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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Tree Of Temptation – Week 9 – Updated

The Tree of Temptation twist is back for Week 9 of Big Brother 19 and it’s about as big a hit as a contagious rash might be in that house. Yep, things aren’t looking too good for this apple tree.

Continuing the Summer of Temptation, following the Den and Competition installments, is the “Tree of Temptation” which bears the fruit of five apples and inside each of them is either a power or a curse. Houseguests would have to be the first to race to the Diary Room each Friday when the tree lit up just hours before Nominations. Or not.

This morning, Flashback on your Live Feeds to 10:04 AM BBT as the spooky voiceover announces the tree has come to life. If you have the Feeds on mute you wouldn’t know anything had happened because there was practically zero reaction. HGs just kept on chatting and sitting around like nothing was going on.

Slowly Matthew walked back to the kitchen but didn’t even bother to walk over. Paul came out of the Lounge, looked around, and announced that he was going to get it but then admitted he was joking. He strolled over to the well lit tree with Raven and chatted about the twist’s “gumpy-ness”. Few others stopped by but there were no takers.

Gallery: Tree of Not-So-Temptation

It’s been just over two hours since the tree opened up an opportunity for someone to grab one of the four remaining powers and still yet there are no takers. This twist could be about to fall apart. As Paul pointed out, if there was some cash in the mix they’d probably get a better reaction. We’ll have to see if that gets added next week.

Trouble here is that Paul has everyone so convinced that they’re safe no one realizes that’s going on. Matthew and Raven are about to go up, but they think Kevin is the target while everyone else knows otherwise. Paul is working to make sure Raven and Matthew don’t wise up and make a grab for some power here. So far his plan is working.

As a reminder, here are the four remaining options after Mark got the “Save-A-Friend” apple last week:

  • Second Veto
  • Eliminate 2 Eviction Votes
  • Bounty On Your Head
  • Can’t Play In Next HoH

Since Feeds were down last week we don’t know how long exactly this twist will be active this afternoon, but it’s likely going to be closed for business by the time nominations arrive later tonight. Speaking of, I’d bet Matthew and Raven, this week’s current eviction targets, will wish they took the gamble on an apple by the time the Veto Ceremony rolls around.

Do you think anyone will take a risk at getting stuck with a punishment? Jason could go for it since he’s already not playing next week, but getting a bounty of $5K on your head would be bad news. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one pass by without any action. That’s going to be a little awkward in Sunday’s show!

Meanwhile, nominations are coming up later today. Ready who we expect to go up and be ready for those spoilers later tonight along with the Veto comp tomorrow with results from the Live Feeds.

Update: That’s it. Production has closed the door on the Tree this week. No one took a bite.

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  • So predictable. Paul is running the show and no one has a CLUE. I've never seen so many naive people in my life. I wish Jess and Cody were still in the house. They were the biggest threats to Paul and he knew that. They were the only ones who had the nerve to go after him. Everyone else is in la la land. I said last night that I hope Jason enjoys Paul running his HOH. He's run every HOH except for Cody and Jessica's. This season is so BORING, I don't know why I keep watching. I guess I keep thinking that someone will get their heads out of the clouds and start going after REAL targets, aka Paul.

    • One of Derrick's final statements to the HGs before he left was to remind them they were playing for $500K. He said to make your own decisions - don't be a follower. From the mouth of a true BB champ, and they STILL refused to get the message. Look up the word "dense" in the dictionary; you'll see a picture of this year's HGs.

      • and right along with that picture of this year's HGs excluding Paul would be a picture of Cody and a quote of him saying, "I would have still taken Derrick to f2 with me".

  • I like that ALL of the other HGs are trying to reassure Maven that they are not going on the block this week.

    Gleefully looking forward to the post-noms reaction this afternoon...

    Funny how Matt was asking Raven "did you get something to eat," and then she makes a history-breaking Raven statement: "I'm not hungry"

    Girl, all you do in the house is eat (along with dancing non-rhythmically, and Matt)

  • This may have an obvious answer, but why is Jason not picking an apple?? No really, why isn't he?? Nothing on that tree can hurt him. If he gets "can't play in next HOH", he can't play anyways next week because he is the HOH, and if he gets "bounty on your head", it's only be active this week, like Paul's safety was active last week. Jason can't be evicted because he's HOH! So if he chose an apple, the punishments wouldn't effect him, AND he has a chance of getting a reward that can help him get his target out this week. Am I missing something??

