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Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Competition Results

We’re back with our Big Brother 19 spoilers from the Live Feeds and here are the latest results. The Veto competition is over and now we’ve got insight to where we should end up for Thursday night.

With Alex and Jason on the Block this was a do or die for Jason and if he could “do” then Alex would be on the losing side. So, which half of “Jalex” would be heading to Jury this week?

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Competition Results:

  • Paul won the Power of Veto!

Josh was hosting after being the only HG left not to compete today. The competition was held late in the evening and ran in to the night as we awaited the results. Wait, hold that thought on the host. It was actually Bobby Moynihan and the HGs agreed he was a better host. Bobby has a show coming up on CBS and is actually a Big Brother fan, so that’s cool.

Paul had been plotting away with plans to see about saving Alex and better positioning himself in the game, but Josh is on to what Paul is doing and he’s in Christmas’s ear with his concerns. This could turn interesting. Josh may not want Paul to save Alex but that’s part of Paul’s plan to keep him good with her and if he even gets to tie the vote like he wants then it keeps him good with Jason too. These HGs need to wise up to Paul, but if they haven’t by Week 10, well then…

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  • I will say it again this game is so rigged it is not funny. Paul is a big bully and likes to tell people what to do and if you go against him then your head will roll. Wake up production you are not fooling anyone

    • Of course it's rigged. How can you have a show go 19 years, and not have a single black winner? What other reality competition show has never had a black winner in 19 years?

      • Omg 😣 For real ? This isn't about race .. for a long time they didn't have any girls that won either .. eventually if they stay on for how many seasons then they might . No one has been able to make it because they haven't made it yet . It's not rigged . It's not racial . It's just a game and some ppl are better at playing it then others .

    • Casting has been bad for the past 3 years atleast, I used to enjoy Big Brother but, have given Alison Grodner all the chances to improve the casting. Sadly, we will have more of the same down the line. I might sign up for CBS All Access to watch the past seasons of Big Brother with Dr Will, Mike Boogie, Janelle, Rachel. Oh, those were the days, how I so miss all the gameplay! One person playing by himself is big, fat joke!
      A good thing, we still have Survivor, the real deal whether tribal members actually play to win! This is my last season of Big Brother (the bad version), like Dancing With the Stars, producers can mess up a good thing! Only thing keeping me on this blog is to see if Christmas or Josh has the cojones to take out Paul when they are down for 4! I do not even bother to watch TV episodes.

      • I didn't like the show , it was getting really boring , I didn't start watching Til maybe 7-8-9-10 hell I don't know , but not every single season . It was slow , ppl were boring .. didn't keep my attention . I'm guessing other ppl wrote in as well and they wanted to spice it up a bit , HOW did they know these ppl were gonna be a bunch of azz clowns 🤡 I dunno , but throwing paul in there did make it more interesting... I actually like this season and more interested in it then any other .. and first time I've ever joined any bb blogs and chats . I'm quite entertained by this cast . I guess I'm the only one that likes Paul and hopes he wins, he did the best the best talk the talk and walk and walk. I guess I'm lil crazy 😜 but it's funny and almost unimaginable how clueless these ppl ( besides Paul) are .

    • Having others do your dirty work...yes, that's how the game is supposed to be played. Instructing your followers to harass and bully someone till they crack ... no, that's not game, that's personal. And Paul does not know (or care) about how to separate the two. It's the constant personal attacks that cause people to dislike Paul so much this season.

      • I think he was mainly doing that for Cody !!! They did not like one another at all !!! And every one of them could have played alone and played their own game . I didn't like it either , them going after Kevin when he has done nothing !!! Absolutely nada ! But do not have to harass him and make him feel so alone . Glad jason is there and talks to him . If paul would just have a convo w him and tell him we can make a deal and he can be the final 4th the others , IF He will not stop talking tho and giving away ppls game moves and he can't Be trusted . They need Alex to go then Raven , josh , Kevin that will leave them final 4 but anything could change and it all blow up !

  • The HGs hide behind Paul's gameplay bc #1 they "feel" safe and #2 it's a lil of the mob mentality....Don't get called out....don't get involved in the fights & don't go against the house. ie Paul. They are scared to make moves bc they think they will go home. All the while they are one by one walking out the door. 💸 🤕

    • It's all been played before with some real aholes .. I don't know why everyone hates this season, just because of Paul . He seems to be pretty good at manipulation but he still wants his f4 with Xmas, josh, and I dunno know .. so they will stay safe. If Kevin would ever win he would or maybe wouldn't put him up ( paul) . Most ppl hate the season because they hate the person who is doing the best . I was like that w brenchel.. ugh 😑 I couldn't watch anymore .. that was a terrible season for me because I disliked her sooo much !! This time I'm ok w Paul if he wins since I really thought he should have won.

