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Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Competition Results

We’re back with our Big Brother 19 spoilers from the Live Feeds and here are the latest results. The Veto competition is over and now we’ve got insight to where we should end up for Thursday night’s eviction.

The big plan this week was to Backdoor Cody and make him the first member of the Big Brother Jury this season. First step in their plan, and really the most important, was to keep him out of the Veto comp. The chips were drawn and favored the majority. Cody didn’t make the cut.

Paul and Mark were pulled to play and joined Alex (HoH), Jason and Elena (noms), and Matthew (Temptation nom). They faced off in the backyard, but the pressure wasn’t exactly on for them to perform since Cody’s fate appeared sealed.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Competition Results:

  • Matthew won the Power of Veto!

Remember, Matthew is the 3rd nom from losing the Temptation Comp. The plan is to BD Cody this week so that means that Matthew can use the Veto, but just not on himself. Talk in the HoH room is that he’d save Jason and they’d renom Cody from there. But hang on.

As soon as Feeds returned Josh was already pushed hard for Elena to go. Others seemed to consider it. Now when Paul hears this idea I think he’ll squash it and Cody will be back to public enemy number one this week.

Update: Matthew has confirmed he’ll save Jason & keep himself on the Block so Cody can be Backdoor’d.

This was the prize swap comp and there were some good ones in there along with some punishments. Mark got 5th and a trip for 2 to Colorado for a week. Elena got $5,000. Paul got a punishment that he’ll have to share with Christmas. Alex got second place and a punishment for a week. Jason may have a unitard coming his way too.

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  • I'm so disappointed in Alex - I thought she was going to be a really good player but then she joined the Paul fan club. Not to hate on Paul - he is playing a great game - but no one is even challenging him!

    • Exactly!
      Playing a good game..... only competition with ca-hon-assss is Cody!
      That's left in the house anyway.......

      Jason is a big disappointment. Tattle-tale!

    • They are ALL too Scared to go against Paul to make a Big Move...Big Brother might as well stop the Game, & just write Paul the Check now. Allison Grodner agave Paul a Veteran, huge advantages this Season to take control of these Minions Minds, & to Manipulate them.

  • I loved Paul last season, & Iwas rooting for Paul & Victor...But I don't like Paul this Season?! Paul's Rule: Don't Talk to Cody, or Jess, or get Shunned. Instructs Josh to Bully Jess & Cody...What is wrong with Paul, Ego, or what?!

    • SMS = Short Man Syndrome......

      The symptoms of SMS can vary but they always end up with small feet, hands & ummmmm...... hmmmmm.... can't think right now!

      There's no cure......

      Heh heh!

  • Matt seems to be winning a lot ,and starting to look like a threat to me does he have it in him to flip house ,somebody will use power play soon but who

    • No one will b/ c their all morans under Paul's bullying. Ppl think good game play but CBS disappointed me so badly how Josh & Paul get away with immature acts that let happen on live TV !!! Not a good example for children watching the show with their parents. There's enough bullying going on in schools already. Shame on CBS !!! This USED TO BE one of my favorite shows. I heard their not having another season for a very long time. Geez I wondered why.....lol

  • Paul rules with an iron fist and he's playing the best game so far. He keeps people in line, and is always checking up on them to see if anything has changed. People that don't understand this game, or want somebody to just get lucky at the end, can't understand why Paul is working so hard.

  • It's like they've all been brainwashed!
    Stepford wife syndrome.......
    Unreal season of stupid.
    What are they all afraid of??

    It's freaking amazing!!!

    For real...!!! Bhaaaawhata?

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