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Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 11 Veto Competition Results

We’re back with our Big Brother 19 spoilers from the Live Feeds and here are the latest results. The Veto competition is over and now we’ve got insight to where things are headed for the next eviction, an early arrival surprise for the HGs.

Another week, another “do or die” situation for the target with Alex Ow in the hot seat while sitting next to Kevin Schlehuber who is the decoy target. Well, unless Josh finally decides to stop toying with Feedster emotions and see about taking the shot we need to put a little fire under the feet of this week’s game. Gotta have some power to do that first…

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 11 Veto Competition Results:

  • Paul won the Power of Veto!

Well so much for Josh’s consideration for going after Paul, but come on, we knew he was never going to really go after him. So now Paul has to show his cards and not change the noms. That’s going to hurt his storyline with Alex. I’m very surprised Paul put himself in this position.

Veto Meeting is coming up on Monday then we’ve got an early eviction arriving on Tuesday and that should mean down Feeds and a blackout until Wednesday night’s special eviction episode. It won’t be live since the elimination will be held on Tuesday night, but that also frees up the game to keep moving along behind the curtain and there will be plenty of speculation and spoilers to come after that.

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  • xmas is planning a vile attack on kevin, she has lost her f'n mind.
    read the tweet on the right side. i'm sick about this.

      • she called herself "c..t Christmas" will come out and i will rape his soul with my words. that old man won't be able to think straight..it goes on and is truly vicious. then she wants josh to come in with the
        follow through. paul called it the cherry on top.
        i'll tell you, i'm so upset, i'm shaking.

        • Yes all because Kevin had the audacity to say to Jason she flirted with him which according to her was a horrible lie. America watched you rub his leg up!! She is an ugly person

          • Because BB production has allowed these pieces of sh*t to do this again & again & again & again and...well you get the picture, these despicable people just attack people for no reason. America saw Xmas snuggling up with Kevin. Jeez, half the house did. What's the big freaking deal? Reason being...Christmas may have feelings for the little dirt bag leading this group & it would amuse him to see Kevin picked on. This attack on Kevin has nothing to do with BB game. Kevin is OTB & POV is over. Nothing game wise can be gained, this is simply b/c these people are vile, loathsome creatures. This cast is easily as bad as BB 15, and I can't wait for them to see how hated they are when they leave the damned house!

          • c..t christmas' game is sex and pauls is power.
            her ex is the real winner for calling off that toxic marriage!

          • No kidding. She's lost a lot of followers since BB started and so has Paul. What is the point in this? How disgusting & despicable can these people be? Ugh. So done with them all.

    • Yes she is absolutely horrible!! What a horrible person. And she is going on with the fact that Alex told her Jason told Alex that Kevin thought she was flirting with him and she was!!!! Now not only is she denying it when we all saw her do it she is calling him every name under the sun for "making it up". I've never disliked a cast this much in all the seasons.

      • I just saw this in twitter too. Wow! She is a real winner. There is no reason for this. Kevin is OTB, POV is over...no legitimate game moves to be made, this is being cruel & vicious purely to be cruel & vicious.

        And Paul says Josh attacking Kev will be the cherry on top! OMG. What a despicable group they have assembled here this season. And Paul wonders why his comic came off badly for him? Hahaha Just wait till you leave the house Paul! You disgusting POS!

          • Good morning, Alfie! :) You can call me T, Alf, everyone does. ;)
            Can you believe this newest one? There is nothing game wise to be gained from this attack either and I defy one person to tell me otherwise. POV is over. Kevin is otb. Bashing him anymore is pointless. This is just to be vicious or a way for Christmas to prove to Paul she is not into Kevin... Man, I am so over this season. I was going to vote for Kevin for AFP, but I'm voting for Cody. Kevin has made out pretty good from BB already & giving Cody AFP will be the biggest FU to Paul of the entire season. The little sh*t will never get over that & I want to see his face if it happens!!

        • So true so true. Dying to know what the comics said. I think Christmas didn't like hers either. Implied she was evil I think which she is.

        • my heart is breaking from the thought that she will do this and josh especially allowing this. he likes to think so highly of himself.

          • Dont think Josh wants to get involved, Xmas said she would start the fight and Josh said and you can finish it. Paul and Xmas are pushing all the buttons, its time for Josh to tell them to fo.

