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‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: Eviction & F4 HoH Spoilers

With the Big Brother 19 Feeds down until after tonight’s show there was the inevitable chance of spoilers revealing these protected secrets. Well they’ve arrived and while they’re still rumored spoilers they’re also “File me under: No kidding.”

So while these come from a season long source on Reddit we still need to add the caveat that I have not personally verified them, and we’ll have to wait until tonight’s special episode airs to confirm.

The source for these rumored spoilers is the same individual, Reddit’s “vegasforsure,” who revealed before the Feeds started that Megan had bailed on the show. Since then there have been other leaks from the source that have been correct. So, grain of salt since we can’t confirm, but combining this person’s track record with the “duh” factor and this are completely reasonable.

Rumored Spoilers: F5 Eviction

  • There were 2 votes and Paul took the gamble on Josh for a tiebreaker
  • Alex was evicted by Josh after a 1-1 tie by Paul & Christmas
  • Source: Reddit

I really didn’t think Paul would bother to split the votes after convincing Alex there was no way she’d say either way, but it does continue his cover story of trying to be on her side even to the end. He wasn’t, but we know more than the HGs do. This would also mean Josh’s camtalk threats of keeping Alex were empty, but another “no kidding” moment for any of Paul’s minions, especially when it would have been bad for Josh’s game.

Rumored Spoilers: F4 HoH

  • HGs faced “What The Bleep?” just like last year
  • Paul won F4 HoH… just like last year
  • Source: Reddit

You’ll remember this HoH competition from last year when Paul had his back to the wall and it as do or die for his game. Nicole and James were competing against Corey who was the outgoing HoH. If Paul lost he’d be vulnerable to eviction but he pulled it off. This year he’s done it again though his position wasn’t nearly as dire, nor has it been all season.


The F4 HoH is great for secured safety, but the real power this round is with the final Veto of the season. We’ll be waiting for tonight to get those spoilers to see whether Paul will have total control this week or if someone wanting to mix things up with take it instead. Heh, I know, I know.

What do you think of these rumors? They’re exactly what I wrote up last night in my predictions before they were announced, so I’m not surprised in the least. Now we’ll have to wait for tonight to get them confirmed, but I don’t think this source is lying after all this time.

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  • This has been the most emotionally draining season where players chose to bully and put down others.

    Paul has forever lost the popular vote. Shame on him.

    Our only hope is for Kevin to win.

    BTW, the bs about Paul winning last year's AFP is nothing but BS. Victor won it because he was way more popular than Paul.

    Must be a reason why Victor isn't close to Paul anymore. Not everyone wants that evil form of "friendship" from Paul.

    • Oh metgala, hon. He's really disappointed you this season, hasn't he? You were such a HUGE Paul fan. I was too, so was tr8ppng...but, we have just become so disgusted with him...sorry, can't be a fan anymore. Think of it this way, tho...when Paul leaves the house, he's gonna see he's lost a ton of his fans as well as his best BB bud to the girl that beat him last season! ;) haha

  • I can't see Paul taking josh, it seems like a stupid move if he could take Kevin instead, unless Kevin wins veto, why would he want to take josh? Am I missing something

  • The reason why Paul will consider taking Josh over Kevin is because Kevin is more liked by Jury members over Josh. The only way Josh can win against Paul in a F2 scenario is Paul has to be more disliked than Josh. However HG aren't privilege as us to see diary sessions.

    For Josh to win he needs to take it down questioning Paul to those in the house. Paul can win against everyone so he can switch and take Xmas (who rubs sexually on any man she think she can manipulate and to this day can't). As important as F4 HOH is, the most important is F3 where u choose who u want to take to F2. I am surprised that Paul fought and potentially won F4 HOH. The next big power is F4 veto as the person not in the hot seat cast the sole vote.

