, but it's disappointing. If anyone takes out Paul, then they deserve to win. I wish it could've been Mark, but it seems he's going this week, unless Christmas actually has a brain and puts up a much bigger threat (Alex), but I doubt it. This isn't shaking up the house, Christmas, this is going with the house, once again. BORING...

  • so when is big brother going to start...worst one ever... stopped watching until Paul gets out and if he doesn't than definitely will be last time I ever watch the show, definitely rename to Paul show and certainly not reality.

  • all I hear is Paul this Paul did that Paul is the strongest player it's not his fault that these grown ass men/women are listening to him they choose to he should of won against Nicole anyway her dippy ass 🤔😶 but again these adults choose to listen I want him or Christmas or raven to win .#bbtonight

  • Well Christmas can't take out Jason and since Mark saved Paul that's out. So the only big move left for Christmas to make would be Alex. It would split up Alex and Jason and Jason and Paul probably don't trust each other. You figure if it's Matt vs. Alex, Jason and Paul would vote out Matt and Raven would vote out Alex. Kevin likes Jason but doesn't get along with Alex so he might be able to be swung around to vote for Alex. Christmas probably won't put up Alex if she doesn't think Josh will vote for her. I'm not sure about Mark but if Christmas can convince both Kevin and Josh to vote out Alex over Matt, Mark's vote is irrelevant. Then Christmas, Josh, Kevin, Matt, Raven, and Mark can form an alliance and make Paul and Jason the next two out. But the danger for Christmas is if Alex does go home and either Paul or Jason become the next HOH she might as well pack her bags (then again, there is always the tree).

  • I am so sick of Paul's arrogance when he was scolding Mark for having the conversation with Jason about it being time to take Paul out. How dare Paul attack someone for playing the game. Paul acts as if he owns BB and is allowing these peasants to play his game. He needs to be BDd. Dumb move by Mark to give the save a friend to Paul. And the issue of Kevin knowing Derrick so they must both be cops is hysterical. Time to really shake this house up.

  • Raven has got to go. I cannot stand listening to her anymore. Put Paul and Raven on the block and tell each of them they are the pawn.

  • I really don't understand why these idiots continue to listen to Paul. I hope & pray that someone will get him out. He's a control freak.. Get Him Out!!!

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