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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 5 Nominations

Nominations are in for Week 5 with the Big Brother 19 spoilers here from the Feeds after the big Temptation Competition played out earlier today and shifted some of Paul’s plans for the week.

While Jessica and Cody did their best to play invincible, Paul wasn’t convinced. Looks like Cody swapped a chance at safety for a flopped fake out instead. Jessica thought if they didn’t take the chance to compete in the Temptation twist then Paul would believe her lie that neither were vulnerable to nominations. She wanted to get an extra week out of the Hex. It didn’t work.

Instead, Mark won the Temptation battle and has safety from nomination this week. He won’t be going up as a Plan B for Paul after all. But none of that really matters.

Big Brother 19 Week 5 Nominations:

Feeds came back HOT! Jessica & Cody are yelling at Paul in the HoH room that he screwed up. This is pointless and foolish of them because Paul called their bluff. They’re just upset that Jessica’s Hex is done this week instead of getting 2 weeks out of it. Cody is shouting “f**k you!” at Paul who tells him to get out of the room if he’s going to act like that.

Flashback to 7:23 PM BBT 7/28 Cams 3/4 for the fighting on your Live Feeds.

Gallery: Cody & Jessica fighting with Paul

Okay, so Cody and Jessica are on the Block. If either of them are still on the Block come Thursday then Jessica will use the Veto, as she’s promised. We can all see where this is going, right?

Two of them on the Block. Veto can only save one of them. No matter how you spin it, at least one of them will be up come Thursday night. Jessica will use the Hex and the week ends with no one going home. Paul will be watching from the sidelines at the next HoH, as EP Allison Grodner has already confirmed. No back to back HoH’s for Paul since this is not a reset/rewind week.

Veto comp is coming up on Saturday and we’ll be watching for the player draw and the results to share as soon the spoilers arrive. Who do you want to win the PoV?

Good times ahead on the Feeds! Grab your Free Trial to watch the next week for free then keep it for $5.99/month. That’s 20 cents a day for 24/7 access to Feeds content. Super cheap.


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  • paul has counselled elena and jess to distance themselves from their men and join team paul.
    i'm not sure either will take his advice. elena is on thin ice if she thinks she can stay with team jody, with or w/out mark

    • Well since Jody are bed buddies once again it's obvious Jess didn't. She could have redeemed herself if she started playing for herself but this misguided loyalty to a sinking ship will be her undoing

  • do not understand how people can be saying Paul is an "amazing player, perhaps the best player in the history of BB!"
    Not even close. Dr. Will, Boogie, Dan, Derrick to name only a few!

    The only reason Paul is in the position he is in, is because he has a bunch of spineless morons there enjoying the summer instead of trying to win $500,000! & they all just want to at least make it to jury so they can continue their "free summer vacation!"
    If there were better HG's, Paul either would have been long gone or, he would be fighting for his life every week!
    If you REALLY think about it (push past all your current feelings for Cody) & just completely look at the first week, If Cody hadn't screwed up and blindsided his own alliance & Paul didn't receive 4 weeks safety, he would be long gone! Long long gone!
    I think if Paul didn't have his "stupid safety" & Cody WAS able to "backdoor" him, Cody's alliance would have "forgiven him" & they would've voted out Paul, for sure!
    Mark and Dominique were already on board.
    I think a lot of "us" fail to forget that when Paul walked through the front door, he was immediately a HUGE target (Everyone in the DR room said it! "Paul has to go!")
    IF Paul didn't get that "stupid safety" that production clearly knew he would get!! ("Vets" are always favoured in the beginning) Paul would have been gone week one, that's why production made sure he received the 4 weeks safety!
    Even Kevin who didn't/doesn't know the game wanted him gone!
    Paul has nothing aside from a bunch of followers who are just floating through the game watching Paul vs Jessica/Cody,
    with Mark vs Josh sideshow!
    If there were stronger/better HG's in the house, they wouldn't be following Paul around and just hoping to make it to jury! Enjoying their free summer vacation (as I stated above!) They would have evicted Paul and we would probably be watching all the HGs Actually play the game! Matt for example, I know I am not alone here when I thought he was going to be a very strong player! But, now they just need to water him just like a plant! He's just taking up oxygen! Anyway blah blah! Just my opinion. And of course you have to totally push past what you know now and how you feel about people like Cody, Jessica and even Josh!
    Paul is NO CHAMP!!!! He just got lucky & is in the house with a bunch of Morons!!!!
    The END 😘

    • Tina..... that was chapter one..... it's not 'the end!' Lmao......
      you'll post again.... 🎶🎵 you know you will! 🎶🎵

    • I agree that this season is filled with a lot of players who really don't seem to be mentally equipped to play the game. However... When you talk about Paul's game play, you have to go back to the very beginning of last season.