    Re: AFP. I don't think Paul really won in BB18. I think ppl favor Paul over Nicole because her win seemed rigged. The persons casting the vote for her to win, disliked her and her game play which was just as nonexistent like Maven with a lack of loyalty sprinkled all over. In that case Paul deserved to win as his game was real skill (like this season) but without the evil and bullying on a real personal level. It's why ppl dislike Paul now...not that he is just villain but one who seem to cross the line severely. It sort of opened ppl eyes that awarding a win for a bullied game does not mean great game play. He should have simply out witted rather than out bullied. It's a difference. And unlike the others who executed the bullying the core and root was Paul.

  • It is EXTREMELY SATISFYING to see Alex being evicted while otb with Kevin! It makes me so happy! Karma! The only scenario that would hold any comparison would of been Paul being evicted, but this was the NEXT best thing!!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁

  • I'm reading that Jason is saying "Paul is toast" regarding winning jury votes and I'm wondering if he was ever told (because he wasn't in his exit interview with Julie) that Paul voted to keep him. Anyways it is my opinion that Paul (like him or hate him) played the BEST game of all and he deserves to win. There, I said it.

  • Christmas doesnt deserve to be there, and I would give the money to Paul IF WE NEVER have to see his swarmy face again! I hope that outside of the house if the public hears him utter the word friendship that they clock him. What a loser group!!!!!

