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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 11 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony is over and we have our final Big Brother 19 noms for Thursday night. Read on for the latest Big Brother spoilers for Week 11’s Power of Veto events.

Yesterday Paul broke the news to Alex and while she was frustrated and upset she never really got angry about it. In fact, Alex told Paul she’d still campaign on his behalf from the Jury. Now that’s a good minion *pat pat*, run on off to Jury.

Today Paul put that plan in to action by taking no action at all and that leaves us with Josh’s original nominees as the final noms of the week.

Power of Veto Ceremony Spoilers – Week 11

  • Paul did not use the Veto
  • Alex & Kevin are the final noms this week

Alex is going to go and she expects it. Josh had vented in a camtalk that he might try to get things split and then send Kevin out just to screw with Paul and Christmas, but considering Alex would align with Paul that’d really just screw with Josh’s own game. He won’t do that. She’s going to leave for Jury in the early arriving Tuesday eviction event. We’ll see it play out on Wednesday ahead of Thursday’s live eviction that’ll take us down to the Final 3 of Big Brother 19!

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  • josh won't make it to final 3... alex is going, then I believe Kevin is going to get a bone from paul and win the hoh.... puts up christmas and josh... josh ends up going. then paul wins the final hoh and sends christmas out leaving him and kevin at the end. and thanks to Josh spilling the beans to Jason on his exit... Kevin wins BB. That is how I honestly think it's going to play out....

  • JOSH had the chance to put Paul on the block and didn't. I WISH Josh would have stuck with Alex....he knows Paul has played them all, yet is too soft to turn on him. Can Alex get herself off the block and get revenge?? Kevin thinks he's played a good game--LOL. Has done nothing but befriend everyone. Paul masterminded, manipulated,double-crossed everyone (except Cody) and is the logical winner, however, the Jury will have some harsh words for him IMO. Christmas sharing a bed with Paul now....what's that all about?? Serious, or just playing each other??
    Has Paul used hypnotism, or were these players too weak and naive??

    • Jason had a chance to put Paul on the block and Josh has had at least two chances . Kevin has managed to get to F4 ... he and Christmas may be the only people Paul is being straight with, if Paul knows how .

  • Alex reading the bible and refusing to talk with Paul. Good Move...but too late. Sorry she did not see thru him earlier...she's been a great competitor.

  • As bad and disgusting as Alex is... I would like Kevin to go... if anything to stir up the Paul parade. Of course this means Alex would have to actually think for herself and ignore Paul.
    She is the only one to compete against Paul and screw up his game... unless Production scripting doesnt allow it

  • I'm fed up with the Paul game. The man doesn't know what real friendship is all about. We can only hope they vote NOT to give him the money. Myself I'm sick of these shows bringing back return players and letting a hurt player stay in the game. Christmas should have been removed from the game when her foot got broke. Also every time she wasn't allow to pay a comp she should have automatically been on the block! So unfair to the others the protection she received after her foot got broke. This season has sucked!

  • Get this Paul lovefest over!! CBS rigged it from the start! Paul is the biggest creep ,racist and bully. That big brother ever had on!! Best thing that could happen is Kevin wins head of Houehold, and put Paul and Christmas up than Josh wins power of veto! Than Josh would have to pick the backbitter or his friend! But don't think there is enough towels in house for all of Josh's crying!

  • I cannot believe that "the floater" Kevin has gotten this far. #1 he is old AF and usually the oldy, moldy's are the first to go and # 2 he hasn't won anything. Maybe because he isn't perceived as a threat. He brushes his flip back with his toothbrush after brushes his teeth. OMG !!! If he wins this I would S**T my chonies. But its Big Brother.

    • I take offense to the comment, "oldy moldy." Just because someone is over 50 does NOT make them old. My son-in-law was 25 when I beat him in wall climbing, and I was 55 at the time. I climbed to the top TWICE & he couldn't make it half way up!! He's not overweight & quite fit, so it was HE who was acting like an "oldy moldy." Don't assume that everyone over 50 has had it!!

      • Kevin ACTS OLD and BB always puts someone OLDER in the house. And if you go back and look at past BB's you will find out that the OLDER houseguests are almost always voted out first. Maybe you should try out for BB. BY THE WAY I AM 53 yo. So I can say what ever I want. Most people that are older ACT OLD. But that's not me I have been with my husband for 21 years and he is 12 years younger that me so something must be going right.

  • I think we should have one more episode of Big Brother 'AFTER THE FINAL VOTE" and have all these roommates come back and tell us what they think of being Paul's puppet after going home and watching the show and their family telling them how STUPID they were all these weeks ! ! ! It would be a great show ! ! ! No VET should be able to make it to the final vote ! ! ! ! This has to be the worse Big Brother ever !

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