      After all, he's managed to survive 18 weeks of Big Brother without being evicted. He's been on the block 6 times (would have been 7 if Cody had his way the 1st week this season). He went from somebody that was basically threatened to do what Paulie and the other HGs told him to do (or else), all the way to someone that is running the house. He has won 9 competitions so far in his Big Brother history, so let's just take a quick glimpse here...

      Paul -- 9 competition wins
      Dan -- 7 competition wins
      Boogie -- 6 competition wins
      Derrick -- 4 competition wins

      I liked Dan and Derrick a lot by the way, and they stand among the best, but we have to give credit where credit is due. Paul plays the game hard (too hard for some), and makes no apologies for it. I mean, if people hate Paul, they must absolutely despise Dan for season 14. He got Danielle to vote out her own showmance for crying out loud (which Paul is working to duplicate with Jess and Cody).

      Paul deserves his spot near the top of the list. I'm not going to say he's the best because I think there are several that are equally good, but he at least deserves his spot at the table.

      • Paul's game last season has no relevance to me this season with all due respect. It clearly does with others but not with me. It's a new game with new HG's….HG's that Paul can control easily! It is quite pathetic.
        Paul would have been a goner if production didn't make sure he received the safety. There's no doubt in my mind.
        That said, I do think Paul is near the top but there are a lot more players above him that are better, a lot better! Winning competitions doesn't always make you the best, not getting evicted even though you're not winning competitions, that's a good game! Without any outside influences, that's an even better game!

        But, it's just like BB Canada last season. Kevin laid low until he had to really start playing. He was playing since the very beginning however, he just wasn't showing his cards. He played the entire last half of the season completely on his own. He won competitions when he needed to and he played all his cards right and ended up the winner! Well deserved!
        Paul would be long gone without the safety, Paul would not be in this great position he is in if the HG's we're not a bunch of morons just enjoying their free vacation and looking forward to their second stop, "BB Jury House!"
        If Paul did not have all these mindless fools and they were actually there to play of the game, Paul would be a sitting duck! He just got lucky because again, he was put in the house with a bunch of mindless morons.
        I think Paul does deserve credit, I am not saying he's playing an easy game. Things could blow up in his face at any moment, especially once Cody is gone. We shall see

    • I hate matt because of his wardrobe and his flossing, he needs to go. I do agree, I pegged him wrong too.

      • LOL…… Just because of his flossing and his shirt? Then Cody constantly brushing his teeth must drive you crazy also? You're funny

      • You've done longer...... we both have! Who cares?!
        It's fun to respond!
        Like here's my response to others thinking Paul is a super hero for winning 9 comps! Big whoop! I still can't stand the guy & his voice in the DR!! He's attempting to be as annoying as Peter.
        Can't stand either of them!
        I'd rather see Big Dick in the house instead!

        • LMFAO big dick? Do you mean evil dick? Evil dick has HIV. Not that it makes a difference, but that's why he was pulled from the last season he was in
          Seriously laughing out loud……… Big Dick LMAO

          • Yah....... maybe I DO want to see (a) Big Dick back in the house, hahahaha!
            I'm just watching BBAD and can't figure out what's going on....... interesting!

  • I've seen the latter part of the HoH room scene (posted on Twitter), where Cody gets angry at Paul. Without the earlier part, I acknowledge lacking full context for assessing Cody's emotions at the time, but here is what I see:

    Paul told Jessica, "Lower your voice" and he accompanied it with a flat hand moving down motion, much as parents sometimes to do. The problems are, Paul is not Jessica's parent and Jessica volume had been no higher than Paul's had just been; she was speaking rather calmly. It's simple: Paul disrespected Jessica. He was condescending to her and did it in front of her boyfriend.

    Cody was already annoyed at how Paul manipulates people, and actually had just commented to Paul on how Paul controls people in the house, and now Cody sees Paul patronize his girlfriend and try to control her. Paul did not put his hands on Jessica, but that's not the point. Cody is clearly frustrated at all of Paul's manipulation of people, and so he told Paul not to tell Jess to lower her voice (ie. Don't try to control her).

    Most men have a natural instinct to protect women, even strangers but especially women who are important to them. (Men have an instinct to protect other men as well, but that seems to be generally restricted to those they are close to, such as friends or relatives). Although internally expecting their men to protect and defend them, some women get mad at their men in their lives for doing exactly that; they appreciate if a stranger male comes to their aid, but get mad at their boyfriends/husbands for doing so. I speculate that Jess will see this situation differently after the show.

