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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 6 ‘Temptation Competition’ Results

The latest Big Brother spoilers are back from the Feeds after almost TEN hours of competition and we’ve got the results revealing which HG will be safe from nominations and eviction along with which one of them has earned a special spot on the Block this week for coming in last.

With Jessica and Cody anticipating being the big target they were sure to want to compete this week, but they’d have to get in a long line. Everyone but Christmas decided to participate so we were in a for a long wait to find out who won.

As an interesting twist on the week already it sounds like Josh might not be quite such a well obeying puppet for Paul’s game after all. An early morning talk with Christmas revealed that Jessica and Cody weren’t the only HGs to have a reason to be worried. Josh revealed to Christmas he’s eyeing Elena to be evicted despite Paul’s suggestions otherwise.

On to the latest results to help us prepare for Friday night’s nominations ceremony. Find out who is safe and who is in danger now:

Spoilers: Temptation Competition – Week 6

  • Cody won the competition!
  • Jessica came in last. Jessica is now the 3rd Nom.

Wow, they pulled off their perfect scenario here. That’s a good move on their part. Now Jessica gets a secured spot in the Veto comp as the 3rd nominee and Cody is off the board for target options. Josh is saying he’ll go for nomination Mark and Elena. He’s trying to convince Paul that Elena is the best target this week, but Paul isn’t having any of that.

When Josh won HoH this week did many of us really consider he’d willingly keep Cody and Jessica in the house together? Not this guy right here.

What do you think of these results? Jump on the Feeds right now to see what happens next!

The Power of Veto competition is coming up on Saturday and we’ll have your spoilers then. Download our Big Brother App then join us on Facebook & Twitter for the updates.

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  • Alex is sharing a personal tragedy with Josh and cams keep going in and out due to the intensity of it. She is just trying to let Josh not to let personal crap get in the way of the game. She is letting him also know not to apologize to Raven or to Jess whenever they use personal stuff in this game.

      • Alex shared this with Josh and nobody else...trying to prove to Josh why he shouldn't let other's personal issues get in the way of gameplay or be used as a strategy to gain sympathy votes.

    • I just heard it, I can definitely see why it was too tragic to discuss. Josh was the one that didn't want her to reveal the story and told her to stop. Alex pretty much revealed what happened and even gave extra details. Big Brother was actually late in disrupting the feeds if you ask me.

    • This is a question, not sarcastic at all but, what tragedy/personal story or whatever is Jessica saying?

        • What about Alex story to Josh about a relative of hers, that shouldn't have been mentioned on live tv.

          • Cams didn't catch that in time. But she was giving him an example of what's worse than what Raven and Jess are using to help further their gameplay and for Josh not to let that sway him...since she wouldn't use her cousin's tragedy to do that.

        • Does she live? Or does she just talk about it? She was very close with him and she is on the reality TV show they both watched together all of the time. I don't know, I've never heard it so I am just curious if she is as bad as Raven?!?

          • She's not as bad as Raven, but she does use it to further her gameplay...which both of them need to stop doing! :-)

          • She talks about it in conversations to people just like how she does her DIary room sessions.

          • Well, I don't see a problem with someone talking about their dad's death. It was only two years ago I believe? She is young & was super close to her dad!
            This has to be very hard and very emotional for her to be playing the game Jessica and her dad watched together religiously!
            It has to bring back a lot of emotions! Memories of watching BB with her dad, and now being on BB and wishing her dad was still alive to see her play.
            My dad passed away when I was young! It was difficult but as I got older it actually became more difficult! And when I am doing things that my dad loves to do i.e. fishing, I enjoy it but I am always emotional so, I can totally relate!
            Plus, Jessica talking about her Dad is certainly nowhere near as bad as Raven talking about her disease and lying about it! And using it to gain sympathy! & making other people feel terrible for her thinking she really is "just living every day like it could be her last" when that is completely untrue!
            I don't know about you!? But that is 1000 times worse then Jessica talking about her dad!

          • I dont think anyone believes raven at this point.Still jessica used it as a strategy.And lets not forget the ahem pregnancy.... just to get to jury.

          • The way I see it is you like Jessica and you don't like Raven so one sob story is fine the other is using her condition to score points in the house.

            If Jessica is using her dad's death as a strategy in the game, its no different than if Raven is using her illness.

    • I know... That was hard to listen to :( but she's right, everyone in there has their own baggage and personal tragedies/struggles... But those 2 are the only ones that try to use it as a guilt trip so the other HG will feel sorry for them. Gross!

  • What a shock, Cody won the comp and is safe. And Jess or Cody will win the veto next so they are both safe. I'll be just as shocked then too. NOT!

    BB is getting predictable. How can that be?

        • Xmas has some sort of veto thing , she can either take someone's place , like is jess gets picked she takes it or whoever wins the veto she can snag it .. not sure

  • Man/Child wants this woman out because she stirs something in him, how many times has he commented on her brests & how nice she looks? Sat night Elena purposely threw her jacket off, so she knows she makes him hot and bothered. Josh cam rambled most all night & makes as much sense as a meatball with macoronni .

  • I wonder where everyone's head is and if they left their brains home. Paul is running this house and no one see this? Cody was right the first week, trying to get Paul out.

    • Thats been the theme in here for the most of the time. Hell yes CODY! Stick it to these LOSERS next week!!

  • cody should tell josh... put paul and alex and jess and cody work with josh later. but bjosh WOULD DIE CRYING LIKE A BABY WITHG SUCH GUILT...

  • Did we really believe that this was goin to actually be Josh's HOH?? No! He's Paul's personal puppet.

  • Well, Jess and Cody are alone. Maybe Mark with them. Maybe. But Elena does work all sides. The bigger danger is Elena because of that, to the house in general.

  • listening to these cowards bash on Cody, and Jessica behind their backs all the time is nauseating !!!!!

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