  • When Paul played last year I wanted him to win. This season I hope he looses the 500,000 again. I'm sick of these suck face players who want to hurt others feelings by picking and fighting with each other. Christmas is the biggest joke of them all. She has done nothing! HOH's being thrown to her makes her look bad, then she does as Paul wants. She is NO competition beast as she claims! I know her foot got broke which should have taken her out of the game to begin with. But being a mental competition beast isn't there either. She is just taking up space from players who wanted play this game. As I watch how these guys are playing I have more and more respect for Cody and Jessica! Can't wait to see the dummy looks on their faces when Paul wins the 500,000. If you watch the live feeds all that comes out of the players mouths is the F bomb repeatedly! They act worse then teen agers. This includes Kevin as well....it's F this and F that! GET NEW PRODUCERS OF THIS SHOW! 3 WEEKS OF SAFETY WASN'T FAIR IN THE BEGINNING TO ALL THE OTHER PLAYERS.

    • Omg what a bunch of morans ! It was even embarrassing to watch. All of them throwing it was obvious. Xmas who died and made u Queen ! Cursing at everyone, I can't stand any of these a**holes. The dumbest ppl on the planet. Did anyone of them ever watch BB ?! Obviously not, cause no one knows what the hell to do except obey Paul. WOW !!!! W O R E S T BB S E A S O N I have ever seen, this show should be cancelled after this. Worst bullying ever, meanest ppl ever and production let all of it happen. Matt should have been evicted for breaking ALL the rules, and then production yelled at Kevin for eating 1 minute earlier after getting off of slop which Alex threw away on purpose so he'd have nothing to eat
      Was Xmas actually just talking to her stomach ? OyVa 😵

  • Producers don't really have that much say , they do ask and sway them in the dr , but I don't think they are setting it all for him to win. He is just playing a good game and Better at it then they are . Sure he was second last year and really should have won . He's had a lot of help tho w the safety but once all that was gone he had to play the best way he could , no way was he going to let that 500k go this time . I don't see any other hg that has talked / schemed/ plot /played like he has. He will win because he knows how to work this group

  • I agree with pretty much everything Brooklyn has said. The producers don’t control as much as some of you think they do. I do think they may switch some of the competitions in order of who may be able to win them but I have no proof of that.
    This will get me some haters for sure. I’ve watched every single episode since the beginning and had live feeds every year they were available. Each cast member this year has something about them that everybody could find fault with.
    Christmas – probably should have left the game after the broken foot incident because she couldn’t play in all of the comps. Paul - I love, to be able to keep three pairs of people happy and be the 3rd wheel for each is amazing. The comment he made that so many think was racial was the farthest thing from that. Today’s world just looks for that in every comment made anywhere. Matt - Totally worthless to everybody except keeping Ravens bed warm and doing dishes, until the end when others threw him wins and he was obnoxious as hell eating cereal all of the time and wearing the same shirt for months. He should have been evicted for disobeying all of the HN rules. Dominique – Got caught up in a web that was created around her but played a sneaky game with her little tv show. Elena – Basically useless except to try and further her “radio” career and string Mark along. Jason – Thought he was a good guy and probably is but has that crude mentality with his sexual comments that he thinks is funny. Cameron – Didn’t stand a chance. Jessica – Had a really good chance of being one of the last two if she wouldn’t have joined with Cody. She gave up $500,000 for a person that will never fit into her world outside the house. Mark – Wanted to have a show-mance at whatever cost and couldn’t think of anything else while Elena was there, cried way too much. Megan – nothing to comment on. Josh – Annoying as hell with his loudness and horrible use of the English language, has some brains but continues to butt in when another person is talking. Cody – Yuck, he reminds me of a psycho axe murderer with no social skills. Alex – Seems like a spoiled little brat and treats Jason like crap. She’s the only one that does anything right in her opinion. Cuts down all of the other girls for their sexual talk but throws her boobs in all of the guys’ faces. Jillian – I don’t even remember anything about her. Kevin – Wish he would just go home, hasn’t done a single thing for himself except wash towels for the house. Whines like a baby if someone doesn’t cook for him and every other sentence is “Do you know what I mean?” “Listen to me”, I can’t imagine living with him. I think his wife must feel the same because he never mentions her and I would hate to be his son because he only says nice things about a couple of his “wonderful” girls. Ramses – Got caught up in Kevin’s lies about winning the $25,000 and the votes. Didn’t stand a chance. Raven – Blew it, had everyone feeling sorry for her at first but carried it too far. I lost it when she told Jason & Paul that she needed surgery on her knew for “roughness kneecap”. She says she has two years to live, why bother doing surgery on a knee that she seems to be able to jump around on and do flips.
    Now with all of those characters please tell me why Paul shouldn’t win. Yes, it would have been an entirely different game if Paul wasn’t there but he is so deal with it. They would all be mindless sheep without him there. I will continue to watch just like everyone else here because I still love the game. If anyone bothers to read all of this, I’m sure I will have plenty of haters.

    • Agree w all of that , u nailed them to the tee! Yes , this season has been some weird casting and comps . I guess Xmas had a choice to leave or stay and she stayed . She knew she probably would never get far , and linked up w the right ppl and still there !! Kevin and Alex will. E put up and then paul Xmas and josh will finally have to fight for themselves. Josh did play , Xmas .. I dunno . Paul yeah . I think he may. E throwing some of the comps so he can do the last ones . Next to Xmas , I think he should win , hands down . Josh .. he's picked up some fans and momento and wouldn't be surprised if he won . I hope paul does win tho , second place again or third after all of this and helping these last guys get to where they are , he really deserves it .

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