    • Excellent reasoning! Nope, I can't say your missing anything here ... it would be great if Jason somehow expended a little brain resources to that same reasoning and go for an apple. It would create a stir in the house - at least for a few minutes!

    • Isn't there money involved with the bounty? Like the other person gets the $$$, not you? The two with vetos would be considered good, the others not so good.

      • Bounty on your head is where you have a bounty on your head, and if the HOH sends you home that week, they get $5000 for evicting you. Jason is the HOH, therefore the bounty would be worthless

          • They said in the rules for the tree of temptation "once the apples are picked, they are active for the week they are picked". Mark HAD to choose someone for safety the week he picked the apple, he couldn't wait, therefore the same rule would have to apply for the bounty

          • Boy the producers sure botched this twist up big time. Hard to cipher what is what.

          • It could be that you have to choose this week who you get the bounty on, but if this person is out before you, you get the 5k.

          • Yes the HOH would get the money if the person with the bounty is evicted the week of their reign

          • It wasn't stated that I'm aware, but it wouldn't surprise me if the HOH can't choose an apple. They couldn't participate in the temptation comps either. Also if they did let HOH pick I'm sure punishments like can't play next HOH would apply to the next eligible time they can compete.

          • Everyone is on high alert, paranoid and afraid to put even the smallest of targets on their back by thinking for themselves and picking an apple. Even the HOH is freaking out about the next comp. Must be stressful.

  • Matt: 'I haven't had a single morning in this house that I've woken up and felt stressed out or worried"
    Raven: "Me either! I just wake up and think 'how am I going to torture Matt!"

    *massive eye roll*

  • SMH! This entire twist is turning out to be a big dud, but then again, what else is new?

    It's quite the risk for the two punishments, but at this point in the game, the two powers are really good. Elimating 2 votes when there's so few left is pretty huge. And having a second veto floating around really limits a HOH's options for who goes up on the block, forcing them to nominate someone who might never see the block otherwise, which would be fun to watch go down on the feeds. But as it is, these people are so chicken that they won't do it. God, even Paul's scared of getting a punishment.

    • The possibility of not being able to play in the next HoH, getting a bounty on my head, and the possibility of TWO vetos when it might be 2 people I don't want winning a veto in the same week....That would definitely deter me from using it, especially if I were Paul. Paul also doesn't need to worry about votes, since the majority - actually all - of the house is on his side (him against anyone right now would likely only get one vote (their ride-or-die's).

      • Paul might b worried if the 2 eviction votes were used. If Paul were renomed & he was OTB with Matt. Alex & Kevin vote for Paul. Christmas, Josh, & Raven vote for Matt. Eliminate Christmas & Josh votes. It is 2-1 or 3-0 if Raven votes out Paul.

  • Big brother has become a big why bother cause it's a huge disappointment. Paul was brought back to boost ratings so it's inevitable he'll be one of the last two remaining house guests. So far this season has been a snore feast, boring and dry to watch. Even BB19 after dark has become overwhelming dull. As a fan I think we deserve better than what we're getting in this game.

    • I would be happy if they would reconsider and do a fall OTT again. I could forget about this season fast. Plus OTT seen less recruit filled and regular people. I know Shelby was a recruit but she at least was totally into playing the game and not interested in fame. So much better then all the bb19 recruits wanting SM followers , appearances, and BB oppurtunites.

  • Has anyone noticed that the Rose Room has cursed every showmance in the house?

    Cody & Jessica were in it the week that they were split up
    Mark & Elena were in it last week
    Matt & Raven are in it now...

  • I'm glad to see these house guests finally thinking for themselves and deciding to not take from the Tree of Temptation!

    Oh, wait, they're only doing so because Paul told them to. Where's the cancel button for this post?

  • Omg 😲!!! Thank God! It seems like Christmas 🎅 (lol) & Josh...finally SOMEBODY has caught on to Pau! It's about time ⏰ someone woke up and up and smelled the coffee! My prediction has definitely been Al and Jason too BUT w/Christmas and Josh having this extra intel...this just might change the direction of the game. I like Josh, can't stand Christmas (just my personal opinion 😲😵🙄) lotsaluv...💚💙💜

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