  • WOW .. I can Not Believe, that some BB Fans, are Actually, Praising, Paul's BB19 Game .. This BB19 Season is FIXED .. & a Complete FRAUD. Question, When has BB, EVER Tempted, HG's, with a.." $25,000.00 " Temptation..
    That's..TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS, at the Very START, of a New BB Season .. Answer ? Never . So, Why did CBS do this, this Season?
    To GUARANTEE .. that Paul would be Brought into this BB19 Season.
    Next. BB Prod Gives Paul, the First HOH.
    This is DONE, when BB Prod Gives Paul, 8 Friendship Bracelets.. to Give Out to HG's,
    but ONLY to Half the HG's.& the HG's that Paul Gives a Friendship Bracelet to.. Are SAFE, & Can Not, be Put Up For Eviction.
    The HG's whom Did Not Receive a Friendship Bracelet.. FROM PAUL..
    Must Compete, & 1 of These HG's, WILL Be EVICTED.
    However, to get a Friendship Bracelet, FROM PAUL,
    All BB19 HG's,"MUST " have a Meeting with Paul. Prior to Paul Deciding..
    Which HG's, will Actually Receive a Friendship Bracelet, & Be Safe From Eviction&
    Which HG's did, " NOT " Receive a Friendship Bracelet..Could be Evicted from the BB19 House.
    Thus, When Many of This Seasons (BB19) HG's, Meet with Paul.
    During, a 1 on 1, Closed Door, PRIVATE Session, with Hopes, of Trying to Persuade Paul, to Give Them, One of the Eight, Friendship Bracelets.
    Many of these HG's, Made Promises to Paul, or Implied Loyalty& Trust in Paul..
    In Exchange for a Friendship Bracelet From Paul.
    This PHONY, FAKE, BB19, Friendship Bracelet, CON JOB, aka, SCAM.
    IS Created by, FAKE BB19, For the SOLE PURPOSE, to Put PAUL..
    In a Position of POWER, & This Also Allowed Paul, to Gain Complete Control..
    Over Many of These HG`s, From, DAY ONE, of this BB19 Season...
    IE:, DURING Josh's(PRIVATE) Friendship Bracelet Meeting with Paul..
    Paul Tells Josh," I (Paul) Am, Not Going to Give You, (JOSH), a Friendship Bracelet, BUT, Don`t Worry, You Are Safe, Just TRUST Me, OK Josh,"
    JOSH Says, "That's OK Paul, I Don`t Care, If I Get a Friendship Bracelet or Not, I TRUST YOU " Paul.
    (How is this FAKE BB19, Bracelet, Ploy, Play, Tactic, " NOT " The FIRST HOH ???) ..
    Thru These Bracelets, PAUL, is DECIDING, which HG's Are Safe, & which HG's, Are NOT.
    However, FAKE BB19, Had Just PAID Out, TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS, to Bring PAUL Into the Game,.
    MUST, Also, Take Steps, AKA, To RIG, FIX,or ALLOW BB19, To " CHANGE " or, VOID The RESULTS, of the HG`s COMPS, HOH, NOMINATIONS,& POV's.
    in the Deciding by BB19 Producers, From Time To Time, to NOT..ENFORCE BB House Rules, when Needed, to Help Paul`s Game.
    When & or If NEEDED, Thru PHONY, America' VOTING, (PROVE IT)Plus, Temptations. & with the ADDED, SCRIPTED, BB Production Team Continually, Helping Paul.
    And the UNUSUAL Game Play, Tactics, & Mind Set of many HG's.
    Question, WHY Do So Many Of These HG`s, Have No Interest in Winning $500,000.00 ??? ..
    However Many Of These HG`s, Seem To Have The SAME AGENDA, That Being, Their ONLY COMMON AGENDA, Seems to Be, to Be in the BB HOUSE, ONLY To HELP Paul&To Keep Paul SAFE,& Off the Block. NO MATTER The CONSEQUENCES. ..
    This is EXTREMELY UNUSUAL, and ENDLESS Questionable Support, that has Been Received by Paul, From Several of the HG's.. WERE, Actually RECRUITED, by BB19, and Brought Into This Seasons BB House. .. WHY ?,
    To " PROTECT " Their (BB19`s) $25,000.00, That's, TWENTY, FIVE, THOUSAND, DOLLAR, INVESTMENT, in PAUL.
    So, Why Would FAKE BB19, Have a PLAN To PROTECT Paul, & Paul's Game, inside the BB19 House ?
    Because they, (BB19) Knows, There is a Very Good Chance, That EARLY In this BB19 Season,
    One of These HG's, Will Try, and, God Forbid, Maybe, Even " SUCCEED ", In BACK DOORING Paul, and EVICTING Paul from the BB19 House.
    (As CODY Did) .. So FAKE BB19, PROTCTED Their $25,000.00, & Paul, By Giving PAUL, 3 WEEKS PROTECTION, where Paul COULD NOT BE NOMINATED or EVICTED, From The FAKE BB19 House, for THREE WEEKS. Again WOW. ..
    However, DURING This Same Three Week Period, Where Paul Is COMPLETLY PROTECTED, PAUL Is " ALLOWED " To COMPETE..In All, HOH's, & POVs, & Paul Is Also, ALLOWED To VOTE, in Deciding Who Will Be EVICTED...
    From this FAKE, RIGGED BB19 House. .. PEOPLE .. BB FANS .. FAKE BB19,
    Because CBS & BB Producers .. Want to " CREATE " the ULTIMATE Big Brother BAD BOY (*VILLIAN*) PLAYER EVER .. Using PAUL ..
    To Replace Dan .. & .. BB Will Be PRESENTING Their, ULTIMATE Bad Boy Player, PAUL, to " PROMOTE " Future BB Seasons, & BB PROMO's. ..
    Here are some of the HGS recruited by BB19...Elena,Jessica,Dominique,Raven,Christmas,Jason&Alex..
    Now here is something Interesting that has happened Repeatedly. Several of the women have one Particularly close relationship with certain Male Houseguests.
    Ie: Raven controls Matt, Jess controls Cody, Elena controls Mark, Alex controls Jason, Christmas controls Josh.
    With the exception of Jessica&Dom, most of these women reported to Paul.So Paul controls the Women, and the Women control the men& Most of these women are recruits..
    Well that sure worked out for Paul.& Of course Paul himself was recruited by Fake BB 19.

    • Paul WILL win FAKE BB19 because BB production&CBS planned it this way..
      But the TRUTH is.. If the game were not rigged, Paul would NOT even be in the game today. Cody had him backdoored&blindsided..

  • All Josh had to do to potentially win the game was to take the shot at Paul. It's the same thing that happened last year with Nicole and Paul. Nobody ever learns.

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