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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 7 Nominations

Nominations are in for Week 7 with the Big Brother 19 spoilers here from the Feeds after the final Temptation Competition played out earlier today.

The original plan for Alex was to send Mark and Elena to the Block with Cody in the BD spotlight, but the Temptation twist ended that plan for her. It didn’t take long for Alex to come up with another idea after Mark was taken off the table with his comp win earlier in the day. Matter of fact, Alex had more options than she knew what to do with, but soon she settled.

Big Brother 19 Week 7 Nominations:

Paul offered to go up but Jason kept turning him down and said he wanted to compete because he was sure it’d be a physical comp coming up. Okay, Jason, go right ahead. These HGs…

So Alex has her noms up there but the real target remains Cody for the Backdoor. That all hangs on how the Veto draw and comp goes.

Veto comp is coming up on Saturday and we’ll be watching for the player draw and the results to share as soon the spoilers arrive. Who do you want to win the PoV?

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  • I agree that it is time for Cody to go, even though I am pulling for him. The only thing that upsets me is that these lemmings won't give him a chance to defend himself in the veto. If they beat him fair and square, fine, but to have to backdoor him twice is weak.

    • Backdoors are so boring. I understand the appeal for the houseguests who want their targets gone as easily as possible, but it sure makes it boring for the viewers. And as a TV show, viewer entertainment should be more important to CBS. I'd like to see veto competitions changed to allow more than just six players. Maybe not the whole house, but the very least if there's going to be 3 nominees, I think they should continue with the idea of each nominee/HoH pulling a chip for 8 players total in those weeks.

  • How to do an impersonation of Cody......Blankly stare at the camera for 5 minutes with no expression...... Move just your lips and say, in your best Kermit the Frog voice..... " I am an Alpha Male" .........Blankly stare at the camera again !!!!

  • Crazy dream...I got a job as a private investigator. My first assignment was to solve a cold case. I came across an article about the victim's daughter recalling information on the killer, and I found the murder weapon. I was about to submit this information for the police to make an arrest when the suspect began stalking me, and chased me into a warehouse at night.

    I kept running, trying to escape while he was shooting at me. Suddenly CODY pops up in his marine uniform (minus a shirt), and says "yeah, who needs help now?? You want to make fun of my spare chest hair now??" I was like "No! I'm sorry! Just help!!" He all of a sudden gets all awesome movie star style rambo, pulling out his weapons on the killer, making marine-like moves, and whistling for backup (tons of other marines).

    I am feeling confused feelings right now lol - especially as someone who has never liked him on the show. It was awesome to dream-see him in action! I dream-felt so safe next to him and his camo hat.

        • Haha ! I almost , almost got them !!!! This was the first season I ever really cared to watch the live feeds . I wouldn't be able to do anything cause I be glued Til all were asleep ! That's funny tho, u must have had Cody on ur mind before u went to sleep 😂

          • LOL - guilty! I fell asleep with the live feeds blasting. Granted, Cody only stares and doesn't really talk, but still!

  • Christmas: " The Bible says, Do good and don't gloat."
    This girl just rambles and speaks a whole lot of dumb but wants to seem educated.

  • I had so much respect for Alex, but once I heard that message she said to jess after she got evicted, I almost felt like she was being snobby, I still like her and hope she does well, but I'm not very sure who I want to win yet.

  • I was actually so motivated by disgust with this season that I posted a rant on my blog about it lol. For the first time in the history of Big Brother, and yes I have watched since the very beginning of this show, I am so disgusted annoyed and bored with the Paul Posse that last week I gave up watching the show and just read the recaps and comments.
    Paul is not a genius player and I wish people wouldn't compare him to Derrick. Paul is not using clever moves and mind games as Derrick did. Derrick had to make friends with people from scratch, remained loyal to one person throughout the game, and was just extremely clever. Paul just stalked in like a cocky little rooster and said hey we should do this.. And every single mindless automaton in there with exception of Cody said yes sir let's do it! They were all fangirling, and as one entity all became floaters hanging on to Paul's life raft of doom, thinking it the easiest way to get to the end. I am still clueless on how any of them thought it would get them to the end since only one can be that second winner alongside Paul..um I mean the main winner, and not one of them even made a final two deal with him that I know of, but other Than maybe Alex and that has just been recently.
    Sad thing is on night one I was excited because I thought I was going to like nearly all of them.. They seemed cool and intelligent and.. Yeah noooooope. Never before have I seen so many floaters at once, with not a brain between them.
    Paul has not had to be clever or smart or any other masterful game playing quality. All he has to do is say this is what you should do and they do it. Morons the lot of them. Kevin is the only one I can even stand on screen and even he is getting worse from what I'm reading.
    I don't like Cody but I want him in. It would give me so much pleasure to see him send Paul home. But likely Cody is already gone unless he plays and wins veto. As for Mark.. Even should he win HOH I think he is too dumb and or scared to go for Paul unless Cody is still in there talking in his ear. Mark is a follower not a leader.
    Christmas is disgusting, again I don't care how crappy codys personality is, for her to actively push and incite others to attack his military background and the sacrifice he made for crappy humans like her.. It disgusts me and I will never respect her. She needs to go asap. Cody made the right noms that first week.

  • BB19 season has lost me. It's boring and a big blah. I don't care to watch the "Paul and his do-nothing minions" show. BB made a big mistake bringing Paul back, he's a real bully -- loud and cruel plus whoever selected these houseguests should be fired. Worst BB house ever and with the worst attitudes.

  • This is the worst season in the history of BB. The majority of these people would throw a drowning man an anchor, record it and upload it to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Paul has become the new cult leader like "Boston Rob" from Survivor. CBS, haven't you learned anything from "Survivor Redemption Island"? You are putting Paul in the same position as Jim Jones, Marshall Applewhite (Heavens Gate) and Boston Rob. These houseguests idolize him and whoever considers voting him out (Jessica and Cody) are considered infidels, traitors and must be eliminated for the advancement of Paul's game. Probst commented on the season finale how creepy the season was and was concerned about the contestants mental health. This is not a normal season. It is not healthy to return only 1 vet. If I were a family member of a houseguest watching this, I would already have an attorney on retainer.

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