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‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: F4 Veto Comp Spoilers

Update: Veto results confirmed on the Feeds.

The Reddit leaker returns with one more Big Brother spoiler with the rumored Power of Veto results while the Feeds are down. So far all the leaker’s other reports have been accurate down to the split vote, F4 HoH competition itself, and the winner there. I’d go ahead and give these your confidence, but all the same if you’d like to wait then the Feeds will be back shortly and we’ll get confirmation then.

Rumored Spoilers: F4 Veto Comp results

With Paul as HoH this means if he truly did win the Veto, and I do believe these rumors to be accurate, then he still won’t get to vote but will instead be picking which HG does the voting. Since the earlier leaks revealed Paul nominated Kevin and Josh I would expect him to hold things as they are now. Christmas would be voting out either Josh or Kevin and that’s more likely Kevin since she knows Josh will drag her to the end.

You’re running out of chances, Josh.

Veto Ceremony will be held live during Thursday’s live eviction show so no more spoilers or leaks will be coming along until we’re waiting on the Final HoH competition rounds later this week.

What do you think of these rumors? Feeds return tonight around 9PM PT (12AM ET) so we should know for sure then as we prepare for the second to last eviction of the season. Someone is about to be cut from the F4 just shy of the season finale next week on Wednesday, September 20th.

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  • Hope Kevin wins AFP . He deserves it for surviving this long with these mean horrible human beings. Paul was handed the win by Production because boo hoo he got beat by a girl last year!!! Paul was so rude mean and just downright nasty to everyone !! Biggest Bully of Big Brother!!!

  • big brother comic for Paul should have been the puppet master. He has played a dirty game manipulating everyone to do his work for him. And now, one by one, each is getting shot to Jury like a pool shark running a 9 ball table.

    I agree with what people said before. Big Brother Paul. They should have gotten him out after Cody.. Alex, Jason, Matt, Elena must be truly kicking themselves in Jury. Even Raven, for believing she was safe and not a target, yet Paul is responsible for every single jury member leaving the house.

  • I do not feel bad for Kevin if he does not win the AFP. He's already won 25K, and he did absolutely nothing to win that either. I like him but he did absolutely nothing the whole summer. He won zero comps.

    Cody, at least tried to get Paul, the Vet out but the houseguests weren't having it. Last night, on the BB Primetime show, when Paul voted to evict Kevin and Christmas voted for Alex, which forced Josh to break the tiebreaker, it was over for me. Paul has done his dirty work throughout the season. Some might say he played "brilliantly," or was a "master manipulator." True, somewhat. But whatever he was and did this season was without integrity and lacked honesty.

    If I were on the jury, I would not vote for him.

    Cody for AVP!

    • I agree that Cody came to play, he just didn't understand how the game works. With no social skills and a lone wolf mentality he stabbed his alliance in the back all because of his hatred for one man. Does that make a good player? Maybe you think so but I think he sucked. Yes, he was a competition beast but his lack of social skills made him a poor player. Once he fell in love it was basically game over. Besides, its fan favorite, not who came to play. We all have the right to pick who we want and if he wins so be it. I've been watching these dumb reality shows since they began and very rarely does my favorite win. Is the show rigged? All the Paul haters say yes. I guess I'll save my thoughts on that until I see who wins fan favorite. If its Cody, rigged!!!

      • Cody would have lasted much longer and perhaps we would've seen more social interaction if Paul did not have 3 weeks of safety. Once Cody tried to put Paul on the block his game was over because Paul launched his attack on Cody through his puppets. Just my opinion. I cannot see why any of those HG that were mean vicious bullies should win AFP.

  • It seems like Paul was destined to win this year's BB, thanks to BB. He had immunity right from the start and most of the players treated him like a rock star, believing everything he said. I've never seen a bigger bunch of gullible players!!! Cody was the only one smart enough to see through Paul, but his renegade ways cost him his alliance. Because of her injury, Christmas hasn't done anything all year, other than follow Paul, so how can you justify giving her the money? I couldn't stand Josh, when he was taunting Cody, Jessica and Mark, but he looks to be the best option at this point. I just couldn't give Paul the money, no matter what. He disgusts me.

    • You are so right Debbie. It is like the least of the evils plus it would surely crush Pauls overgrown ego. Imagine him losing 2 years LOL

  • I heard form a birdy, that the only Jury members voting for Paul are Raven and Matt. That's it, no matter who sits beside him (if he goes to final)

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