    Cody is protective of Jess. (Whether his game has been sensible is a different matter.) When he was about to be evicted, Cody restricted his brief statement to two people: Paisley and Jessica. That says a lot. He has not tried to ruin Jessica's game. Early yesterday, I posted a message hypothetically proposing what might happen if Cody self-evicted. Late night, Twitter sites were reporting almost a running transcript of Cody talking about doing exactly that. I can not imagine a guy like Cody quitting anything...except if it would help someone he cares for. Again, putting aside whether his methods (of being HoH, his advice to Jess when she was HoH, etc) are good, his intentions were.

    Whether JODY is a good match outside the house is a separate issue, and I have opinions on that. I just hope people will rationally look at that HoH scene for what it was.

  • I wish that Jessica could see that people in the house are still using her and betraying her at this most vulnerable time for her. Paul talks to Jessica one-on-one (after the big blowup in the HoH room involving Paul, Cody, and Jess) as if he cares about her well-being, even telling her that she will be safe and liked if she leaves Cody. Then he talks to the rest of the house about how to play this out to Jessica's detriment. Elena acts sympathetic to Jess, and then tells others in the house what they talked about. Christmas acts caring, but she too is just trying to break up JODY so that Jessica will be even more isolated.

    For the week that Cody was away, Jess tried to restore her relationships with these people...and it accomplished nothing, sad to say, because just about everyone else in the house hated her, a term I do not use lightly. Even people (Elena?) who might not actually hate Jessica, are disloyal to her.

    I see nothing that Jessica could do to change the contempt that people feel for her. Hatred that is founded in irrationality is not easily overcome. Jess is in an awful, unenviable position.

  • Jessica may not even use temptation now since she saw how Cody blow up. She has talked with Elania and Christmas about it. I see Paul in the as being a teacher to play the game. He tells those that want to listen what to observe for. cody came in the game picked two athletic type guys and made a pack end to just get all no competitive houseguest out of house. He saw Josh's weakness after Josh blew up on Megan for questioning him about taking the safety during the first HoH. Josh later appologized to Megan. Unfortunately for Josh, he is a young man that has always been close to his mom and family. Then Cody put a target on himself and anyone that associated with him by using intimidation and bullying. Cody would not socialize with many in the house. Cody would not even tell his own alliance who he would nominate after Megan left because of his negative comments towards her upon nomination and the treatment she recieved after those comments. Since Cody came back into house he has not tried to socialize again. Cody was shown on the eviction show bullying/threatening Jason to vote his way to get Josh out.

  • I think Jason is screwed and going home because it said the he would stop the hoh noms. Not the third one

  • Who to cheer for? Is there any member worth cheering on? Paul should not even be there. Veterans all had their time - and he has learned how to lie and BS and play on others, plus the network protected him or he would be gone early. Cody seems like a deranged marine.. imagine if he had a gun in his hands with that look in his eye!!! Many of the others are so dumb! and some can never win any competition unless the network sets it up for them to win. Josh escaped from an insane asylum and cries at the drop of a hat, prob wants to be back in lockup to feel safe. Harmless members have been evicted. I honestly do not have any champion to cheer for. Jessica is much smarter than her mate and seems to have learned her lesson early and spoiled our image of her at the beginning by teaming up with Rambo and looking like an arrogant, overconfident power couple. At least she is eye candy for bored viewers. Could cheer for her but we all know about 'first impressions' and how it can linger.
    The network controls too much who gets to stay and obviously want Paul and Cody to remain for more drama. Get rid of Paul and Cody to maybe see some of the others grow a pair! But that that can be construed as a sexist remark. Would prefer to see a female win it all, but who! Maybe Easter (Christmas)? Dunno!! That was a great comment earlier - "hope we get to see a whole HOH competition one of these times" ... network wants us to watch after dark but will never!! Keep cheering but it would be best to get rid of both Cody and Paul asap instead of replaying hash over and over. (I have flame proof suit on right now!!

    • This times 1000, the most unentertaining season in 3 years, I would do anything for Vanessa back at this point or even Nicole, at least these groups weren't in immature shouting matches, are these people really adults? Or has BB finally gone too far with plots n subplots in the form of temptations n battle back's that would bring out the worst in anyone?

  • I'm still confused about the Hex. I thought it would halt her eviction or one of her choice, not the entire eviction, please clarify. I don't think she is able to stop all three of them from getting safety at the eviction ceremony

  • Everyone saying this was a wasted HOH, I still don't think so. Yeah, it's 99.9% possibly going to end in a basic dead week with no one going home (darn it...I wanted to smack that smug smirk off of Jess's dumb pyramid eyebrowed face), BUT...the hex is going to be used and then no longer be valid. Also, everyone saying that gives Jess and Cody an opportunity for the HOH, think about it...that's 2 people against the rest of the house, vying for that position, besides Elena and Mark. Basically everyone else is a good friend of Paul, and therefore the odds are in their favor for this upcoming HOH, thank goodness. Jess becomes such a nuisance around Cody...it's fugly.

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