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‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: F4 Nomination Spoilers

Update: Nomination spoilers confirmed on the Feeds.

The Reddit leaker is back for more Big Brother spoilers with the rumored nomination results while the Feeds are down and we await tonight’s special eviction episode for official results and the season’s F4.

Following last night’s HoH rumors these particular nominations aren’t a surprise at all, but of course I’ll again note these are rumors that I can’t personally verify, albeit from a season long reliable source.

So we’ve supposedly got Paul in charge as the F4 Head of Household and in a camtalk awhile back Paul revealed he wanted Kevin out the door so he could go to F3 with his one legged ally and his handcrafted monster. These nominations would keep in line with that, but also give him the chance at seeing Josh leave should he decide the wavering minion might not be so supportive after all. (He’d be right.)

Rumored Spoilers: F4 Nominations

  • With Paul as rumored HoH he had to pick from 3 options
  • Josh & Kevin were nominated
  • Source: Reddit

If nothing changes then Christmas will be the sole voter. Now if Paul wins Veto he can decide which order to shuffle things and free one HG from the Block to be his proxy vote. Should nothing change then Christmas gets to pick whether she sends out Kevin or Josh. I’d assume she’d take out Kevin given she expects Josh to take her to the end over Paul and she’d be right.

What do you think of these rumors? Feeds return tonight around 9PM PT (12AM ET) so we should know for sure then plus will likely get those critical Veto comp results. This final Power of Veto will be important news so we’ll anxiously await those results and share the spoilers when we have them.

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  • It doesn't really matter who is on the block now. All that matters this week is who wins the veto. If Kevin wins, it will be interesting - and I am not certain Josh will be in the final 3 if he does not win the POV. I think Paul can convince Christmas to take Josh out if she has the chance. Paul will promise Christmas he is taking her to final 2 but he needs to win the last HoH and that means facing Kevin or Josh.

  • Paul should have been booted in week 3. I hate having a past HG running things....Dan did it a couple of years back but didnt win......all I have to say is WAKE UP KEVIN

    • I'd prefer Christmas or Josh to win, but like him or not...Paul has played and minuplated everyone...therefore deserves to win. Paul is the puppet-master!

  • Sounds about right. The source correctly named Christmas as HoH the last time the feeds were down an extended period. What's sad, is I'm more interested in who is behind the leaks rather than the information that was leaked!! 😁

    • These leaks could come from anyone , It could be production or a worker, for more hype. It can not be that serious since BB would be all over it and take charges against the leaker. with feeds down they have to feed the something to the hungry masses. To peak their interest, Just wish these leaks were fake, that would be awsome, we all would be shocked when the real show aired,

  • Please NO more return PLAYERS. A waste of time. Can't belive these nuts trusted Paul with their Life !!!! ,😂😂😂😂

  • Kevin may be going home, according to script, if all this is true, Remember the scenarios of who would take who to final two, Kevin had already been written out. not one mention of him, in final three or two. Interesting indeed,
    Lets see if Paul plays his normal game play and gets out the biggest threat, which hands down would be Josh, that has been the game play Paul has done all season, Why change now.
    In all cases Kevin would have been on the block, no matter what,
    If they go by script then Kevin has to go. either Josh or Xmas wins veto. if Paul wins and does not save Kevin the weakest player that would be too strange and against his entire season game play, Josh will continue his anti Paul hype , that is what it is hype.
    Josh if fav. to win veto. as Paul was to win HOH,

    • F4 Veto is always a tough competition. Usually involves a good grasp of days, events, etc. including things more specific than just "Who won ____ on day/week ____ ." Sadly, I give Kevin basically no chance. He isn't even trying to study, learn or remember. Paul will win because the other 3 are bad competitors. Christmas and Kevin were a joke in the F4 HoH competition.

      The only drama left for the current events are if Paul leaves the voting decision to Christmas, if he gives her the easy task of evicting Kevin, or if he decides Josh is leaving and gets Christmas to give Josh an emotional eviction vote.

      Paul won't use the Veto either way, unless he somehow decides he wants Christmas gone (which he won't).

  • Gosh Josh I think you have finally taken the crying crown from Meech. I can only imagine what it is like at Josh's house when a pot of meatballs burn.

  • It's obvious unless Kevin wins Veto he goes home. The only question is what happens if he wins Veto. I would assume he sends Josh home thinking he doesn't like him and think Christmas deserves to be there more and deserves the money more plus she has a broken foot. It really sucked Paul won HOH now there literally is no chance he goes home. I wonder if his crying was yet another act.

    • I think it was an act and I agree that if kevin wins veto he would vote out Josh, but only if that's what Paul wants.

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