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Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 11.5 Veto Competition Results

Feeds are back and so are our Big Brother 19 spoilers with the latest results and these are for the most important Veto of the entire season. Its holder will either cast this round’s sole vote or be able to pick a proxy for that choice. We had the leak earlier but now we’ve got confirmation from the Feeds.

Paul is the HoH so he won’t be doing any voting here which makes his position one of safety this week while the real power comes with the medallion at Final Four. So who has that power? Results are in from the Feeds.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 11.5 Veto Competition Results:

  • Paul won the Power of Veto

This was Paul’s fourth Veto win of the season as he confirmed those results in a “Friendship chat” tonight once the Feeds returned. With Paul deciding who gets to do the sole vote on Thursday night I’d guess he’ll leave his nominations in place with Josh and Kevin on the Block. To me that means Christmas will vote out Kevin. We’ll find out for sure though at the upcoming live eviction so we don’t have much more waiting to go!

Update: Paul discussed with Christmas how she’d be doing the sole vote, so there’s that. Just as we’d expect.

What do you think Paul will do with the Veto this week? He can’t vote but he can decide who does the voting for him. Share your predictions below.

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  • I am surprised Paul wanted to win veto. I was sure Josh would win, the reason is , this way paul is not forced to not use the veto again, Kevin has been pauls loyal sidekick, and bigger fool ,
    If they continue with their normal game play, Josh the bigger threat would be gone, Paul has been playing this way . or saying that all along,
    I loved it when Paul slapped Josh, it was like snap out of it you dumb A**
    Why would Paul not use his veto, this way he would not have to butt kiss Josh at all, and he would be ensured a final two. this goes by the script , Kevin poor guy was written out ,
    No way Xmas would not vote out Kevin, Josh has already said she would be his final two.
    Why would Paul want to keep a strong player like Josh, it goes against his whole game play, Kevin would vote any way Paul wants, this is not making sense if Paul does not use it and Kevin goes home,

    What is Paul going to say to KEvin, You are the weakest player and I know I can beat you in the end and in any comp. You suck at comps. you are so easy to beat, I can trust you to vote any way I want, I can not use it because It would be a win win for me to make it to the final two with you in the house but not good for ratings,
    He can not say he is a threat, or can not be trusted, He can not say he has had a final three deal and keeps his word, he had a final two deal with ALex from damn near the start,
    I can not wait to hear why such a wonder wizard will not use a veto on a person who would ensure him final two

    • Kevin is far more a dangerous threat at F2 but not in competition. Josh is not as much a threat except by chance he wins HoH at F3. He might be less likely to take Paul to F2.
      So I think Paul has a good reason for taking the veto expecting Xmas to vote out Kevin.

    • I think the veto win, at this point is to build a resume. Yesterday someone did an excellent post with stats and Paul is equal or above all time wins if he gets the last hoh.

      As for keeping josh, from his view (he doesn't know what we all know) it's his best chance. He beleive Kevin is love by every one in jury and if their bitter, Kevin could win. But josh made enemies, so even bitter, he's in a better spot to win.

      Kevin is not as emotional or childish as most other player, Paul will find an easy way to explain why he's not using the veto on him.

  • I hope who ever Paul takes to the end the jury votes for him not Paul!! CBS has rigged this season for Paul to win! Paul is the biggest bully, racist and hate full back biter that has ever been on this show!!

  • I'm still thinking Paul will use his power over Christmas to some how convince her to vote out Josh. Paul hasn't carried Kevin to the final 4 out of the kindness of his heart, he wants to lock up 100% win on finale night and with all the bad blood he's caused that would have to be with Kevin. I think Paul can win against any of the three, but knowing Paul he's not going stop game playing until the last night. So I can see him trying to convince Christmas to vote out Josh, and then have him pull another "I can't have what have happened last year again" And screw Christmas out of Final Two.

    • I think Paul need a hated person to be with him in the the final. Kevin is not the best candidate for that. Paul has succeeded in making Josh an icon of annoyance right from the battle of Cody through Elena, Mark, to robbing betrayal on him on the exits of Jason, Raven and Alex.
      So Josh is his best take for the final unless he further wants to consider his easiest win at F3 competition and who is unlikely to take him to F2 in the unlikely event that he looses.

      • See I don't see it that way, josh did what most of them did, follow Paul around like a bunch of morons so the jury doesn't hate josh, taking Kevin and having him win would mean the jury is bitter,they don't want to come off like that, xmas I believe she is hated by the jury....all and all josh is a bad choice

    • If Paul wanted to take out Josh, he would just use his veto to pull Kevin off and have Kevin vote out Josh.

  • Alex should have saw this coming, how could she be so blind. Josh and Christmas moving up in the ranks would have alerted me Paul was up to something. I said this weeks ago.

    • I strongly believe Alex was daft and devoted to Paul. I have come to that conclusion since week 3 that saw Dominique's eviction. But then, the double eviction that saw Jason and Raven's exit (in between) took her unawares for her to think and plot against her actual blindsides with her HoH win.

      • Yep, the feral wombat was a moron. She should have taken all of the energy she used in cutting others down, her dumb conspiracy theories/obsession with Kevin, hitting and being an all around ass to Jason, her supposed ride or die that she let Paul vote out without so much as one word and played her own game, not Paul's game.

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