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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 6 Nominations

Nominations are in for Week 6 with the Big Brother 19 spoilers here from the Feeds after the big Temptation Competition played out earlier today.

That Temptation comp took over nine and a half hours. Have mercy. Once the Feeds came back we were rocking some good talks in the HoH room as Josh made quick moves to reveal to Paul his target had been set on Elena. Earlier in the morning Josh told Christmas he was going to keep that plan a secret until whether or not he had Elena on the Block for Thursday night. “Whhhzzzzz” is the sound good plans make when they go out the window.

Paul said he wasn’t willing to be a pawn to go up next to Mark which was just fine by Josh’s thinking. He wanted Elena up there and brought her in for a talk after promising Mark he was just a pawn. Elena didn’t take that story as well as Mark did. She refutes point after point made by Josh, but it’s not going to do her any good.

Big Brother 19 Week 6 Nominations:

Well Elena isn’t happy and she shouldn’t be. Josh wants Mark or Jessica or one of their allies to win the Veto. Getting Jessica down and leaving Mark and Elena on the Block together would narrow the HGs’ choices. But Mark camtalk’d that if he’s still got Elena up on the Block, even if Jessica is there too, that he’s going to get Elena out. Lets see what happens next!

Gallery: Nominations Are Setting A New Target

Veto comp is coming up on Saturday and we’ll be watching for the player draw and the results to share as soon the spoilers arrive. Who do you want to win the PoV?

Good times ahead on the Feeds! Grab your Free Trial to watch the next week for free then keep it for $5.99/month. That’s 20 cents a day for 24/7 access to Feeds content. Super cheap.

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  • I hope Cody wins the Veto & takes Jess off the block allowing Josh to back door Paul - don't like Paul - he is a snake and supports bullying.

  • Its sad that I WANT Jess to be vetoed.
    I dunno just interesting change of pace.
    Jess goes, too predictable. Paul gets his way again.

  • Paul has completely ruined the game for me !!! He has caused to much drama !! Don't care if I watch it any more !!

  • paul needs the a$$Tard suit to wear the rest of his time in the house. Paul is the reason for all the fights. hes worthless as f*ck

  • i have no use for that pisstard josh either but i hope he backdoors paul this week and then the rest of the house backdoors josh next week so the real Big Bro season can start in 2 weeks. this whole season has been slop so far

  • This is the first year I have ever disliked houseguests as much as I do Jessica and Cody....which makes watching it really hard sometimes!! So I was wondering if I'm alone in my feelings about Jessica and Cody or do others feel the same?

  • Jess will go home because if she or cody doesn't win veto she's toast. Josh what are you thinking? Elena comes after you once and you're gunning for her? Cody and Jessica have had it out for you from day one. Christmas needs to stay out of it. Paul's right. jess needs to go. If Josh let's Jessica stay in, she or Cody will win hoh and put Josh and Paul on the block. THINK Josh, you meatball.

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