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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 8 Nominations

Nominations are in for Week 8 with the Big Brother 19 spoilers here from the Feeds thanks to their long awaited return after all the downtime for that dud of a clip show on Friday night. With that out of the way we were treated to plenty of updates and spoilers including who had been sent to the Block.

It didn’t take long to get the HoH spoilers and the nominations soon followed as well. Looks like we’ve got another Backdoor plan in action this round.

Big Brother 19 Week 8 Nominations:

  • Christmas nominated: Matt & Jason

Christmas was joking with Raven about telling Matthew she didn’t like him and that Jason was guilty by association. What I assume is happening here is that Mark is the target so Christmas is using Matthew & Jason as her pawns.

If Mark doesn’t get drawn for Veto then he’s out the door and off to Jury. I bet Elena will be thrilled…

Veto comp is coming up on Saturday and we’ll be watching for the player draw and the results to share as soon the spoilers arrive. Who do you want to win the PoV?

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  • Christmas goes on about how i she wins she'll shake up the house and then she plans to backdoor Mark. I hope she's lying and has a better plan.

  • This season has turned into groundhog day. Same scenario with a different target. Really boring to watch. BB tries to throw in some fake drama to keep people interested. The HOH comps are pro Paul, giving Pauls intended target, cody, mark, etc. very very small chances of winning power.

  • If by some miracle Christmas is planning on a backdoor on Paul you have to make sure to put someone next to him that he has a chance of getting evicted sitting next to. That person absolutely can't be Mark. All you do is send Mark home and guarantee you'll be next. Plus if someone Paul wins Veto and there is no backdoor you can just say you were trying to backdoor Mark and he's the next target anyway.

    Christmas needs just 3 votes out of 6 voters to evict Paul (she's the tiebreak). Mark has be a vote to evict Paul. If Matt is next to Paul, Raven's a vote to evict Paul. If Christmas can work Josh, he's the third vote and Paul's as good as gone. Kevin probably could be talked into voting out Paul as well. Maybe Mark can talk to Jason again, telling Jason that Paul probably has his eyes on him after that chess game speech during the DE nomination speech anyway. So if it's Matt vs. Paul I think there's plenty of ways Christmas gets 3 votes. What if it's Jason vs. Paul? It puts Alex in a tough spot. Alex claims Jason is her "no-mance" but she also has a tight bond with Paul. If she chooses Jason, I would say it is over. If Christmas (or Mark) wins Veto, they could strike a deal with Maven and say they will pull Matt off the block in exchange for their votes to vote out Paul over Jason. Then it doesn't matter who Alex chooses.

    I think Christmas's nominees are the perfect choices IF she is trying to take Paul out. Big if though. I think if Josh and/or Kevin are on board she most likely can do it.

    • Christmas is like Helen of Big Brother of Amanda's season. She kept talking about making big moves, week after week! Her allies told her to go after Amanda, she kept saying this week is not a good week to take out Amanda! Guess what happened? She evicted her own allies, betrayed them, and was in turn evicted by Amanda when she had no one left on her side! Idiotic and pathetic! That pretty much describes Christmas game play! She is so up Paul's butt, if Paul told her to jump off a cliff, she will gladly!

    • She's as gutless and hypocritical as Josh so there's no chance she BDs Paul, despite it being a move that possibly gets her 3 immediate jury votes.

  • I cannot take the Mark crying anymore, I have never, for such a "macho" guy, he seems to cry a lot, is he related to Rachel LOL

    • Thank god you said that,thought i was the only felt that way,this constant weeping is beyond the pale,surprised they have not all drown in from his sea of tears this summer,for god sakes..grow a pair!!

  • Big Brother should changes its Name to "Get Shorty", with Paul as shorty! It seems like the game ends when Paul is evicted. LOL.

    I don't recall as much complaining about getting one house guest out when Vanessa was playing! and everyone pretty much hated her! I complained too but not about getting Vanessa out as much as how stupid James and Meg were! If you want to talk about dumb players, go back and watch James and Meg play this game.

    Paul is playing a good game, not great, just good. Unlike Derrick, the house knows what Paul is up to, but like Derrick, they like him personally. He doesn't make the game personal and he found a way to use his experience in his favor. He pretends to help the other house guests. Sure, we think its overdone (and it is) but they seem to think he is just trying to help them get through the game.

    The other smart move is he talks to everyone about what he talks to everyone about, but not like a rat. He tells them to keep them informed. It builds trust. Paul is making it seem like the team is important to him and he is supremely loyal.

    About all these players know Paul needs to go at some point. Mark, Matt, Alex, Christmas, Josh and Kevin have all said as much. Paul will be evicted soon. This week would not be smart for Christmas to do it. She may be the one person who needs Paul. But its coming.

    If not, then Paul deserves to win. He has played the best game by far. Alex is playing well too but the rest are just in the house. A final 2 of Alex and Paul would put the two best players at the end - but that rarely happens in BB.

  • What a joke!!! Even Chistmas can't make her own moves. They want to backdoor Mark ..oh big shock. Great move Christmas!!! And Matt is enjoying being a pawn along with Jason. SMH

    I think the jury house will be more interesting to watch, then the boring predictable BB House.

  • I've been working lots lately. I haven't had time to catch up. Can someone tell me If Jason and Matt volunteered for the block? What if Mark wins POV. He does have a good track record at winning them.

    • I've been gone for the past two days, Lynne but am trying to do catch up this AM. From what I am reading, all of that happened while the feeds were down and, as of yet, since the feeds returned, nothing has been said that reveals how it all transpired.

  • This is the most boring season in a while. It's too predictable and no one wants to take chances.

  • If Paul hand picked the big brother houseguests he couldn't select them better for him hahaha

  • All of the BB players left in the game are cowards. The rest of the players need to get together and find a way to get Paul sent home!! Paul does not deserve to be in the game any longer.

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