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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 10 Nominations

Nominations are in for Week 10 with the latest Big Brother 19 spoilers from the Feeds as the Houseguests continue to march along to the beat of Paul’s drum.

We listened to seemingly endless circular discussions between Paul and Christmas over how she should handle these plans, but nothing ever changed on who she wanted to put up. It was always about how to handle the reveal and disclosure of her intentions this week.

Big Brother 19 Week 10 Nominations:

  • Christmas nominated: Alex & Jason

Jason is the target here and Christmas has the group’s support with Josh, Paul, and Raven. Kevin was never told the plan, but instructed to lay low. Alex and Jason thought Kevin was the target, but here was Christmas’s dilemma. She wondered if she should tell Jason she was out to get him, or keep him calm and pretend like there was a BD plan in action. Christmas feared a weakness in her ability to lie would make this tricky, so we waited to see what she’d say.

Turns out that Christmas did not reveal her true intentions as she said all day she would. Instead they left the meeting with both Alex and Jason still believing/hoping the plan was to get Kevin out. They probably still feel that way because Paul keeps pushing it to calm Jason and Christmas has been working on Alex. They’ll figure it out soon enough.

With both Alex and Jason on the Block there’s no chance for one to save the other and both remain safe. It’s one or the other at this point after neither of them had the smarts to take a gamble on the Tree of Temptation. That twist went empty again this week and they’re going to regret that later.

Veto comp is coming up on Saturday and we’ll be watching for the player draw and the results to share as soon the spoilers arrive. Who do you want to win the PoV?

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  • Paul is playing an awesome game! He deserves to win! Sorry for the Paul haters! But he has a great social game and he can win comps when needed!

    • Thank you Allison. Paul is treated very unfairly on this site. If what's occurring now had occured in a vintage season, he'd be a god, but now, everything and everyone in past seasons is better than Paul. Here this little man has COMPLETELY and flawlessly brainwashed this entire cast, yet he gets no credit for it whatsoever. If I hadn't witnessed it myself, I wouldn't believe it. The boy is good! Yea the cast may be a lil "ditsy" but even taking that in consideration, it shows how far beyond his skills exceeds this ENTIRE cast. If he wins, I will never forget this season.

    • Paul is playing and playing hard. I just have had a hard time with him threatening people the last few days. Last night he told Kevin he had to throw the HOH or He would win and send him home. Kevin didn't want to be out quick (fear of have not again and asked Paul if he could wait a drop out and Paul threatened him to drop,out of feel the wrath), then tonight Paul orders Jason and Kevin not to talk or they will get evicted. I didn't like derricks steamroll but he never bullied or threatened, he was able to manipulate with charm and made people like him, Paul is making people fear him, just hard to watch since you can see how hard Kevin and Mark especially felt.

      • Well, if they can't stand up to him whose fault is that? He's a leader and everyone wants to follow a leader. Is it Paul fault or the other people's?

        • Pfffffftt. Leader of what? Only of a marching clown band that has yet to figure out how to make their kazoos work.

          No surprise he's running the show when the BB house is filled with a group of sociopaths boasting the collective intelligence of a bowl of waxed fruit.

          • Leader of the whole group! The only only sociopath would be josh. He's a little off. So basically you don't like the entire cast this year because they won't get rid of paul?

          • Has nothing to do with Paul. He's playing the game with the cards he was dealt.

            It's ridiculously easy to win a game of Monopoly when you own all the streets, all the utility companies, all the railroads, all the houses and all the hotels.

          • I sincerely hope Paul does go on to win.

            He is the only one who's hustled and done the leg work necessary to further himself in the game while everyone else laid loafing in the sun like overfed gas station hound dogs.

            A win by anyone else would be like the second coming of Andy Herren. A notion so loathsome it will have me tossing back antacids like they were Skittles for months and months afterward.

        • I agree, I can't believe how much they are following him, I could see in the beginning for knowledge or safety but a few have said they don't mind throwing their game away for him, or will do anything to keep him safe this late in the game. He is a master or words and debate for sure. Paul I think has had the game locked up for a few weeks without the threats , i think he is so nervous and worried he is taking a bad turned getting more mean and less strategy. When he got Dom gone and then Jody, he was on his way, and when he got the three sides all on his side he again was set to win, Mark, Elena, Matt all would have gone with or without mean tatics , Kevin would surely go without anything being done at any week, no need to be mean or threatening.

          • So you think he's mean? No he's playing everyone which is the game. To convince everyone to be on you're side. Wouldn't you want to see someone win who played well than someone who did absolutely nothing?

          • Right now only Jason or Alex have any case to win over Paul and that depends on what happens the next few weeks. I would be pissed is Raven or Xmas won over Paul, doing nothing or having a comp thrown to you does not deserve a win.

  • I don't like this BB season. No one even make a big move and it's close to finale. They're all Paul's puppet. Paul is running the show. No one deserves the 500 hundred grans. I'm disappointed. Everybody sucks.

    • I’m with you Rizza. Hated Paul last season (I still thought he deserved to win) and hate him even more this season. In my opinion he has some deal with BB...it was made last year when he took Nicole to the finale instead of James. I think this season could have actually been good had he not shown up. If Jason and Alex go this week in DE, than we have Paul and a bunch of floaters.