          • I think Paul may have said something to her & if the rumors are correct, she might have feelings for Paul (yuck, but whatever) therefore, she wants to put to bed any rumors she was attracted to Kevin with this outlandish show for Paul! I hate this cast. I really do. I can't wait for this season to be over.

          • They actually think that they're one of the best casts ever! All of them are anxious to see how many new followers they have and I'm sure Raven is anxious to count all the go fraud me money that she thinks is piling in. They are all in for such a rude awakening when they get out.

          • Paul is getting the idea he is coming off as a villain b/c he was whining about it last night. haha. Maybe if he hadn't been such a douche all season. Actually, I would have more respect for Paul if he owned his behavior and just said, "Yeah, I'm a villain this season". But instead, he keeps spouting that friendship crap from BB18. smh

          • Me too! Like tinalee said, CBS would make a great deal of money if they did a small mini series called Raven...the after show. I can just imagine how shocked she will be when she sees the stuff all over the internet about her and her mother. Her mother is probably fuming that Raven didn't follow their pre written script and has blown their scamming and fraud. Hey Walton family, the gig is up. Raven, please get some serious mental help. You need it so badly. Mama, you need to go to prison for how you screwed this girl up for life. Your Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy has ruined her life.

          • Paul doesn't care lady. It amuses him to see people picked on. He is a short dude who was probably picked on when he was a kid. That is why he is so loud...he's that little dog that barks & barks, trying to intimidate the bigger dogs. That's why he hates Cody so bad. Cody scared the sh*t out of him.

          • Cody is only an inch taller than Paul. That's why he uses his crazy eyes and dead silence to intimidate people.

          • Yes, but Cody has seen combat, that gives a man a sense of presence that Paul will never have b/c he's a short rich boy from Tarzana CA who has never had to fight for anything in his life!

          • Paul might be a master manipulator and it's your right not to like him and how he's playing the game, but to say he's a sociopath like Manson, nada, nope, nyet, nein.

          • No!!! Shave Cody's head and put a swastika on it and they are dead ringers for each other. Look at the crazy Cody eyes. Manson and Cody's eyes are the same. Paul has more of a terrorist look.

          • Yes!!! I don't even think she is playing with her own win in mind anymore. I think she is just playing to be Paul's woman. It's like she agrees with everything he says and doesn't care he's playing for his game. Her crush has overtaken her gameplay

      • she draped herself all over him and teased him for weeks, he's a middle aged man who was flattered by the attention. he did nothing inappropriate in my opinion. she was a reckless b!tch.

  • Paul won , no back door this week, I do not see Paul using it on Alex , she is the strongest in comps. Josh and ALex have been fools .
    Kevin cares about being in final two , he understands he could never win , but would get another 50 grand,
    Paul has all the power, but how will he use it, Alex can be gone in a flash. or will he still play the cowards game and tell XMAS to vote ALex and he kevin and give Josh the power back.

  • Josh says he is going to try and take Paul out and expose Xmas and Paul which would be a dream come true but there isn't a hope in hell it could happen at this point right? Anyone think it could miraculously happen?

    • Josh isn't going to do a damn thing. He's been talking big for how many days/weeks and we have yet to see him do anything.

  • xmas said that she will go up as a pawn, anyone have an explanation what she means?
    go up now, take alex off? all this to evict kevin? really?

    • She will. She said last night that she is going to rape his soul with her words. WTF?

  • Alex and Paul teaming up means that Josh and Xmas have no chance. If Paul takes down Alex, its 100% likely that your final 3 is Paul, Alex and Kevin. Actually, that might be Paul's best shot, especially since Josh can't play in the next HOH.

    Alex would definitely take Paul to F2. She hates Kevin and thinks he would beat anyone.

    Kevin would definitely take Paul to F2. He dislikes Alex right back.

    Yeah, this situation would almost guarantee that Paul wouldn't have to win the last HOH to assure himself a spot in the final..

    USE the Veto Paul and all your worries will be over!

  • It is setup for Paul to win and anyone who doesn't see that needs to go back and watch it again. Anyone who watched BB would never have let Paul remain in the game. Remember they gave Paul the protections in the beginning of the season. A total setup!!!!!

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