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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 3 Nominations

Nominations are in for Week 3 with the Big Brother 19 spoilers here from the Feeds after late night talks led us to this week’s decision by the new Head of Household.

Update: Veto comp is arriving early! HGs pulled players just before 9PM BBT then the Feeds cut for the competition.

Alex is calling the shots and she’s got a plan, but first she has to work in a sacrifice to the earlier alliance that she’s hoping to infiltrate. That move is upsetting her allies, but do you think it’ll backfire?

Big Brother 19 Week 3 Nominations:

  • Alex nominated: Dominique & Jessica

Jason and Kevin really didn’t want to see Jessica going up. Jason wanted Matt & Dominique while Kevin said letting Jessica hit the Block was playing the week for the other side. Now Alex has said her target is Dominique with Christmas as the backup, but she’s also mentioned hoping to get Jessica off the Block. It’d be an interesting week for her to start off like she’s playing with the other side then end it with two of their own in the hot seat.

Veto comp is coming up on Saturday Friday night! That came up way early! What do you think of Alex’s picks here for the nominations? Was the Jessica nom the right choice or just playing in to the other side’s hands like Kevin suggests?

Good times ahead on the Feeds! Grab your Free Trial to watch the next week for free then keep it for $5.99/month. That’s 20 cents a day for 24/7 access to Feeds content. Silly cheap.

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  • First week Cody took a swing at the cool kids everyone jumped on him calling him an idiot.
    Second week he's evicted, everyone said because of his stupidity.
    Third week, Alex takes a "safe swing" at the cool kids, everyone says she's another idiot for not going for blood.

      • Yup, if she nominates Mark/Elena or Mark/Matt, she might be able to get one of them out this week but next week she can't play for HoH, her only hope is Jason and Ramses. Chance for Ramses & Jason to win HoH against Mark/Matt/Elena/Dom/Paul is not good.
        So she could be nominated and evicted next week just like Cody.

  • Watching Cody eviction on BBAD replay. (guess they're playing veto comp now?) Anyway, when Cody walked out of the house to Julie, threw his bag down and stomped over and slapped down in the chair, I got this really strong feeling about him. Like, dude is wound way too tight. Like wife-beater type. The kind of dude who doesn't properly express his feelings and they build up and then he goes off type. Violent-like. ...just sayin'. But, hey, what do I know? lol

  • Watching the replays of the episodes on BBAD, those hopping sounds they added for the vetoads are hilarious.

  • Another person doing the heavy lifting for Paul. Jessica needs to go because Cody will not want to compete against her in the Battle Back, so it gives someone else a chance to get back in the house

  • like to see cody back in the game to start up trouble The house needs more game play be sides paul running the house .

  • why is Alex beef with Dom? Hope Alex keep her head her game is strong so far and her side needs her. She is playing both sides now.

  • alex in my opinion has no earthly clue how to play this game. She's lost her way along with the others.

  • Well, personally, it's a mystery about what will happen this week....I understand that Paul can sway left and right like a boat when it comes to gossip. But I can understand it was a little payback about what Dom said about her talk show.

    But I think it could be funny if Jessica's out so it be like Jessica vs Cody in the challenge

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