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Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Competition Results

Spoilers are in for the Big Brother 19 Power of Veto competition this week after the new Head of Household made his picks and the house worked to secure its first Backdoor of the season.

There was an opportunity here heading in to the comp for Cody to get a chance to play but instead Matthew and Elena were picked to join in the challenge. With that draw there was no need for Christmas to put her replacement power in to play. She’ll save that for another day.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Competition Results:

  • Paul won the Power of Veto!

Well no surprise here as Paul had asked everyone to throw it to him, but apparently Ramses didn’t throw it (no surprise) and that’s got Paul very upset. Houseguests had to eat a lot of food they thought was nasty, but that might have been as a punishment when things didn’t go well. That competition took about 5 hours 40 mins to finish from the time the Feeds went down. All individual performances, no surprise given how long that all took.

Gallery: Veto Comp Reactions

Things look real bad for Cody. Paul is planning to save Alex Josh (Paul now says he’ll save Josh instead to avoid anyone being tempted to keep Cody) and renom Cody in her place. He’ll be evicted on Thursday night unless something crazy happens. Well there goes a good source of our drama in just the second week. Don’t win the first HoH, kids!

Good times ahead on the Feeds! Grab your Free Trial to watch the next week for free then keep it for $5.99/month. That’s 20 cents a day for 24/7 access to Feeds content. Silly cheap.

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  • Well hopefully Cody goes home this week, then again Paul could flip it to Ramses. Lets hope not.

    • I think because he's a v toad he will be safe this week ! Why would they give Xmas two powers ???? There more to this the people she punished are prob safe !!!! Hence v toads !!!!!

  • The first week I did not like Cidy, I think is his intense glare, but now I don't want him to go since he makes the house more exciting.

  • Well, this was the first season for me to ever watch Bigbrother, I got a lot of my friends to start watching it also, only reason was because of Cody. Looks like it'll be my last season for us to watch also. I guess Liberals run Hollywood, all good... we run the rest of the world. See ya later Bigbrother...

  • LOVE IT! I love Paul HATE Cody. Cant wait to see the loser kicked out of the house. Look Im all for big game moves but the way Cody treats people who are weaker then himself is disgusting. Hes probably my most despised player to date.. I just think the dude is a weak coward who goes after people who are weaker then himself because that is what cowards do. Yelling at Josh and Ramses really???

    • He's disgusting! If they couldn't get him out I wasn't going to watch anymore. It was painful to watch him.

  • I think that Xmas winning this power then choosing the people she wants to punish is way to easy that means she gets two wins???? Does that make sense yes they are toads but they are v toads I think because she picked the people she didn't like they will all have safety And not be able to be nominated or go home ! Then Paul can't back Dior Cody and and screwed ! This punishment picking makes no sense why doe she get two things !!! I think the tiads will be safe cause she picked them !!! That's my opinion her picking who wears costumes just way to easy and way to simple

  • Watch Cody in the pre interviews. You can see his personality more. I like the guy. He's reading the house guests. Esp Paul. I hope Cody can pull a miracle off. I hate when the show edits to make crickets sounds, or special effects when Cody's not saying anything. It's a lil bias. Paul was a fan fav last year. Which means ratings. So they stacked deck in Paul's favor. Just hope they balance with the rest of the house guests. Its time for BB19's fan fave. Not BB18!!! These house guests are playing like "super fans". Not house guests.

  • Been a crazy season so far
    Well, glad that Karma strikes at Cody

    I know it be boring without him, but we still got 3 bad people in the game

    There's Jessica who even though she's a b*tch, I thought Josh pretty much has a tiny point, "She doesn't need him, she deserves better"

    There's Crazy Josh that makes me wonder what will happen if he and Debbie from Survivor ever meet....

    And as much as I love anime and cosplaying, all I can say about Ramses were "I smell a Rat"

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