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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony is over and we have our final Big Brother 19 noms. Read on for the latest Big Brother spoilers for Week 7’s Power of Veto events.

It was time to bring the majority’s plan together by getting their target on the Block and ready to be voted out on Thursday night, but that’d require an usual approach. When a nominee gets the Veto we typically see him or her escape the Big Brother Block, but that’s not always the option with three nominees and a Backdoor in the works.

Matthew ended up losing the Temptation Comp to get a spot in the Veto comp where he went ahead and won something. Shocking, I know. Once that happened we knew he couldn’t save himself if Alex was going to renom Cody. Oops.

Power of Veto Ceremony Spoilers – Week 7

  • Matthew decided to use his Veto on Jason
  • Alex renom’d Cody in Jason’s place
  • Cody, Matthew, and Elena are this week’s final noms

Matthew had to leave himself up on the Block so Cody could take a seat. If he had saved himself instead then there’d be no renom, leaving Jason and Elena on the Block. Elena definitely would have left in that case and Cody would have stayed at least another week. Ah well.

Now we’re set for Thursday’s eviction and after seeing Cody work on the other HGs yesterday I’m hoping we’ll get more campaigning from him instead of rolling over and awaiting his demise. I don’t see these knuckleheads agreeing to anything, but it’ll be something to watch at least.

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  • I think the house guest should play their own game now let the vet go this is truly the worse BB ever everyone is being told what to do by Paul. The house has voted the way Paul has told them this entire game come on people didn't like Jessica but she's so right!

  • If you stop and think Cody made a great game move it was just to soon and he should have included the other hg on his team before attacking his team members with doubles evicted coming up maybe it will be real and we see someone make some moves who's gonna figure out Alex and Paul ?

  • Only chance at this season is for Cody to go this week, and probably Mark to go in the DE. Then, without any threats left, we will see if the rest of the house wants to exit singe-file or people actually start seeing Paul as an obstacle.

  • How to ruin a season of BB? Add a Paul give him fixed three weeks of safety and destroy the game play for people who never had the opportunity.

  • I thin Alex, Jason, Christmas, And Paul are such jerks! Ugh. Gross to watch them. Too bad the rest of the house couldn't just gang up on them. Yuck.

  • I DVR my BB and BB after dark...josh is so annoying his tone of voice anytime he talks I fast forward....

  • If Jason and Big Brother do not apologize for the PTSD remarks, I will start a Big Brother ban and encourage all veterans and their famalies to stop watching the show.

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