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Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Competition Results

We’re back on track with our Big Brother 19 Live Feeds and the latest results. Now we’ve got the spoilers to reveal who won this week’s Veto comp and what that could mean for the week ahead.

Players were drawn well in to the afternoon and soon we had Cody, Christmas, and Jason lining up to play in the competition for a chance to change Jessica’s nominees, Josh and Ramses. But from the talk we were hearing, no one was going to be changing these noms unless the noms did it themselves.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Competition Results:

  • Jessica won the Power of Veto!

Gallery: Jessica Enjoys her Veto Medallion

When Feeds returned we heard Jessica telling Cody that was the second Veto competition he had thrown (the first being against Alex when he wanted her down so he could renom Paul in Week 1).

Jessica is gunning for Josh and she’s feeling pretty good about those chances, but she doesn’t know the other side is working on getting out her pawn, Ramses. Unless she catches wind of this plan you can expect her for now to keep the noms the same this week.

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  • I was watching the BB after Dark and I am wondering why Elena is rubbing all over Paul when she is supposed to be hooked up with Mark....very suspicious, but then I always thought she was just using Mark.

    • What you described is what other people (with access to the feeds) were saying. I don't have access to the feeds, but on the CBS television broadcasts I noticed that the MARLENA relationship seems to consist of mostly one-sided interest. That is, Mark is always the one with his arm around Elena, while she sits and receives. The only thing I've seen where Elena showed interest in Mark was that scene in Episode 1 or 2 where the two of them were in the kitchen and she told Mark that she would be staying in his room that night and asked if he was excited about that.

      Maybe for Elena the relationship was for convenience. That is, maybe she likes Mark enough to sleep with him, but what she really wants is his loyalty as part of her game.

      • Hey, Cheryl here, I noticed that too, sooo much rubbing, as well I noticed that X-mas looks at her self A Lot in the mirrors. She was having a whispering conversation in the bathroom with Raven, but she kept looking at her self in the mirror more than she was looking at Raven who was talking to her. And Paul looks at the cameras too much, even when he's not talking to the cameras.

  • I love it...Mr. and Mrs Meatball...lol...lol...lol, and WoW, I didn't know, Paul's protection was over. So like I said in an earlier post, the rest of the house wants to get rid of Ramses and keep Josh just to piss off Cody and Jess..I mean Mr and Mrs Meatball. Josh mentioned last nite on BBAD how much crap he's going to talk and raise on Thursday, yeah, I can't wait to see that.

  • How can Jessica think the house would vote out Josh over Ramses? I know she isn't watching the game but it's clear as day that they are clicked up with Josh way more than Ramses. Josh isn't even a super threat.

    Jessica is basically wasting her power this week. She should have put up Josh and Paul up and if one of them wins the veto put up Mark. She's trying to do damage control that is basically way too late and the way they played the last HOH competition was a clear indication.

    • Jess is thinking about using the veto because she doesn't trust anyone (as she should), but Cody is trying to talk her out of it. She seems to have learned a little, I hope Cody does not drag her down. Although why she has to ask Paul who is no ally to her is beyond me.

  • Doesn't matter what Jessica does or who actually goes home. She's safe for the next three weeks and no one knows. So I think when she blindsides them all with that, it will be great! Josh crying made me sick!!! No wonder he can only think of Meatballs apparently he watched to much Jersey Shore. Go cry in the next Beauty Salon selling shampoo. I wouldn't buy a bar of Irish Spring soap from him. I think she and Cody are the smartest two in the house. They're the only ones not playing Paul's game. Anyone that has to ask other people to "tell" people not to take deals or what to say to some one else is stupid. Come on... I'd tell Josh how idiotic he looks saying and doing exactly what Paul wanted him too because Paul was to chicken himself. And please for the love of all that's holy someone tell the Fashion designer to stop bobbing his head DRIVES ME CRAZY!

  • Looks like Jess is contemplating taking Ramses off the block and possibly replacing him with Alex. She's got a feeling that things aren't what they seem, and dais she would feel awful if Ramses went home right now. Cody is going back and forth between keeping mama the same and replacing Ramses. Elena told Jess she doesn't think the house has flipped, but also said that Paul was adamant about Jess not using Veto. Looks like we could have a reverse blindside on our hands!!

    • Cool! Need to turn the feeds on. Jess & Cody need to go to ramses and try to get him on their side. He is still a number to be reckoned with. Paul's ostracizing him has shown him (ramses) that he will never be welcome on Paul's side. If he wants to survive, Ramses needs friends and while jody may not be likeable, they may be the best chance he's got

  • The producers of Big Brother must think that applying makeup, eating cereal and showmances are what the viewers like. Josh screams in the diary room, then he bawls in the diary room. He's imitating Paul now, YOUR BOY..not so much. I realize that they think Cody and Jessica are fun to watch. Fun to watch is the competitions and the game talk. Where are the fun comps? The slippery slide or a comp where being smart is the way to win?

  • After watching the HOH which Jessica won being played out, how can Jessica and Cody miss that all the punishments were given to them except, the one by Cody when he dropped out? How can you miss that the whole house is against them both? Sure, you have no numbers but, if you do not cut the numbers on the others side, how do you propose to get stronger in the end? What Cody and Jessica should be doing is taking out the better players on the other side without any apology! They will be targeted next time the other side gets HOH! Breaking out the larger alliance will cause it to splinter. The way to do that is remove the stronger players. Paul should have been put on the block with Mark. If he gets off, Matthew. Matthew is probably stronger as a competitor but, trying not to show that! So, remove most of the guys and Alex because she is strong! I like Alex but, talking only about strategic moves. At a minimum, Cody and Jessica may have one or two more weeks of safety so, why waste it? Start getting the stronger players out! Then, if you have to compete for HOH and VETO, you also, increase your chances of winning! Cody and Jessica probably can reel in Ramses because he is just floating and has no alliance!

  • I think Ramses is a sneeky player. I would trust Josh before Ramses. I want Paul to win BB. He is working alot harder with his stratagy then any other player in that house.

  • Christmas has not used her Temptation yet, I think everyone has forgotten that. The Ring of Temptation.

  • All she has to do is tell Paul she values him and wants him to stay in the game and then replace Ramses with him. He will then either get the house to save him or save Josh. She wins either way and still has her power for 2 more weeks.

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