      • Yes, it's way too good to be true for Paul! As much as I think these HGs are stupid, they can't possibly be this stupid! How can Alex and Jason (although he couldn't play in the HOH comp so who knows if he would've fought for it, I think he would've!) Feel safe when they are a team/a duo?!? Plus Alex knowing everyone knows Jason is close with Kevin! Alex has to know Jason (her ride or die) is a HUGE threat to everyone's game! and CLEARLY the target! How can she possibly be that stupid to enough think everyone really wants to get out Kevin when Kevin can't win anything at all and technically is not aligned with anyone because even Jason would likely take Alex to the F2!!!!
        IT seriously does not make any sense! IF we all think back especially to the first couple weeks in the big brother house, Alex knew this game very well! She knew how to play this game and she knew what was up! She was playing smart and wise smart! How can she all of a sudden become completely oblivious to this game!!
        I personally I'm getting super annoyed with being played myself! Is this reality TV or not!!
        This has to be rigged! This is beyond me calling these HGs "mindless morons!" They can't be this stupid! Honestly! Do they not see Paul talking to EVERYONE!!!!
        UGH 😑 Sooooooo freaking frustrating!
        It just does not make any sense whatsoever!

  • DE is this week. This is going to get real interesting. The second HOH could be the game changer. If Jason wins Paul is out.

  • Jason- VETO PLEASE!!!!!!! YOU are the only one remaining in the house that I want to stay! Paul is not all that bad (he definitely deserves to win) & I still like Kevin but I just can't deal with Raven, Alex, Christmas and Josh making it further and further to the end!
    So Jason win the Veto! And Alex can go home!
    I don't know if it's true?! But if Alex throw the HOH comp, she deserves to go! Jason would never have thrown it! Alex should've known better and she should've played to win the HOH to keep not only herself safe but also her ride or die Jason! SMH and I don't know what happened with Kevin?! If he threw it also!? I wouldn't think he did but, from my understanding it was a running comp (how Christmas cleared by doctors to play in a competition?? That confuses me!!)
    At this stage of the game, it is stupid for Alex (or any one of them for that matter aside from Paul of course!) to throw the comp! Even if she believed Kevin was the target (which is stupid for her to think, especially after she saw/was a part of the whole house easily turn on Matt and Raven) there still is the veto comp so why wouldn't she think "what if Kevin wins the veto?" (Hey you never know!) She should be thinking of all scenarios!
    I really really hope Jason wins the veto comp! In your face Alex for being a dumba$$!!!!
    Ugh 😑 This season is so frustrating!

    • They all threw the HOH comp. It was the the sprint comp where everyone holds a button until the screen says "GO" and then they take off down the track, first one to hit the button at the end wins. If you watched last season, you might remember Paulie won this comp last year, beating Victor by a second or so. And before you ask, no, I'm not kidding. Christmas (broken foot and all) actually won a sprinting comp because everybody let go of their buttons and handed it to her!!! That's how ridiculous this season has gotten unfortunately.

  • I don't know the answer, do any of you?
    Did Alex and Kevin throw the HOH comp??
    I can see Alex being an idiot and doing it (& stupidly listening to Paul!) but Kevin as well!? It just doesn't make any sense whatsoever! If it's true??
    Honestly, at this stage of the game it makes no sense why the final duo(s) would feel safe! Jason has Alex/Alex has Jason! And Jason also has Kevin!
    WHY would they feel safe!? Jason couldn't play in the HOH comp so why wouldn't Alex be smart enough to know they might be being played so she needs to save her a ride or die!? Is it because she's totally arrogant?? Probably!
    I am super annoyed and confused!
    AND SADLY, Jason will be going home this week because of Alex!
    Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😑
    I just do not understand how each and everyone of the HGs remaining still totally trust Paul! I know he's good, but are these people that stupid!? Actually, no need to answer the last question!! LOL

  • Christina's RANT round 3 & GO....

    I don't know about you guys but I am personally sick and tired of getting played by BB! Is this a reality TV show or not?? Why is it becoming so scripted??
    IT seriously does not make ANY sense!
    IF we all think back..... especially to the first couple weeks in the Big Brother house (even before Alex won HOH & allowed Paul to take it over!) Alex knew this game very well! She knew how to play this game and she knew what was up! She was playing smart & is/was smart! How can she all of a sudden become completely oblivious to this game!! She can't possibly be as arrogant as she seems! And that goes for the rest of the house! They all think they are going to the end with Paul. Why? Because he says so!?!
    They have ALL watched & seen Paul play this entire summer! PLUS NOW more than ever, there's not many people in the house, Paul can't hide his secret long conversations with HG is anymore! Or hide himself popping in and out of different rooms talking to different HGs anymore! How are these people not paranoid?? How can not even one HG think "I wonder if Paul is saying the same things to everyone else as he is saying to me and has been all summer!" How do they all completely trust Paul and do not at all think they are being played!?
    It makes no freaking sense!!!!!!
    Yes, we all have watch them follow Paul around! Yes I have called most of the HGs all summer "Mindless Morons" but by now I thought people would be "onto him!" Didn't you all?
    I truly did not think they were that stupid! There is absolutely no way they are all the stupid! Impossible!
    There's only one clear answer and that is this Season especially is completely scripted!
    OK, rant over! LOL moving on to the feeds…… Maybe they will give me some clarity!

    • Oops 🙊
      My 3rd post, (this one) was supposed to be a lot shorter! Sorry! "Talk to Type Ranting and Raving" is NOT a good combo sometimes!!! OK, most of the time!!
      My bad 🤗

    • That would be nice, but even if Kevin could win, Paul will probably threaten him, but it would be nice to see Kevin not listen to Paul, take Jason down then they team up and start winning and taking everyone out. Lol wishful thinking

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