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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony is over and we have our final Big Brother 19 noms. Read on for the latest Big Brother spoilers for Week 6’s Power of Veto events.

We were back to split power between the HoH and the Veto holder which made the decisions less final for our expectations. Mark secured his chance at safety after winning the PoV on Saturday but HGs actually hoped to keep him from using the power. Don’t be silly. But wait, was Mark actually serious about using it on Elena like he said last night?

Power of Veto Ceremony Spoilers – Week 6

  • Mark decided to use his Veto on himself
  • Josh renom’d Raven in Mark’s place
  • Jessica, Raven, & Elena are this week’s final noms

So everyone involved went with the expected decisions after all. Mark was never in real trouble, but I bet if he knew how hard Josh has been pushing for Elena to go then he would have saved her instead. Now we’ve got Raven up there instead but just like Mark, she’ll be a forgotten nominee this week. The real choice will come down to Jessica versus Elena and right now things still look bad for Jessica.

Four votes could take us to a tie and Josh has repeatedly said he wants Elena out, but I don’t see us even getting to four votes. No one but Josh really wants Elena out this week when they have the alternative of Jessica available to vote out. Things could always change, but for now, it’s Jessica going.

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    • That was funny, Kevin asking if Paul works for production since he is in the diary room so much.

  • It would be in best entress for all house guest to get Jessica out.
    She with Cody holds alot more power than Elena, and would be a very smart move on the house part to get rid of her now while can, and have the chance.
    No, Cody want like it, and will Proubly go off on the house as have before, but if others wants the chance to win BB, gonna have to make bold moves as this to do it.

  • Can someone please explain to me why everyone in the house says that nobody will ever vote against Raven? If that's the case why don't they give her the money now. It seems like everyone talk sh*t on her and her and are sick of all of her pity party stories. If that's the case you would think they would actually want her out.

    • I listen to them complain about her but then say how can you vote out the sick broke girl? No way she gets voted out if she dies till close to the end. She has Matt and Paul protecting her. Jason and Alex would be the ones I think that would vote her out. Not even sure Cody would unless it was F4 or less.

    • They're afraid that it would make them look bad but they all (except Matt) are fed up with her. She won't make it to F4

      • I would love to see her go this week. Who do you think would actually vote her out? I only see Alex and Jason? Who would she have to be be nominated with to go? She won't get voted out over Mark, Elena, Josh, Xmas, or Kevin, Paul will make sure of that.

        • Today, Paul sounds like he's getting fed up. She won't go before Jody but as the numbers dwindle she could be collateral damage. Matt sure can't protect her. In the end, I think only Josh and Matt would not vote her out.

          • yah, but Raven was a-hugging on Paul at end of Sunday's issue of "The Edge of Dull," "Search for Excitement," "As the Stomach Churns," "Days of our Dull," "Young and the Witless," "The Guiding PuppetMaster/Vet/Weiner Dog/Douche Bag/Boss Man." (take your pick our insert one of your own). Please excuse references to prior, historical soap operas, but isn't that pretty much just about what we're watching? plus SEX & Sounds of SEX since not much in the way of censorship as in the historical soap operas. = don't get live feeds, BBAD, any other talkies other than this one, or anything else.

  • Paul, Alex. Kevin, Matt and Christmas will vote for Jessica.
    Cody and Mark will vote Raven.
    Elena will get 0

  • Is there a chance to see Raven going home? I mean, we can say whatever we want about Jessica and Elena, but at least they have some game, Raven is not a good TV character and neither a good game player.

  • Does anyone think it's inappropriate for Kevin to be so cozy with Christmas? He does have a wife at home. Just saying😬

  • I think that this show is not worth watching after the rude display of behavior by all the people in the house towards Jessica and Cody. I hope that Paul's parents and all his followers in the house are proud of the way they acted and bullied Jessica and Cody. I thought we are supposed to be teaching our youth to respect each other? Then we show stuff like this on tv. This is why our youth are being bullied and committing suicide. They see garbage like this on tv and they think it's okay to treat each other that way. Julie Chen should be ashamed of herself, she has a young child of her own, is this the type of environment that she wants her child to have to grow up in? I would suggest that CBS. GLOBAL and all the other net works cancel this show or remove Paul and Josh from the show for the way that they behaved. There has been enough children committing suicide from being bullied that we don't need to have it advertisedone in front of them, or maybe the networks need to be suit and that would wake them up. Then maybe they will STOP SHOWING THIS GARBAGE ON TV. STOP KILLING OUR YOUTH.

  • Without Paulin the game it would have been boring,,he desearves to go far andI hope with Kevin

  • So I'll ask. Out of the 3 ladies, who do you want to get the boot?
    I'll go first...Jessica.

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